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Website Questionnaire


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Use this document as a guide when discussing development or redesign of a new website. This is meant to be a broad overview as the website strategy process often requires detailed research, analysis and documentation.

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Website Questionnaire

  1. 1. Website Questionnaire Why do you want a Web site? What is the site's purpose? Who is your audience? What key messages would you like your audience to take away? What questions will your audience be asking when they arrive at your site? How do we answer those questions? How do you differentiate your business from competitors? How do you plan to demonstrate what makes you different? Value? Experience? Credibility? What is the primary call to action? Secondary? What types of content are needed on the site? What content takes priority? Where does content come from now? Who will manage it in the future? Is there any special functionality needed? Pictures? Video? Maps/Directions? Social Media? Is there a particular look and feel that you want to portray? Colors? Overall design? Other Considerations Domain Hosting Email Site Promotion Ongoing Content Updates Ongoing Site Maintenance | 480.389.5435 Copyright 2010. Teach to Fish Digital, LLC