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final preso


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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final preso

  1. 1. Error andthe Unknown:using glitches to explore a world outside reason sierra siemer / directed research /
  2. 2. Any man can make mistakes,but only an idiot persists in his error marcus tullio cicero sierra siemer / directed research
  3. 3. What can we learn from error? do machines have a voice?how can we transcend the limits of our human rationale? sierra siemer / directed research
  4. 4. This thesis presents the hypothesis that glitches are forms of collaboration and resistance from machines that provide opportunities for new communication and discovery. Rather than disregarding these interventions, these fleeting glimpses into an unknown world should be embraced and explored through experimentation. Such a hypothesis could lead to discourse between man and machine and–ultimately–knowledge beyond the limitations of our biology. sierra siemer / directed research
  5. 5. Etymology of Error /meandering path /deviation from "true" /tension and ambivilance /human error /chance+englightenment aberrations (david w. bates) sierra siemer / directed research
  6. 6. Glitch as Error /fleeting /incorrect editing /forced errors /re-interpretation /due to humans? +glitch art databending, wired magazine 2010 (duncan geere)+glitch: designing imperfection (iman moradi) sierra siemer / directed research
  7. 7. Embracing Glitches /intentional disruptions /reappropriation /glitch art /noise music /error as personal style +noise channels: glitch and error in digital culture (peter krapp)+loving the ghost in the machine: aesthetics of interruption (janne vanhanen) sierra siemer / directed research
  8. 8. Error as Communication /mechanical agency and voice /collaboration and resistance /evolution of machines +what technology wants (kevin kelly) sierra siemer / directed research
  9. 9. Exploring the Unknown /how to interpret errors /new avenues of exploration /accidental discoveries /why we make mistakes /beyond biology + seeking perfect imperfection: a personal retrospective on glitch art (iman moradi) sierra siemer / directed research
  10. 10. Thank you.sierra siemer / directed research