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China branding seminar_jan2013


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China branding seminar_jan2013

  1. How Winning CompaniesLead with Brand in ChinaEric Lin, General Manager, ShanghaiJanuary 16, 2013
  2. 5 Trends DrivingBrand in China 2
  3. Chinese brands areready for primetime
  4. Closing the Innovation Gap 4
  5. Going Global 5
  6. Winning on Local Relevance 6
  7. Winning on Local Relevance 7
  8. The coming age ofbrand experiences
  9. What we’re seeing+ Meteoric rise of digital and mobile+ More sophisticated, flagship-style retail experiences+ Shifting view of consumption – no longer just about products, but about service and experience
  10. Overcoming a deficit of trust
  11. Branding in an era of high anxiety+ Product recalls, food safety issues, pollution, economic slowdown, political corruption and NGO scandals have created an environment of uncertainty, anxiety and mistrust of brands and organizations+ Rise of social media has made these issues all the more transparent+ Consumers are demanding brands that are trustworthy and transparent, and are drawn towards experiences that communicate a sense of assurance and peace of mind
  12. Promising peace of mind
  13. A growing appreciation for simplicity
  14. A growing appreciation for simplicity+ Strong cultural roots in things that are detailed and intricate, from language to art to cuisine+ Yet in a fast-moving, cluttered and overwhelming market, there is a growing appreciation for simpler brand experiences+ Our study showed 60% of surveyed Chinese consumers are willing to pay a premium (up to 6.6% in some industries) for simpler brand experiences+ A particular call for: • Simpler digital experiences • Less communication clutter – less volume of communications, but clearer stories and end benefits • Delivering simplicity through services
  15. A shift to simplified customer experiences
  16. Urbanization begins to scale
  17. The urban boom moves inland+ Urban population expected to hit 1 billion people by 2025+ Lower tier cities are booming+ Reverse migration to smaller cities+ Saturated Tier 1 markets for brands+ Challenge for brands is understanding different consumer mindsets in lower tier cities, as well as a different vision for development
  18. Q&A andDiscussion 18
  19. !** Thank You! 19