Readability: Design for comprehension


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A critical vocabulary for recognizing and demanding better functional communications

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  • A few month’s ago,, on the NPR show “Radio Lab” the subject was color, and the differences in the way human’s have perceived color throughout history. Listen to this for a minute.—
  • A few month’s ago,, on the NPR show “Radio Lab” the subject was color, and the differences in the way human’s have perceived color throughout history. Listen to this for a minute.—
  • Readability: Design for comprehension

    1. 1. Readability:Design for comprehensiona critical vocabulary for recognizing and demandingbetter functional communicationsMatt DuBeauStrategy Director, Customer Experience
    2. 2. Readability:Design for comprehensionPurposeful manipulation ofdegrees imagesignstext and of recognizable differences
    3. 3. Readability Context- Alignment supporting, recogniz to support able graphic order and relationships Intuitive but not slavishly conventional way-finding Juxtaposition of related elementsSee it go “Look,” said Dick. See it go. See it go up.” Emphasis establishedJane said, “Oh, look! See it go. See it go up.” with minimum Well- modulated“Up, up,” said Sally, “Go of up, up.” degree up, spacing difference
    4. 4. Critical vocabularyAlignmentEmphasisScaleCollocationModulationHierarchy
    5. 5. alignmentThere is no order without alignment.
    6. 6. emphasisWhen everything is emphasized,there is no emphasis.
    7. 7. scaleBIG DOES NOT EQUAL EASY TO READLegibility is key to readability
    8. 8. scale
    9. 9. scalePeople read from left to right,and sometimes need to find their wayback.
    10. 10. collocationPut related things near each other• Likely triggers with desired actions• Explanations with the terms they explain• Items in series or parallel levels
    11. 11. modulationScaleSpaceLine qualityColor
    12. 12. hierarchy1. Identity2. Purpose and context3. Required reaction4. Summarized history bearing on current status5. Explanation of history and status relative to entirety of relationship6. Contextual rules and agreements7. Alternate reactions
    13. 13. Critical vocabularyAlignmentEmphasisScaleCollocationModulationHierarchy
    14. 14. ReadabilityDe-sign.Eliminate irrelevant syntactic system as potentialEstablish as small adifferences to encompass necessary hierarchical relationships.
    15. 15. Readability?ReadabilityComprehension = Efficiency = $
    16. 16. Critical vocabularyAlignmentEmphasisScaleCollocationModulationHierarchy
    17. 17. Account DetailACCOUNT NUMBER (14 digits) ACCOUNT NAMERELATIONSHIP TEAM PREFERRED ROLE PACE NUMBER CONTACTTrust Officer*Trust Assistant 1Portfolio Manager, PPSquestions?Strategic Portfolio Manager, PPS2PCM*PCA*Other*Required1 Required to provide name of PPS, PM, or “Field” based PM. 2 Required if utilizing Team Model.What is the Line of Business (LOB)? Private Bank Middle Market Institutional Institutional Advisory Solutions LOB # CORE A-PWM (Emerging Wealth) Philanthropic Management LOB #What is the Minor Account Type?What was the source of the client referral? BAI Commercial Bank Existing US Trust Client External Advisor (Attorney, CPA, etc.) GCIB Premier Retail Bank Self Sourced OtherProduct Line Team Code (4 digits) Tier Level / Relationship Revenue: > $25,000 Revenue (1)Specify the Primary GCI Number < $10,000 Revenue (3)Specify the Family GCI Number $10,000 - $25,000 Revenue (2)What is the Estimated Termination Date? / / and applicable Termination Reason?What is the Termination Provision? Death of the Grantor Partial Termination at stated Ages Death of the Inc Bene (or other measuring life) Reference to happening of a stated event Dynasty Trust in Perpetuity (Dynasty/Charitable) If Trust assets become deminimusIf applicable, indicate the tax-qualifying county for this account.If this account is part of a relationship, provide the primary PACE Account number:Please indicate the main account for combined tax reporting:If this account is part of a relationship, provide the PM Relationship ID:What is the governing state law for this account? (specify)Does this fiduciary account have an assigned Tax ID number? Yes (specify) No Applied for by outside party(provide number and attach proof of number):Probate (Estates): Answer the following questions if this is a probate (estate) account.What month will the tax year end? (NOTE: The default is 11 months after the date of death)Specify Investment Objective: Principal Preservation (10) Balanced Income (11) Current Income (12) Balanced (13) Balanced Appreciation (14) Appreciation (15) All Equity (16) Balanced Return (22) Account Considerations (18) All Real Estate (48) All Fixed Income (17) No Investment Responsibility (N/A 90) To Be Determined (91) All Oil and Gas (49)00-42-0092NSBW 07-2011 1
    18. 18. thank you