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Baylor Health Care System

Baylor Health Care System, a nonprofit healthcare provider based in Dallas, Texas, needed a digital strategy that reflected its promise of cutting-edge scientific innovation in the service of compassionate, top-quality care. Baylor wanted something that was not only efficient and effective, but also best in class—equal to its world-renowned medical care. And that meant providing all users with a personalized, interactive experience, and delivering on Baylor’s powerful brand promise to serve through exemplary health care.

Siegel+Gale began by analyzing the needs of Baylor’s digital users, a process that led us to define eight personas, each with its own unique demands, motivations and goals. With such a user-focused understanding of needs, we could then assess the effectiveness of Baylor’s current digital experiences. At the same time, we studied the landscape of competitors’ digital offerings, and explored key components of the Baylor brand that could differentiate it from other providers.

Our analysis led us to crystallize a targeted digital strategy of “focused simplicity.” For, a key digital touchpoint for all patients, we executed that strategy by highlighting and clarifying the areas that serve most users—tasks like “Find a Physician” and “Find a Location”—while effectively positioning the more in-depth and supporting content for those who rely on the site for more extensive self-service or education. For professionals and providers, provides information about Baylor’s cutting-edge research, education programs and specialties.

To create a completely integrated digital experience, we also considered the full spectrum of social media and mobile strategies. Social media tools, including blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, allow Baylor to engage its audience more often and in more places, enhancing fundraising efforts and increasing its national presence. For users on the go, the mobile website highlights the same tools, such as quick account access, while an option for text messaging enables users to contact their physicians easily and receive appointment reminders. The digital content across all platforms and applications reinforces Baylor’s distinctive Brand Voice®, promoting its ideals of compassion, engagement and trust.

In concert with our content strategy, we developed a cohesive visual identity that augments Baylor’s recognizable blue with a sophisticated color palette and family friendly, soothing images. The new, and supporting digital tools offer a visual style that supports and reiterates its core mission of offering comprehensive, intelligent, sympathetic care.

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Baylor Health Care System

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