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Lowes final presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Lowes final presentation

  1. 1. Improving our Workplace,Drew SieberA42127571 Community, and Environment
  2. 2. Store Locator Watch Shop Videos Lowe’s! Social Scan Media Games Lowe’s needs to look into updating their iphone app with games and social media sites that compliment customers that stay involved by making an “app” point system
  3. 3. Every 1,000 points you get, you save 10% on your next visit!!Lowe’s “app” points will:1. Create Enjoyment behind the name2. Create more customer feedback Lowe’s “app” points will3. Compel frequent usage be given out by using4. Provide eco-friendly business their app to shop, play5. Create relationships with customers games, socialize on the media, and making videos to show
  4. 4. “Gardenville” “Name that price” Buy different plants New Lowe’s and seeds to build your garden. Then products will be sell your plants, shown and you fruits, and have to guess vegetables to which of the continue building more prices is correct “Lowe’s vs Joes” “Nail or fail” Beat other Watch as Lowe’s hardware creates a musical tune, then stores in replicate the tune backyard 2 vs. 2 by hammering basketball down the nails in the piano keysYou will receive “app” points towardsyour Lowe’s account for accomplishing higher levels of each game
  5. 5. Putting a celebrities name behind Lowe’s Lowe’s iswill allow for customers to relate, desire, #1 and to remember Lowe’s as a well run businessNone of these employees are largely know for their handy work Creating TV advertisements with notorious Tim “the tool man Taylor” Allen as a Lowe’s employee will complete Lowe’s image as being the handiest of them all
  6. 6. Lowe’s is handy and helpfulThe perception of his face will exceed just a handy worker, it will relate theLowe’s name as having phenomenal public relations through these clinics
  7. 7. Hire Tim Putting it all together Allen and Relase App Evaluate a New Vs. Return report out of eachTelevise Tim Allen regional branch Nationally Analyze New Custom Reports by region where Tim has been, Launch Tim’s and then New vs. Return workshop tour reports after Evaluate: Launch Custom -New Vs. Return Reports Variable report and -Custom Variable Reports -Difference in annual analyze the “app” sales reports progress July‘13 Jan. ‘15 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Jan. ‘13 Jan. ‘14 July ‘14 July ‘15 Jan. ‘16 July ‘16
  8. 8. Do the “app” points add up? Generating a New vs. Returning Report: Custom Variable Reports• There will be annual new vs. return reports ran in each Custom variable reports will be ran district based off of “app” users monthly to evaluate the usage of each• There will be new vs. return reports ran through districts segment of the app and its effect on sales after Tim Allen hosts the Build and grow Program there Real Time Reporting Annual Sales Reports *We will use real time reporting to follow We will use annual sales reports to televised advertising of Lowe’s Tim Allen and compare and contrast the follow his reviews to analyze it’s effectiveness effectiveness of Tim Allens’ project shop appearances