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SIEC is the Italian Association of AV Pro industry. Our mission is to promote and support the Italian Systems Integration market. Thanks to the commitment of the founding members we already achieved met some important milestones. For the future challenges we need the support of all those who share our vision and goals: there is strength in numbers.

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Presentation siec 19.03.2014 en

  1. 1. Update March 19, 2013
  2. 2. SIEC is the Italian Association of AV Pro Industry. Today SIEC has over 30 members, among producers, distributors and integrators.
  3. 3. Promoting and supporting the Italian AV PRO market.
  4. 4.  Training, seminars, webinars;  conventions and forums;  attendance of major trade fairs. And, in addition:  relations with standardization and certification bodies,  synergy with International associations,  cooperation with professional societies.
  5. 5. This comprehensive course1 introduces the science and technology for audio, visual and audiovisual systems integration. 1 Based on proprietary material of InfoComm International
  6. 6. One-day seminars on new technologies and new standards.
  7. 7. Online seminars for Italian operators organized and promoted by InfoComm International in cooperation with SIEC. One-hour presentation on relevant topics prepared and delivered by specialists of SIEC members. In 2014 six webinars are planned .
  8. 8. The yearly event for the Italian systems integration market.
  9. 9. Supply meets Demand at SIEC Convention.
  10. 10. SIEC Convention, Milano Congressi, 21 November 2013. New standards and best practices.
  11. 11. SIEC Convention, Milano Congressi, 22 November 2013. A conference on Building Automation and Lighting technologies for energy saving addressed to architects and designers.
  12. 12. "SIEC On The Road" is a program aimed at attending major domestic and international fairs and events in order to create new business opportunities for our members and the Italian market in general. In this program the institutional approach typical of an association (promotion, education, networking, etc.) is “merged” with the information and communication activities offered by Connessioni, the Integrated Systems media.
  13. 13. At MADE expo, (Milan 2- 5 October 2013) SIEC has met architects and designers. At Seatec (Carrara, 6-8 February 2013), an exhibition focussed on boatyards and shipyards suppliers, SIEC has met the integrators of the nautical industry. SIEC booth at ISE 2014 (Amsterdam, 4-6 February 2014) has been an hospitality areas for the Italian visitors and a showcase for the Italian exhibitors.
  14. 14. This is the feather in our cap, our best achievement so far. UNI/PDR 4:2013 Best Practices on "Audio- Video-Controls Integration Services" is a document that states the criteria that should be followed in delivering such services to the customers. The document adopts the draft prepared by a work group of SIEC experts and has been published on November 21st, 2013 by UNI, the Italian Standardization Body. It is the first step towards the certification of Systems Integration companies.
  15. 15. We are committed to:  create new business opportunities,  create a trade fair for the Italian market,  improve awareness among users and buyers,  offer networking experiences,  encouraging the proper implementation of technologies,  offer training programs,  open a path towards certification,  conduct research on market size and growth,  defend the market from any threat.
  16. 16. We are committed to:  promote the quality of solutions proposed to customers,  create a trade fair for the Italian market,  provide visibility through webinars and SIEC On The Road,  conduct research on market size and growth,  defend the market from any threat. We have already achieved some relevant results: best practices sponsored by UNI, two conventions, webinars, SIEC On The Road. We can do much more with your help.
  17. 17. When it comes to raise new taxes or duties our legislators can be very creative. An example is the levy on private copies imposed on sales of CDs and memory cards, that has caused the demand for these products to move to the gray market. And there are always new threats looming on our industry, such as imposing customs duties on some product categories, extending the television tax to multimedia products, etc. You need a strong Association that can stand against measures that can depress or alter the marketplace.
  18. 18. We are committed to:  improve awareness among users and buyers,  involve professional associations,  create new business opportunities, in Italy and abroad,  protect and support the quality of the supply,  open a path towards certification,  offer training programs,  create occasions for meeting manufactures and distributors. We have already achieved some relevant results: best practices sponsored by UNI, two conventions, webinars, SIEC On The Road. We can do much more with your help.
  19. 19. A strong Association is more likely to gain the full attention of third parties and stakeholders, to the advantage of all members. Our stakeholders:  Government  Large buyers and contractors  Professional societies  Trade Associations  Trade fair organizers A strong Association is one that represents a large portion of the total business. If we represent both the most relevant brands and a fair amount of integrators then our stakeholders will positively listen to us.
  20. 20. Whether you are a manufacturer or an integrator, if you share our vision and mission you can help us achieve our goals by becoming a member. There is strength in numbers, and the stronger we are, the more we can obtain. For you, too.
  21. 21.