Siem Reap Hotels


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Travelguide about Siem Reap in Cambodia.The Siem Reap is a turiest place here you can find many place to Travel.This is adventure and beautiful place in cambodia.

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Siem Reap Hotels

  1. 1. Welcome To All you need to know about Siem Reap in CambodiaSiem Reap stirs up images of Asian mystique and adventure. Fromthe sprawling Angkor Wat nestled in the rolling bucolic Cambodiancountryside to the charming floating communities on the TonleSap, this town is actually not unknown to the rest of the world.
  2. 2. Hotels in Siem ReapSiem Reap have alot of hotels, from budget hotels for a couple of dollars a night to very expensive and very luxury hotels. Below is a list of all Siem Reap hotels. Click on the hotel name to get more information.• Alliance Villa• Angkor Deluxe Inn• Angkor Discover Inn
  3. 3. Golf courses in Siem Reap• Angkor Golf Resort 115 US$ 18 2007• Siem Reap Lake Golf Club 100 US$ 18 2009
  4. 4. Siem Reap Climate and GeographySiem Reap is the capital city of the province of Siem Reapsituated 13º22’ north of the equator and 103º51’ east ofthe Prime Meridian in northwestern Cambodia and about150 kilometers from the border with Thailand.
  5. 5. Temple In Siem ReapAngkor Thom, or the Great City, was the last and most glorious capital of Khmer Empire. It was founded at the end of the twelfth century by king Jayavarman VII on a place that had several statues afore. Its modern name is known from the 16th century. In the center of it, there was the main state temple called Bayon. Being a part of great building program of Jayavarman, the city had a lot of beautiful temples.
  6. 6. Phnom BakhengPhnom Bakheng is an interesting historical object built in 9th centuryduring the reign of King Yasovarman. It is Hindu temple built as atemple mountain and dedicated to Shiva. It is located on the top ofthe hill just in 1.5 km far from Angkor Wat that stands on southeast. Itis one of the oldest buildings of Angkor complex and the central pointof it. Its foundation is connected with times when king moved capitalto Yasodharapura.
  7. 7. History of Siem ReapThe history of Siem Reap revolvesaround two significant periods ofCambodian history: the ancient KhmerEmpire and modern-day Cambodiaunder the reign of the Khmer Rouge. Thename Siem Reap itself is Khmer whichliterally means the “Flat Defeat of Siam”or “Siam Defeated”. Siam, of course,refers to ancient Thailand where Khmerrule had its grip after King Ang Chan tookadvantage of the internal squabbles inthe Siamese kingdom in Ayudhaya whereKing Prajai was poisoned by his Queen,Sri Sudachan to live with a commonernamed Woravongsa. Prince Tienraja, amonk, then became the new king ofSiam, named Maha Chakrapat.
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