Percubaan upsr (melaka) bahasa inggeris upsr 2011+skema


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Percubaan upsr (melaka) bahasa inggeris upsr 2011+skema

  1. 1. SULITBahasaInggerisKertasIJulai201150minit MAJLIS GURU BESAR MELAKA PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN TAHUN 628II BAHASAINGGERISSK 0t4tl Kertas1 50minit JANGANBUKA KERTAS SOALANINI SEHINGGADIBERITAHUMAKLUMAT UNTUK CALONI Kertassoalan mengandungi soalan. ini 402 lawabsemuasoalan.3 Jawabdenganmenghitamkan jawapan. yangbetulpadakertas ruangan4 Bagi setiapsoalanhitamkansatu ruangan sahaja.5 Sekiranyaanda hendakmenukarjawapan,padamkantanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudianhitamkanjawapanyangbaru. Kertassoalan mengandurrgi halarnan ini 12 bercetak [Lihat halamansebelah SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  2. 2. SULIT 0l4lr Choose best Eachquestion this paperis followed by three or four possibleanswers. in the answerfrom the answersmarked A, B and C or A, B, C, and D. Thenon your answer blacken the answerthat you have chosen. sheet, Tiap-tiapsoalan di dalam kBrtas ini diikuti dengantiga atau empatpilihan jawapan. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik daripadapilihan A, B dan C atauA, B, C dan D. Ilitamkaniawapan yang telah andapilih di kertasjawapan. SECTION A Questions1- 4 Choose bestword to complete sentence. the the Pil ih p erlrataanyang terbaik untuk melengkaplmn at berihtt, ay I Theshipstopped the at to unloadits goods. A marina B dock c jetty D port 2 Puan Marina is a passed Her husband awaya few yearsago. A widow B spinster C bachelor D widower The deerand its ranawayswiftly whenit sawthetiger approaching. A cub B calf C foal D fawn Thepianist played piano the A swiftly B skilltully C gracefully D diligently fl,ihat halamansebelah . 0l4tl SIILITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  3. 3. SULIT 0t4tl Questions - 7 5 Read textandchoose bestphrase each the the for given. ofthe pictures Bacapetikan pilih rangkai dan kntayangterbaikbagisetiapgambaryangdiberi. Last Saturday, classmates I went on a campingtrip alTqrng4 my and organised our school. the morning,we went by In (5) Wesawsome beautiful Therewerealsosome rubbish behind other left by trekkers, we so (7) dustbin.After jungle trekking,we walkedbackto our campsite threwtheminto the nearest andhadlunch. A river rafting B jungle trekking C fishing at the pond D campingin thejungle A elephants tigers and B birdsand butterflies C bambooandrattanplants D orchidsandbougainvilleas A burntthem B collectedthem C sweptthem away D keptthem [Lihat halaman sebelah 0t4tt SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  4. 4. SULIT 0t4/l Questions8 - 10 Choose best answerfor eachof the picturegiven. the Pil ih jawapan ang ter baik.bagi seti apfambar y ang diberi. y 8, A The teacher andpupils arereadingin the library. The teacher teachingin front of the is classroom. The pupilsaredoing experiments in the laboratory. D. The pupils aretalking to their teacher. A The firemanis putting out the fire B The policemanis directingtheffaffic C The postman putting a letterintothe is {.: *l post-box. f i.:tFl ridesa bicycleto deliver The postman letters. 10. The saleswoman giving the customer is somebread. B The lady is queuingup to PaY her for bread. c The shopassistant servinga customer. is D The girl is buying a loaf of bread [Lihat halamansebelah 0l4ll SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  5. 5. SULIT 0t4t1 SECTION B Questions 11-15 Choose best answerto fit the situationshownin the picture. the Pilih jowapan yang terbaik bagi situasi dalamgambar. Where wekeeP can shells? *ll these A What areyou doing? B What aretheseshellsfor? C Lets stoppickingthe shells. D Lets put them in our aquarium. Thots lote. go too Lefs intheofternoon. A Whenwill you meet Halim? B Why dont we meetHalim at 9.00a.m.? C Shallwe visit Halim later in the evening? D Whenwill Halim meetus at the busstop? A Whatdo you eateveryday? B How do you stayfit and healthy? C How do you spendyour freetime? D Whatis the secretof your success? I eot exerche right, regulorlu get ond enough rest, [Lihat halamansebelahSULIT 014t1Tips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  6. 6. SULIT 0t4tt Canyou Sops,l lendmeahand? A Pleasepick it up. B Do you needhelp? C Are you in a hurry? D Certainly. getit. Ill A Who ownsthis television? B Lets buy a new television. C Lets call the plumber. D Dont touchit! [Lihat halamansebelah 014/L SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  7. 7. SULIT 0t4tl SECTION CQuestions16-21Choose best answerto complete sentence. the thePilih javtapanyang terbaik untukmelengkaplanayat berihtt. 16 Paulhasonly a ringgit left because spenttoo he on clothing. A a lot, some. B few, much. C *y, many. D many,little.t 7 He still doesnot understand question the I haveexplained many it times. Aif B until C since D althoughl 8 Thewdirndon Alis kneewill sometime to heal. A take B takes C taken D taking19 Salina bought ruler,a sharpener a storybookbecause a and wersverv cheap. Ai t Bwe C she D they20 Ahmad obtained the_ score theEnglish in hisclass for test he because didnotstudyhard. A low B less C lower D lowestOuestion3-1,Choose wordthathastheopposite the meaning theunderlined as word.Pilih perlcataan yangberlawanan yangbergaris. perkntaan maksuddengan2l Mr. Simon, wealthy a donated lot of money the businessman a to villlagers. A poor B rich C happy D healthy [Lihat halamansebelah0t4tl SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  8. 8. SULIT 0t4tt 22-23 Questions the Choose answer thecorrestspelling, with Pilihjawapanyangmempunyai ejaanyangbetul. 22 My mother wentto the market buysome to A oubergins B aubergins C aubergines D oubersines 23 The will performin Penang nextweek, A orckestera B orchestera C orchesetra D orchestra 24 Ouestions -25 Choose sentences the correctpunctuation. the with Pilih ayatyang mempunyaitanda baca yang betul. 2 4 A . " Are we going to Ching Mings housenow?" askedJack. B " Ars we going to ChingMingshousenow," askedJack. c " Are we goingto ChingMings housenow?" askedJack. D oAre we goingto ChingMings house jack. now," asked 2 sA Look at the towersl They are the petronas Twin Towers. B Look at the towers!They arethe Petronas TVin Towers. C Look at the towers,they are the Petronas Twin Towers? D Look at the towers!Thev arethe PeronasTwin towers. [Lihat halamansebelah 0t4tl SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  9. 9. SULIT 0l4tl SECTION D Questions 26 4A Based the pieture,choose bestanswerto fill in the blAnksin the passage follows. on the that Berdasarlran gambar,pilih jawapan yang terbaik untukdiisikonpada tempatlcosongdalam telrsyang berikutnya. jlilIilu tra Naziris a waiterin a bigrestaurant. usually He wears uniform a with a 26_. He is _J7_an order froma couple. There two are glasses a vaseon the and 28 table. The supervisor holding a book is andlookins 29 him. Therearethree 30 at the next table. 26 A tie B bow C scarf D ribbon 27 A take B took C takes D taking 78 A square B round C rectangular n D circle 29 Ai n B on C at Db v 30 A passengers B spectatofs c audience D customers [Lihat halamansebelah 0r4tl SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  10. 10. SULIT OI4II SECTION E 3l- Questions 35 Read advertisement the belowandanswer questions follow. the that Bacaiklandi bawahdengonteliti danjautabsoalan-soalan berihttnya. fVIR KOOLMINERAL W,ATER Liveo HeolthyLifewith ClesnWoter Produced by: t"- -*-*-*..--*f J 6M Sdn.Bhd. i-n* ;i :l Kedoh. "o"l MtN:ETQ:AL Water Source: Cool refreshing wcter mountoin Availobfe sff Sovers of Supermorket 3l Whatis theslogan theproduct? of A Mr Kool mineral water B Approved theMinistryof Health by C Coolrefreshingmountain water D Live a Healthy Life with Clean Water 32 Whatis thevolume theproduct? of A 500ml B 1000 rnl C 1500 ml D 5000 ml ! 33 ZamanihasRM6.00. Howmany watercanhebuy? bottles mineral of A one B two C three D four [Lihat halaman sebelah 0l4ll STLITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  11. 11. SULIT 0r4ll wateris produced a company the 34 Themineral by from stateof PeninsularMalaysia. A northern B southern C eastern D western above,we know that Mr Kool mineralwateris 35 Fromthe advertisement A produced the Ministry of Health. by B pricedat RM 2.00per bottle. C soldat anysupermarket. D from the mountain. Questions 40 36- Read dialogue the belowandanswer questions follow. the that Bacaperbualan bawah di berilattnya. daniawabsoalan-soalan GuanSing Hi, Affendi. Do you know that I went to Perakduringthe schoolholidays with my classmates? Affendi Thats great!How wasyour trip? GuanSing Marvellous!We left Kuala Lumpurby train at 8.00 in the morningandarrived in lpoh aftertwo hours.We took a taxi to Kellies Castle.We spenttwo hours walking around the castleandthe grounds, Then we left for Tuntung Complexin Bota. It was already noonso we had lunchthere. Affendi Did you do any shopping? GuanSing No. We left immediately forthe PasirSalak Museum. Affendi PasirSalak!Now I remember. Thats whereJames Birch, the first British Resident was murdered. GuanSing Youre right. We spentanother two hoursthere.On the way home,we stopped the LeaningClock Tower in Teluk Intan.We boughtsome by souvenirs our familiesandfriends.We for alsotook photographs there.We left TelukIntanby busat 4.30p.m. A{fendi Well, dont forgetto give me a copy. GuanSing I certainly will. Affendi Sowhen did you reachhome? GuanSing Oh, at half pastseven, was so tired that I went to bedwithout dinnEr. I [Lihat halamansebelah 0t4tl SULIT 10Tips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  12. 12. 0r4ll SULIT 36 How did theygoto Perak fromKuala ? Lumpur A Bus B Car C Taxi D Train 37 Hawlongdidtheyspend KelliesCastle? at A 30minutes B 60 minutes C l20minutes D 180 minutes 38 Whatdoes wordcopyreferto? the A Museum B Shopping C Souvenirs D Photographs 39 GuanSingand his friendsvisited A lpoh,KelliesCastle, Bota B Kuala Lumpuro lpoh, Kellies Castle C Bota,Ipoh,Kellies Castle, PasirSalak D Kellies Castle,Leaning Clock Tower,PasirSalakMuseum 40 Whictrof the follow.ingstatements not true? is A Kellies Castleis locatedin Perak. B Thereis a train stationin Ipoh. C GuanSingboughtsomesouvenirs. D Thevhadlunchin PasirSalak. KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT tr4tl qTEIT 1tTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  13. 13. SILIT NO.KAD PENGENALAN/ NO. SIJILKELAHIRAN ANGKA GILIRAN ,ffi:$ MAJLIS GURU BESARNEGERI MELAKA u f: o +t rre- PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAANTAHT]N6 2OTI BAHASATNGGERTSKEnTAS 2 (SK) - 014t2 ,,, Julai ljam l5minit ::: JANGAN IM nUKAKfnT*$ $GALAN SEHINCGA D,ISffiIfeS{} l,I:I,lfirln :bor dtdilnsmhorsiJll l$ghhll:ruuhn qglra Am$+KegwawFemeftihfd rcu l*tmt* pa&a petak"pe yan dkcdiakian, rak g KCId,Pemeri*xr*; 2. Kerns soalun ini mcngandangi ttga bahagian: Bah*$anA, Mqgiuo B dat BahsgianC Ii.{at*qh Ilflgr,kah Baha$an $o*lan Penuh DipercNeh 3. Jawabs€mua saalah 4. lawapan t<arrlu henfuklah ditulis padn ruang yong disetlia:k*n dulilm lsrt*s w*lan tni, A I r0 $sArranra r#*ag y:ung tlisediakdn tiduk mencu*upt, sila dapatlatn helalnn tarnbshan 2t*) ts B daripada pewgaw$# p*peri*suun IlelAian ztb) 5 tambahan {iiku atu) lwtdri:klak dtilat dau tlihantarbw scma" s*ma keytnis$al pada althil an c n li ppei|"sann. JTIML$JT 40 Kertasini mengandungihalaman 8 bercetak sebelah fl,ihathalaman SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  14. 14. 0t4t2 SECTIONA ( I0 marlcs ) ( Timesuggested : 15 minutes ) aboutthe situation thepicturebelow. You may usethe wordsin Write {ive sentences in theboxesto help you. Tulis lima ayattentang situasidalamgambar bawah. Kamuboleh menggunakan di perkataan-perkataan dalamkotak untuk membantu di kamu. I lf I park dustbin bench strumming tree jog along cycling guitar track fl,ihat halamansebelah 014t2 SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  15. 15. SULIT 014t2 1. 2. J. 4. 5. (10marks) fl,ih*t halamansebelah aMn SULIT 2Tips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  16. 16. SULIT 0r4t2 SECTION B ( 15marks ) ( Time suggested: 25 minutes) Studythe picturesandthe information givenbelow. Thenanswerthe questionsthat follow. Teliti gambar-gambar maklumatyangdiberikan bawah. Kemudian dan di jawab soalan- soalan berikutnya. Pak Dins Corner Lilys Caf6 - authenticMalay food - deliciousChinese cuisine - buffet lunch anddinner - steamboat with noodles,vegetables, adults : RM25 per person fishballs,prawns,eggs children below 12 : RM10 perperson - Chinese tea - grilled fish, satay, rendang, ketupat - nearseaside - riverside - dinneronly - RM12 per person - hot or cold beverages De Souzas Delight - Western delicacies - RM9.90perset spaghettior 2 pieces fried chicken of with whippedpotato - town cenffe - fruit juice flihat halaman sebelrh aMn SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  17. 17. SULIT at4n(a ) Complete table with the correctanswers. the Lengkapkan jadual denganjawapanyangbetul.PLACE Pak Dints Corner Lilys Cafe De SouzasDelightTYPESOFFOOD Malay food 1. 1. 1. spaghettior 2 pieces fried ofCHOICE chickenwithOF FOOD whippedpotatoAItDDRINKS 2. 2. Chinesetea 2. adults : RM25perPRICE person children below12 : RMl0 perpersonLOCATION seaside ( 10marks ) fl,ihat halamansebelah0t412 ST]LIT 4Tips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  18. 18. 0r4n Mothers Day. Basedon the information ( b ) You andyour family plan to celebrate given,whichplacewould you choose. Givereasons your choice. for Kamu dankeluargabercadanguntuk menyambut maklumatyang Hari Ibu. Berdasarkan diberikan,tempatmanakahyang akanmenjadipilihan kamu? Berikansebab-sebabkamu membuat pilihan tersebut. I wouldchoose ( 5 marks ) lLihat halamansebelah 0r4n SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  19. 19. SULIT ar4n SECTION C ( I5 marla) ( Timesuggested 35 minutes : ) Write a storybased the pictures on below. You may usethe wordsgivento helpyou. Write yow answer the space in provided. Tulis sebuah cerita berdasarkangambar-gambardi bawah. Kamu boleh menggunakanperkataan *perkataanyangdiberikanuntuk membantukamu. Tulis jawapankamudi ruangyangdisedakan. sebelah ll,ihat halamanM4n SULITTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  20. 20. SULIT u4n (15marla) 0t412 KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT SULIT - ITips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  21. 21. e" ile4; ftJSKEMAJAWAPTIiN PEPERIKSAANPERCUBAANTAFILTN ENAM 2OII( ish Question Answer Question Answer D 2l A 2 A 22 C 1 J D z) -a D 4 B 24 A 5 B 25 B 6 B 26 B B 27 D 8 B 28 B 9 C 29 C l0 C 30 D ii D 3l D l2 C C -1,2 l3 B aa JJ B l4 D 34 A l5 D 35 D t6 B 36 D I7 D 37 C t8 A 38 D t9 D 39 D 20 D 40 D Tips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  22. 22. SKEMA JAWAPAN PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN BAHASA INGGERIS SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN _ KERTAS 2 Question - Acceptanysuitable 1 answers 2 Question 2a- PLACE Pak Dins Corner Lilys Cafe Delight De Souzas TYPES OT Chinese cuisine Westerndelicacies FOOD CHOICE OF 1. grilled fish, satay, 1. steamboat 1. FOOD AND rendang,ketupat DRINKS 2. hot or cold 2. 2. fruit juice beverages PRICE RM12perperson RM9.90per set LOCATION riverside town centre 2(b) - Accept any suitable answers Question - Acceptany suitable 3 answersTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di
  23. 23. Anak Anda Akan Menduduki Peperiksaan UPSR 2011? "Ketahui Bagaimana Anak Anda Boleh Meningkat dari Gred D ke A+ dan Mengekalkan Kecemerlanganya Ebook KERTAS SOALAN RAMALAN MATEMATIK UPSR 2011 www.maths-catch.comTips & Strategy Beserta Soalan Ramalan MATHS & Science di