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Coffers sierra visual_paper3draft


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Coffers sierra visual_paper3draft

  1. 1. Smoke Free FrenzyBy: Sierra CoffersENC 1102 CRN# 108614/22/2013
  2. 2. • How can Florida Gulf Coast University becomea tobacco free campus without makingsmokers feel unwelcome?
  3. 3. Although students on university campuseshave a right to smoke, Florida Gulf CoastUniversity should consider banning all smokingon campus.
  4. 4. Smoking is dangerous and causes many healthproblems as well as environmental setbacks
  5. 5. • According to the CDC, 19.0% of all adultssmoke cigarettes• This number is very high and needs to bebrought down significantly
  6. 6. Opposing ViewpointsSince so many people smoke, it shouldn’t be completely bannedfrom campuses• It’s common for college students to smoke cigarettes andbanning them forces students to quit the habit
  7. 7. Opposing ViewpointsIt is a common habit of many people includingsome FGCU staff, and they need to be able tohave a cigarette throughout the day• Staff members spend long hours working andshouldn’t have to leave campus in order tosmoke a cigarette
  8. 8. Personal ViewpointsSecond hand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking itself andmaking the campus tobacco free will encourage better habits ofFGCU affiliates• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludedthat, “Secondhand smoke costs greater than $10 billion(i.e., health care expenditures, morbidity, and mortality).”• In the United States, smoking is responsible for one in fivedeaths annually. 49,000 of these deaths are the result ofsecondhand smoke exposure alone.
  9. 9. Personal ViewpointsSmoking places an immediate threat to the environment and in time becomes toxic tothe earth• Throwing away cigarettes has been linked to a high amount of very large forestfires, killing off wildlife and vegetation.• The toxic chemicals in cigarette butts are a threat to our aquatic ecosystems andsea life.• According to Tobacco Free California, “the production of cigarettes is verydamaging to the environment. It is estimated that one tree is consumed for every300 cigarettes produced (thats one tree for every one and a half cartons).”
  10. 10. Personal ViewpointsSmoking cigarettes is linked to academic failure and lack of achievement instudents• According to the CDC, “31% of students with mostly A’s ever smokedcigarettes and 74% of students with mostly D’s or F’s ever smokedcigarettes.”• Also, only two percent of students that smoked cigarettes on schoolproperties received the passing grade of a A.
  11. 11. Smoking has greatdownfalls and causes moreharm than good. BanningCigarette use on campuswould increase FGCU’senvironment as well as thehealth and wellness of theschool’s population.
  12. 12. Want More Information?• Smoking and the environment• Secondhand Smoke
  13. 13. Can We Agree on Something?• It would make for a positive step in FGCU’s plan to, “go green.”• It would help promote people to kick the habit• It would greatly decrease the amount of cigarettes a smoker has daily• It would provide FGCU with a cleaner and less hazardous campus
  14. 14. ConclusionTo help make FGCU a tobacco free campuswithout singling out smokers, FGCU can betterpromote the use of electric smoking devices
  15. 15. Electric smoking devices are odorless, flameless, and lessharmful than regular cigarettes. FGCU can encourage students topurchase these devices or even supply them at the schoolconvenience store. The use of the electric cigarettes lets smokersfulfill their habit and helps FGCU become closer to achieving atobacco free campus.
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