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Sierah jones


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Sierah jones

  1. 1. Sierah JonesDecember 4, 2012 1st Hour.
  2. 2. Louisiana State UniversityIf you want to know more about this university102 School of Music BuildingLouisiana State University · BatonRouge, LA 70803Telephone: 225.578.3261 · Fax:225.578.2562
  3. 3. HistoryLSU was founded by the Louisiana GeneralAssembly in 1853 under the name LouisianaState Seminary of Learning and MilitaryAcademy and was located near Pineville, La.,with the first session beginning on Jan. 2,1860.
  4. 4. Tuition and Fees● Undergraduate tuition would be $6,354.● Graduate tuition would be $7,202.Some required fees can be academic excellence,technology, operation fees. If you are a resident thetotal would be $3,498 and non-residents total wouldbe $11,136.
  5. 5. Degrees Offered In the college of Music & Dramatic arts Degrees offered are:● Bachelor of Arts.● Bachelor of Music.● Bachelor of Music Education Im interested in Bachelor of Music Education.
  6. 6. Music EducationThe degree that interested me isBachelors in Music Education. It isoffered with two areas ofconcentration:vocal, and instrumental.It prepares students who want to teachmusic in schools.
  7. 7. Curriculum of Major ProgramThis degree requires 130 credithours. 38 in which are in generaleducation requirements. Studentsspend the final semester of studyat an off-campus student teachingsite.
  8. 8. Random things.Theyve had several famous people passthrough their doors such as: NBA ChampionShaquille Oneal, video designer Will Wright,and Hubert Humphrey, the 38th VicePresident of the U.S..
  9. 9. Why?The reason I chose LSU is because its in-state. Its closer to my family and it has greatratings. The reason I chose MusicEducation is because music is something Ialways loved. I always thought of myself asbeing a teacher. So, why not be a musicteacher?
  10. 10. ReferencesAll of my information came from,