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Shriutsav- 2010 Report


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Shriutsav- 2010 Report

  1. 1. Paper Presentation (Staff)1) “Surface Computing” by Sri Sathya Praveen D. at SIET on 07-10-2009.2) “Oral Presentation” of National Conference on Medical Biotechnology held at I.I.Sc., Bangalore by Dr. G. Panduranga Murthy on 02-10-2009.3) Dr. G. Panduranga Murthy was invited by Central Pollution Control Board to take part in deliberations at 97th Indian Science Congress at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala between 3rd and 7th January 2010.4) Dr. G. Panduranga Murthy delivered a talk on “Production of Aquatic Life” at Wuhon University, China from 1st to 5th November 2009.5) Dr. G. Panduranga Murthy delivered a lecture on “Antioxidant Properties of an ethno-medical plant practiced by Tribal Community of B.R. Hill, Karnataka in protection of aquatic life” at Ubon Ratchatani University, Thailand from 20th to 26th January 2010.6) Dr. N.B. Krishna Murthy “Photo Chemical Studies of Caesalpinia Bonduc” at National conference held at IISc., Bangalore on Medical Biotechnology & Clinical Biotechnology on 2nd & 3rd October 2009.7) Dr. M. Govindappa “Invitro & Invivo Cytotoxicity studies of Carmona Retersa” at international conference on Advances in free radical research, natural prodnets, anti oxidants” held by society for free radicels research, Hyderabad; between 11th & 19th January 2010.8) Dr. M. Govindappa “Botrycoccus Brauni and Spirogyra, High Biodiesel producing Algal Species” at 7th Asia pacific conference on Algal Biotechnology, New Delhi.9) Mrs. Surabhi Srivatsava “Anti – oxidant property of etindic extract catunaregum sponosa Cav” interaction conference on Anti oxidants, Reactive oxygen spices and free Radicals, organized by society for free radical research, Hyderabad between 11th & 13th January 2010.10) Prof. H.K. Govindaraju, HOD (MED) “Effect of cerium on Ap-zn-mg grey cast alloys” at Internation conference on Recent Emerging Trends in Material characterization RETMAC-2010 held at NITK, Surathkal on 14th & 15th Feb. 2010.11) Sri T.S. Sadanand, Lecturer, Dept. of BT has presented a pepr “Isolation and Characterization of anticancer agent from endophytes of tabeluia chryethus” at National conference held on 15-03-2010 at Coimbatore – Best paper award was given.
  2. 2. Debate Competition1) By Gene Home (Biotechnology) on 21-09-2009.2) “Are students more Benificial in India or Abroad?” on 13-09-2009 by CSE.3) E & C Dept. conducted debate competition on 06-11-2009.4) “Flood Relief Funds are not being used Properly” by E&E on 23-10-2009, 10 students participated.5) “Scope of Technical Education in India” on 24-09-2009 by MED.6) “Are studies better in India or Abroad?” conducted by Sri Sathya Praveen D. on 28-10-2009.7) “Giving more importance to cricket is harming the interest of other games in our country”, on 26-04-2010. 10 students participated. Sunil Kumar C.M., IV Sem. won first prize and Deepthi, IV Sem. won second prize.8) “Is it illegal to give voting authorities for illiterates” by CSE on 08-03-2010.9) Conducted to IV & VIII Sem. Students of ISE Dept.
  3. 3. Workshops / Seminars conducted at SIET1) 10-10-2009 – “New Technological Developments in Microsoft Benefits” (CSE)2) 22-10-2009 – “Recent Microsoft Technologies” (CSE)3) 25-11-2009 – “Grammar and its applications in computing environment” (CSE)4) 05-09-2009 – “KSCST Project Exhibition” was attended by Sri Varadharaju & Students.5) 27 th & 28th Aug. 09 – “CMOS VLSI Design using Microwind CAD Tool” held at SIT, Tumkur, attended by Sri Sanjay C.P.6) 8th to 10th Sept. 09 – “Trainee & Trainer for MEMSPR CAD Tool” held at Integrated Microsystems, Mathikere, Bangalore, was attended by Sri Sanjay C.P. and Ms. Sumalatha N.7) 19th & 20th Feb. 10 – MED conducted a two day faculty development program on “Finite Element Method & its application”8) 24th Feb. 10 – Technical Seminar for VIII Sem. Students of ISE Dept.
  4. 4. Sports Events1) College Students participated in VTU inter collegiate Football Tournament at KGF, Kolar held on 12th & 13th March 2010.2) SIET Cricket team participated in VTU intercollegiate cricket tournament at Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore on 01-03-2010.3) SIET Volley Ball team participated in VTU inter collegiate Volley Ball tournament at CIT, Gubbi on 06-03-2010.4) SIET Adventure Club organized trekking and rappling for II Sem. Mechanical Engg. Students on 07-03-2010 at Chitradurga Hills and Chandravalli caves 40 students participated.5) Students were deputed to SIT, Tumkur to participate in VTU Badminton Tournament on 27th and 28th Feb. 2010.
  5. 5. Technical Paper Presentation (Students)1) CSE on 27-09-20092) E&C on 09-10-20093) E&E on 11-09-2009 – 6 teams participated4) E&E on 25-09-2009 – 4 teams participated5) MED on 17-09-2009 & 01-10-20096) MED on 15-02-2010 Sri Suryanarayana N., Ramesh H. & Santosh Pavan Kumar presented papers.7) E&C on 27-04-2010, 13 students participated Ms. Priya D Souza & Ms. Manasa, VI Sem. Won First Prize, Sri Gautham Shankar, VI Sem. Won Second Prize & Ms. Priya P. & Ms. Sumathi K., VI Sem. Won Third Prize.8) E&E on 09-04-20109) E&C on 07-05-2010 – 7 papers were presented by students.10) MED on 11-02-2010.11) E&E on 26-02-2010.
  6. 6. Technical Quiz Competitions1) 06-10-2009 by CSE2) 30-10-2009 by E&E – 6 teams participated3) 23-09-2009 by ISE on topic “C&C++”4) 26-02-2010 by E&C intra departmental5) 01-04-2010 by BT Dept.6) 22-03-2010 by CSE Dept.7) 11-03-2010 by BT Dept.8) 26-02-2010 by E&C Dept. – 42 students participated.
  7. 7. Workshops Attended by Staff1) Dr. R. Naidu & Dr. G. Panduranga Murthy “Problems perceived by Rice Mill Owners Association” KSPCB, Bangalore on ________ Nov. 2009.2) Dr. B. Nagaraj “Sampling, Testing, Analysis and interpretation of Water quality data”, RVCE on 7th & 8th Dec. 2009.3) Sri C.P. Chandrappa “Thesis Development using Unix”, ICE, Mysore.4) Prof. R. Prakash “New Challenges in the Indian Power Section” held at Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, Bangalore on 24-10-2009.5) Ms. Dhruvakumari C.S. “Deliberations on Energy Auditing and DSM” held at Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum on 10-10-2009.6) Sri Harshith H.S. attended “Faculty Development Program” held at Akshaya Institute of Technology, Tumkur on 28-11-2009.7) Prof. Govindaraju H.K. & Sri G.L. Shankar Nag attended STTP on “Hydraulics and Pneumatics” held at IIT, Chennai, held from 13th to 18th July 2009.8) Sri Shankar Nag G.L. attended STTP on “Mechatronics – Integrated Technologies for Intelligent Machines” held at NITK, Surathkal from 18th to 23rd January 2010.9) Sri Keerthi Kumar N. attended STTP on “Robotics and Multi agent system” at NITK, Surathkal from 27th to 31st July 2009.10) Sri Nandan V. “Mergers and Acquisitions” held at MSRIT, Bangalore on 17-09- 2009.11) A one day workshop on “High Voltage Engineering” was conducted on 16-04- 2010 for benefit of staff and students. Dr. Vishwanath Hegde, Professor & Head, Dept. of E&E, MCE, Hassan delivered a lecture on “Natural Lightning and Lightning Protection”. Dr. Sumangala, Professor & Head, Dept. of E&E, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore delivered a lecture on “Transients in Transformers”.12) Dr. Pradeepkumar Dixit, Professor & Head, Dept. of E&E, Mahaveer Jain College of Engineering, Bangalore delivered a lecture on “Outdoor Insulation”.13) Dr. B. Nagaraj of BT attended an Internation Conference on Bio informatics & systems biolog – INCOBS – 2010 at Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamilnadu, held from 19th to 21st Feb. 2010.
  8. 8. Industrial Visits1) Arranged by E&E on 05-12-2009 to visit 220 KV Receiving Station at Nelamangala, Bangalore Dist.2) Arranged by MED for III Sem. Students to “Fitwel Tools & Forging Pvt. Ltd., Tumkur on 22-10-2009.3) Arranged for IV Semester students to “Mysore Paper Mill, Shimoga” on 07-11- 2009.4) For students of V Sem. To “INFOSIS” and took part in “SPARK” conducted by Finance Dept. INFOSIS.5) For I Sem. Students to “CM Envirosystems” Dobaspet on 24-11-2009.6) Visited “Tayana Software” on 22-04-2010 by Engineering students.
  9. 9. Books Published1) Prof. P.M. Chandrashekharaiah, Vice Principa & HOD, E&E published a book “Transmission and Distribution” for the students of V Sem. (E&E)
  10. 10. Group Discussions1) “Are peace and Non violence outdated concepts?” conducted by CSE on 24-09- 2009.2) Conducted by E&E on 28-08-2009, 7 groups participated.3) “Impact of economic Recession” conducted on 19-08-2009.4) Conducted by E&C on 09-04-2010.5) E&C conducted group discussion on 9th April 2009.6) Conducted by CSE dept. on 29-03-2010.7) Conducted by BT Dept. on 18-03-2010.8) Conducted by E&E Dept. on 19-03-2010.9) Conducted by ISE on 10-03-2010.
  11. 11. Expert Lectures organized at SIET1) “Plant Biotechnology and crop improvement” on 14-08-2009 by Dr. Vasantha Kumar, Thimkapur.2) “Application of Gram positive bacteria” on 14-08-2009 by Dr. Prakash Halami.3) “WEB Trends” by Madhusudan Reddy Y.S., Sr. Software Engineer on 20-08- 2009.4) “.NET Frame Work” by Sham Sunder of INFOSIS on 12-09-2009.5) “Basics of Digital image processing and its applications” by Dr. Vijaya C. of SDM, Dharwad.6) “Sub Stations” by Sri G. Shivananda, Retired S.E., KPTCL on 21-08-2009.7) “Smart Materials and their structure” by Dr. M.R. Bhatt, IISc., Bangalore on 05- 09-2009.8) “Industrial Automation” by Dr. Rehman Marketing Executive Prdific Systems on 09-10-2009.9) “Manufacturing and Structural application of FRP Composites” by G.S. Shivashankar, SIT, Tumkur on 20-08-2009.10) “Role of IITs’ and Robotics” by Dr. Somashekar Hiremath, IIT, Madras on 29- 09-2009.11) “Nano Technology” by S.J. Viswanath, Inano Febs, Bangalore on 24-10-2009.12) “Tolerance and GD&T” by Sri K.M. Mahesh, Swamy Design solutions, Bangalore on 29-10-2009.13) Personal Development” by Sri Kumar Swamy, Director, BRASS, Tumkur on 10- 09-2009.14) “Recent Advances in information Technology” by Mrs. Latha K.G. of SBMJCE, Bangalore on 26-08-2009.15) “Career Guidance” by Prof. Purushotham B.V. Add Technologies, Bangalore on 30-09-2009.16) “Career challenge before aspiring managers of tommorew” for III sem. Students of MBA, by Sri Nandkishore, Rathi, Laraties institute of career management on 25-08-2009.17) “Financial structure in India and role of NABARD in rural Development” by Sri Ananta Krishnan G., G.M., NABARD, Tumkur on 26-11-2009.18) “E-Trading and demonstration on E-Trading” by Sri Rajashekar, Manager, Anand Rathi Trading, Tumkur on 30-11-2009.19) “Economic Environment” by Dr. Ramesh, Director, MBA, JSS IT College on 07- 11-2009.20) “Communication beyond the books”, 7th & 11th Feb. 2010 by Prof. Haveen Halemane.21) “Switch gear and Protection” by Sri D.V. Shivanand, Proprietor, Universal Power Controls, Tumkur on 19-02-2010.22) “Importance of Financial Management” by Prof. Ajay on 18-02-2010.
  12. 12. 23) “Programming Languages in Industries” by Sri Suresh Kumar, Senior Software Engineer, Robert Bosch on 20-02-2010.24) “Plant based drugs for the treatment of snake bite” by Prof. Veerabasappa Gowda T., Professor & Head, Dept. of BT & Biochemistry, JSS PG Centre, Mysore & by Dr. Girish K.S., Professor Dept. of studies in Biochemistry, University of Mysore, Mysore.25) “Corporate Identity and brand management” by Sri Kiran Kumar on 20-04- 2010.26) “Mobile Computation” by Dr. Sathish Babu, SIT, Tumkur on 19-04-2010.27) Smt. Omkareshwari, MPRTO, Tumkur “General Traffic Rules for safety & Project ideas for Budding Engineers”.28) Dr. Girish, Dept. of Biotechnology, University of Mysore gave a lecture on “Turning the blind eyes on neglected issues of snake bite management” on 10- 04-2010.29) Prof. Satish G.C., Dept. of ISE, Reva Institute of Technology, Bangalore on “Software Testing Concepts on 05-04-2010.30) Sri Mahadevaprasad, CADD Centre, Tumkur on 1st April 2010 (MED).31) Sri Satish G., Technical Leader, ST Exicsson India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore on “Emerging Technologies in embedded systems and mobile applications” on 27- 03-2010 by EC Dept.32) Sri Venkatesh M., Production Manager, Disa India Ltd., Tumkur on “Quality Assurance and ISO Certification” on 22-03-2010 by Dept. of MBA.33) Sri S. Dinakar Reddy, CEO, VET Groups, Tumkur on “To be corporates” on 25- 03-2010 by Dept. of MBA.34) Sri P. Vasudeva Murthy, General Manager, Dalmia Cement Ltd., Bangalore on “A Shift from Commodity selling to brand marketing: Cement Industry on 20- 03-2010.35) Sri K.S. Srikanth, MSM Technologies on “Product Design & Development in Industries” on 18-03-2010.36) Prof. M. Srinivasa Reddy, HOD (Mech), RL Jalappa Institute of Technology, Doddaballapur on “Awareness of Renewable Energy Sources” on 12-03-2010.
  13. 13. Workshops attended by Students1) Sri Santosh Pawan Kumar, V Sem. Sri Bharadwaj A Joshi, III Sem. Participated in “ACRYLICS” in Tantra 09, SSIT, Tumkur on 10-11-2009.2) Sri Santosh Pawan Kumar, V Sem. Sri Prakash B.R.B., III Sem. Participated in “Management Event” in Tantra 09, SSIT, Tumkur on 10-11-2009.3) Sri Prakash B.R.B., III Sem. Participated in “Renewable Energy System using Principle of Archimedian Screw” held at GSSS Institute of Technology, Mysore on 6th & 7th Oct. 2009.4) Sri Bharadwaj A Joshi, III Sem. Participated in “Hobby Project” in “Momentum” held at SIT, Tumkur 6th to 9th Nov. 2009.5) Sri Bharadwaj A Joshi, III Sem. Participated in “Project Exhibition” in Tantra held at SSIT, Tumkur on 10-11-2009.6) Sri Meda Karan Venkatesh & Sri Bharath H.S. of III Sem. Participated in training at MANN & HUMMEL from 13-07-2009 to 31-07-2009.7) Kum. Apoorva, Sri Ashok and Kum. Bhavana, VIII Sem. Students of ISE gave a seminar on 17-02-2010.
  14. 14. Academic Activities during 2009-10Conferences Organised: 1) A National conference on “Recent Advances in Environmental Science and Engineering” was held on 16th & 17th October 2009 out of 327 participants 100 presented papers.
  15. 15. Extempore Activity1) Students of Gene Home (Biotechnology) on 21-09-2009.2) Students of CSE on 13-08-2009.3) Students of E&C on 14-08-2009 (28 students participated)4) Students of E&E on 13-08-2009 (16 students participated)5) Students of MED on 03-09-2009.6) “Procratinations” by Sri Satya Praveen D. on 02-09-2009.7) Students of IV, VI, & VIII Sem. CSE students took part on 11-02-2010.8) Students of IV, VI semesters of ISE on 19-02-2010.9) Students of E&E Dept. conducted on extempore activity on 26-03-2010.10) Students of E&C on 19-03-2010.11) Students of BT Dept. on 24-02-2010.12) Students of MED on 25-02-2010.
  16. 16. Training & Placement Activities1) 15th to 20th Feb. 2010 – Staff Skill Programme from Globarena Technologies, Hyderabad for Engineering & MBA students.2) 18th to 20th Feb. 2010 – Three days training programme on “AJAX and ASP.NET AJAX” at IISc., Bangalore, 20 students attended the training.3) 18-02-2010 “Campus Recruitment Drive” was organized. Sartorius stadium, India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore conducted proceeding for 29th batch of BT students. 25 students participated.4) 22-04-2010 “Campus Drive” was conducted by TD Power Systems Pvt. Ltd., Tumkur at CIT, Gubbi 16 students for E&E and MED Participated.5) 23-04-2010 “System Consultant information India (P) Ltd., Tumkur conducted placement drive, 75 students (2010 batch) from SIET, SSIT and KIT, Tiptur (CS/EC/IS branches) participated.6) 24-04-2010 Off Campus was arranged at Encora Technologies, Bangalore & Professional Access, Bangalore for CS, EC & EE students (2010 passed out students)7) 05-04-2010 to 09-04-2010 “Wipro Mission 10X” a faculty empowerment workshop was conducted. 30 faculty members from SJMIT, Chitradurga, KIT, Tiptur, HMSIT, Tumkur & SIET, Tumkur participated.8) 08-04-2010 Nosh Electronics & Technologies, Bangalore conducted placement drive for VIII Sem. E&C students (2010 batch), 50 students participated.9) 10-04-2010, placement activity (off campus) for CS, EC & EE students was conducted for 2010 passed out students.10) 11-04-2010, placement drive was arranged at Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore – BIOZEEN, 8 students from MED (VIII Sem.) participated – four got placed.11) Off campus was arranged for 2009 batch at Birla Soft Tech., Bangalore, CSE & E&C students participated.12) “Entrepreneurship awareness camp” in association with VTU-ED Cell, VTU, Belgaum for VIII Sem. Engineering and MBA students was conducted on 27th to 29th March 2009. 60 students participated.13) Off Campus for 2009 Engineering students of all branches organized at Oxford Engg. College, Bangalore on 27th March 2009.14) Off Campus for 2009 and 2010 batch engg. Students has been organized at East Point College of Engineering, Bangalore for CS/IS/EC/EE & ME students on 3rd April 2010. More than 25 companies have been invited at the College.15) Off campus for 2009 engineering students lf all branches has been organized at Sapthagiri Engg. College, Bangalore on 3rd & 4th April 2010.16) Off campus for students of 2009 and 2010 batch Engineering students has been organized at St. Alaysius Degree College, Mangalore for CS & IS students. Company that will recruit our student is Robosoft, Udupi. This has been organized on 3rd April 2010.
  17. 17. 17) Industiral visit for VI Sem. EEE students was arranged to visit pasle-G, Bangalore on 20th March 2010. 60 students participated.18) Sartorious stadium India Ltd., conducted interview for project works of BT students on 08-03-2010. Sri Pratap S., and Anupama L.N. have been selected to undergrow training for four months.19) Globarent soft skill training classes were conducted from 8th to 12th March 2010 for II & III Year engineering students & II year MBA students.20) Group discussion and final interview on technical & HR were conducted on 09- 03-2010 for 15 BT students. 3 students were finally selected (Sri Preetham K.M., Kum. Pallavi V. and Kum. Megha Singh).21) Dr. Chaitanya Vardhan conducted Life skill workshop for all first year engineering students from 10th to 13th March 2010.22) Santorius stadium India Ltd., Bangalore conducted recruitment of BT students of 2009th batch. 3 were wait listed and 15 students were short listed.
  18. 18. Alumni Meet 2010The third Alumni Meet of SIET family was held on 25th & 26th January 2010. Morethan 100 alumne participated.Musical feast was performed by “Raman Sisters of Shimoga, using Veena Guitar andother accompaniments.Camp fire with music and dance, fire works were other events which enthralled thealumnae.The following events took place on 26th January 2010. Mehandi, fun games, musicperformance by alumnae were organized.Tayana software Solutors Ltd. and Wipro participated in the afternoon and promisedto bring their companies for campus recruitment. Valedictory function was orgainsedwhich culminated with the alumni activities.
  19. 19. Cultural ActivitiesCultural Mela – 1 “KALAUTSAVA” was conducted on 29-08-2009, 145 studentsparticipated in various events. Sri Kishore Kumar, Ravindra Kalaniketan, Tumkurand Sri Basav Prabhu, Artist from “Srusti” art gallery were invited as Judges.Cultural Mela – 2 “SANGEETHOTHSAVA” was conducted on 03-10-2009, 87students participated in various events. Sri Shrinivasa Chaitaya, Music Teacher,Tumkur, Sri Shivalinga Shettar, Music Teacher, Tumkur were invited as Judges. Thefunction was inaugurated by Sri Badri Prasad and Smt. Anuradha Bhat, Kannada Cineplay back Singers, Bangalore and Sri Gandharva, Kannada Cine Music Director,Bangalore were the Chief Guests.Cultural Mela – 3 “HAASYOTHSAVA” was conducted on 31-10-2009 Prof. P.M.Chandrashekharaiah, Vice Principal, SIET, Prof. B.H. Vasudeva Murthy, AssistantProfessor, SIET and Prof. H.R. Ranganath, Assistant Professor, SIET were the Judges.17 Students participated in the event. The function was inaugurated by Smt. SudhaBaragur, Director, Sri Patabhirama, Mimicry and Shadow play Artist, Sulya.
  20. 20. Papers Presented by our Students1) Santosh Pavan Kumar, Anup Arjun S.M., Sunil Kumar and Ashwini students of V Sem. Dept. of ME presented a paper entitled – “New Product Development Challenges and Strategies – A case study” at Team Tech, Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Bangalore from 19th to 21st November 2009.2) Asma-Ul-Husna & Ramesha K.M. students of III Sem. Dept. of MBA presented a paper entitled “Green Supply Retailing in India” at SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore on 10-11-2009.3) Sri Meda Karan Venkatesh of III Sem., Dept. of ME presented a paper in Tantra 09, a State Level Technical Symposium held at SSIT, Tumkur on 10-11-2009.4) Anup Arjun S.M. student of V Sem. Dept. of ME presented a paper entitled – “Nano – Biotechnology and Nano – Bioengineering Applications” at SRISHTI 2009 – State level project exhibition and competition held between 22nd and 24th May at Hassan.5) Anup Arjum S.M., Santosh Pavan Kumar and Sunil Kumar C.M. Students of V Sem. Dept. of ME presented a paper entitled – “Renewable Energy” at TANTRAGNANA – 2009 held on 6th & 7th Oct. 2009 at GSSS College, Mysore.6) Kiran Kumar S. and Ravishankar K.B. Students of V Sem. Dept. of ME presented a paper on Robotics entitled – “Line Sensor” at TATVA – 2009: held on 2nd & 3rd Oct. 2009 at BNMIT, Bangalore.7) Harshitha Merlin presented a paper on efficiency of effluent treatment plant of a pharmaceutical company at RAESE, on 15th & 16th Oct. 2009 at SIET, Tumkur.8) Shwetha Karanth presented a paper on Production of Bioethanol from agro- wastes, at RAESE-2009 on 15th & 16th Oct. 2009 at SIET, Tumkur.9) On 01-08-2009, “HAPPY DAY – Get together” was conducted for Teaching and Non teaching staff members with their family members.10) Two days Faculty Development Workshop was conducted on 4th & 5th Aug. 2009 on Teaching Methodology. The workshop was conducted by Sri Ajit Kaikini, Buoyancee, Bangalore.11) Globarena Training programme was conducted during August, September, October & November 2009 for Engineering & MBA students on the following topics: Group Discussion, Interview skills, Resume writing, Aptitude test, Goal setting, Presentations, Listening skills, Vocabulary, Arithmetic & Mock interview.12) Training & Placement Campus drive was conducted on 24-08-2009 by HCL Infosystems Ltd., Bangalore for 2009 batch CS/EC & EEE students. 30 students participated and 11 students got selected.13) One day Seminar on “Career Challenged Aspiring Managers of Tomorrow” was conducted for III Sem. MBA students on 25-08-2009 by Loratis Institute of Career Management. The speaker was Prof. Nandkishore RAthi, IIM – Calcutta.
  21. 21. 14) The Principal and the Placement Officer visited Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd., Bidadi on 09-09-2009 and met Sri Rajendra Hegde K.V., DGM-HRM and discussed on Placements, Projects and Industrial visits and also extended warm invitation to be in the “Staff Advisory Board” of Mechanical Engineering Department.15) Two day Seminar on “Career Skills Programme” was conducted on 11th & 12th Sept. 2009 for the First Year Engineering Students. More than 400 students participated. Speaker Sri Ajit Kaikini, Buoyancee, Bangalore, highlighted on how to improve confidence level.16) Industrial visit was organized for the V Sem. Biotechnology Students at WIPRO. Around 40 students visited and the information collected during their visit.17) Online Test on Aptitude was conducted by Globarena Technologies, Hyderabad for VII Sem. Engineering & III Sem. MBA Students on 02-10-2009 to enhance their technical skills and to enable them to boost their confidence level during their placements at MNCs.18) “Life Skills Program” was conducted on 15-10-2009 by Shri Shri Veereshananda Swamiji, for the first year engineering students and delivered a lecture on Social Ethical Values and how to put into practive in career of students.19) Industrial visit was organized for the III Sem. Biotechnology students to Tumkur Milk Diary. Around 45 students visited the milk diary.20) Seminar on “Nano Technology” was organized on 24-10-2009 for II year BE Mech, EEE & ECE students. It was mainly highlighted on “What is Technology all about? How is it important in terms of Nanotechnology and its features”. Resource persons: Sri Vishwanath S.J. & Sri Vinay, Tech. Mahindra, Bangalore.21) Passport Mela was organized on 14-10-2009, in association with Govt. of India, Ministry of Communication, Dept. of Post, Tumkur for the Students. More than 75 students participated in the Mela.22) “Life Skill Programme” was organized for all the first year Engineering & MBA students on 14th & 15th Nov. 2009 on “Positive Attitude, Self Confidence, Physical Fitness & Goal Setting” by Sri Arjundevaiah an International Athlete, Bangalore.23) As a part of the Industry-Academic interaction, industrial visit was organized on 23-11-2009 for the First sem. MBA students at CM Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd., Dabaspet and Bangalore. Around 50 students visited the plant.24) Campus Placement Drive was conducted for the present 2010 batch Engineering students of EEE, ECE, CSE, ISE & ME. A Merchant Navy Company had visited and more than 120 students participated. The process was started with Company profile Presentation, Technical Written Test, followed by HR Interview. 30 students got selected for their final medical around which was held at Nagpur on 11-01-2010.