IFLA Semantic Web at the BCN, 15.08.2012


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Presentación para Grupo de Interés de Web Semántica de la IFLA

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IFLA Semantic Web at the BCN, 15.08.2012

  1. 1. Semantic web at the Library of the National Congress of Chile August, 15th 2012
  2. 2. MotivationGovernment actions and data can be monitored Improve transparency and confidencePublic value (generates citizen experience) Research and collaboration Data reusePublic information belongs to citizens Publicly funded ROI
  3. 3. Considerations in public agenciesLarge data volumesSemi-structured contentGeneral interest contentsHihg expectationsSmal teams in large organizationsLittle knowledge of semantic web
  4. 4. Open linked data architecture Web Browser Semantic Application Client side Server side Web Application Server Output Update RDF Ontologies RDF Graph Graph Service Endpoint SPARQL Cifuentes-Silva, Sifaqui & Labra Gayo: Towards an Cache architecture and adoption RDF Storage process for linked data DB technologies in open government contexts: a case study for the Library of Congress of Chile. I- SEMANTICS 2011: 79- Web Server Operating System 86,http://dl.acm.org/citati on.cfm?id=2063529
  5. 5. Application domainsLegislationPolitical history
  6. 6. LegislationThe legislation is public information ...... and should be in public domain
  7. 7. LegislationLeychile (2008) Juridical certainty
  8. 8. LeyChile: access offerWSDL (http://www.leychile.cl/ws/LeyChile.wsdl)
  9. 9. LeyChile: access offerWSDL (http://www.leychile.cl/ws/LeyChile.wsdl)Enlaces, widgets, web services (http://llevatelo.bcn.cl)
  10. 10. ¿LeyChile: LOD?Natural extensionImprove interoperability (more formats)To create domain ontologiesOffer a solution to complex queries using a SPARQL endpointFirst step: to expose metadata of the legal norms
  11. 11. Principles LOD: URIsDecree 341; nov. 11, 2008; Ministry of Education http://datos.bcn.cl/recurso/cl/dto/ministerio-de-educacion/2008-11-07/341Original version http://datos.bcn.cl/recurso/cl/dto/ministerio-de-educacion/2008-11-07/341/es@2008-11-07Last version http://datos.bcn.cl/recurso/cl/dto/ministerio-de-educacion/2008-11-07/341/es@2010-07-20
  12. 12. Principles LOD: RDF
  13. 13. Principles LOD: linksRelationships to other datasets: Countries (International Treaties) DBPedia, GeonamesReusing Vocabulary / Ontologies SKOS, DC, FOAF, DBPedia, ORG
  14. 14. Complex queries Find all the ordinances issued by a municipality between 1995 and 2000, but modified after 2005PREFIX dc: <http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/>PREFIX dc: <http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/>PREFIX n: <http://datos.bcn.cl/ontologies/bcn-norms#>PREFIX n: <http://datos.bcn.cl/ontologies/bcn-norms#>SELECT distinct str(?normTitle) as ?Titulo str(?creatorName) as ?SELECT distinct str(?normTitle) as ?Titulo str(?creatorName) as ?Municipio ?pubDate as ?Fecha_Publicacion ?pubDateOther as ?Municipio ?pubDate as ?Fecha_Publicacion ?pubDateOther as ?Fecha_modificacionFecha_modificacionWHERE {WHERE { ?norm ?norm n:createdBy n:createdBy ?creator . ?creator . ?creator ?creator n:hasName n:hasName ?creatorName . ?creatorName . ?norm ?norm dc:title dc:title ?normTitle . ?normTitle . ?norm ?norm n:publishDate ?pubDate . n:publishDate ?pubDate . ?norm ?norm n:isModifiedBy ?otherNorm . n:isModifiedBy ?otherNorm . ?otherNorm n:publishDate ?pubDateOther . ?otherNorm n:publishDate ?pubDateOther . FILTER (regex(?creatorName,"MUNICIPALIDAD","i")) FILTER (regex(?creatorName,"MUNICIPALIDAD","i")) FILTER (?pubDate FILTER (?pubDate > xsd:date("1995") && > xsd:date("1995") && ?pubDate ?pubDate < xsd:date("2000") && < xsd:date("2000") && ?pubDateOther > xsd:date("2005")) ?pubDateOther > xsd:date("2005"))}}ORDER BY (?pubDate)ORDER BY (?pubDate)
  15. 15. http://datos.bcn.clFirst step finished in may 2011 More than 300.000 norms exported ≈27 triples by norm ≈8 million triples200 to 400 triples added each day
  16. 16. Political historyBiographical records
  17. 17. Political historyBiographical records
  18. 18. Political historyhttp://datos.bcn.cl/recurso/persona/2371
  19. 19. Political historyBiographical records we do not have all the years/places of birth or death for example, Salvador de la Cavareda Trucios alternate deputy for Valparaíso from 1824 to 1825 (brother of Salvador and José Joaquín)But we know what we need: PREFIX bcnbio: <http://datos.bcn.cl/ontologies/bcn-biographies#> PREFIX bcnbio: <http://datos.bcn.cl/ontologies/bcn-biographies#> select * where { select * where { ?a a foaf:Person . ?a a foaf:Person . OPTIONAL {?a bcnbio:hasBorn ?ano } . OPTIONAL {?a bcnbio:hasBorn ?ano } . FILTER (!bound(?ano)) . FILTER (!bound(?ano)) . } }
  20. 20. Political historyBiographical recordsManuel Joaquín Díaz (deputy Constituent Congress 1891)Manuel Joaquín Díaz Besoaín (deputy 1906-1908)Is not the same person! first is Liberal-Democrático and second is Conservador
  21. 21. Political historyBiographical recordsJuan Esteban Manzano de la Sotta (deputy 1825-1826)Esteban Ignacio Fernández del Manzano y de la SottaIs the same person!
  22. 22. Political historyBiographical recordsCarlos Larraín Claro (deputy 1912- 1915)Carlos Larraín Claro, father in law of Jorge Astaburuaga Lyon (deputy 1924-1927)Is the same person?
  23. 23. Actual and future workMore datasets at the endpoint: biographies, transparency, geographical data, history of the law, legislative documents…Expose parts of a legal norm and their metadata
  24. 24. Actual development
  25. 25. David Robinson and Harlan Yu in “El desafío hacia el gobierno abierto en la hora de la igualdad”, Gastón Concha y Alejandra Naser (eds.), Santiago, CEPAL, 2012“Open data does not create its own demand. The government should compromise the developers”
  26. 26. Visualizations
  27. 27. Visualizations
  28. 28. Visualizations
  29. 29. Complex queries made easy
  30. 30. Third party development
  31. 31. Third party development Source: Orand. S.A.
  32. 32. FindingsOpen data, open linked data, semantic web is more than a technology… it is a way of managing informationVisualization is not a final product, is a feedback process of data “ablution” and improving the visualizationCreates value for ourselves 1Many technical details and challenges remain unsolved 1 1.- David Robinson and Harlan Yu in “El desafío hacia el gobierno abierto en la hora de la igualdad”, Gastón Concha y Alejandra Naser (eds.), Santiago, CEPAL, 2012
  33. 33. Semantic web at the Library of the National Congress of Chile August, 15th 2012