An industry overview on social media


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In this presentation, you will find a summary of the social media ecosystem : Users involved in conversations and interactions with various device type (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphones) as well as more sophisticated usages (publishing, sharing, playing, networking, buying, localization) on various niche services or on generic social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). I've also tried explaining the business models of facebook, twitter etc. Small medium enterprise owners can also learn how they can advertise on these social media platforms. A full section is dedicated to smartphone era.

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  • investigations have found that using Facebook is associated with jealousy, social tension, isolation and depression.
  • Datalogixgets much of that data from loyalty cards at grocers, drugstores and other retailers.
  • 30.37: Inside Facebook34:192:33
  • An industry overview on social media

    1. 1. An Industry Overview On by: Siddharth Gulati
    2. 2. What is ? • Interaction among people • Create, share, and exchange information and ideas • Individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content
    3. 3. - #1 Social Networking Site Founded in Feb, 2004 by First Name Mark Last Name Zuckerberg Headquarters Menlo Park, CA, USA facebook now allows anyone who claims to be at least 13 years old to become a registered user of the website. Area Served Worldwide ‘05 - Present Revenue $5.1 Bn Site Ranking Alexa - 2 Active Users 1.15 Bn Employees 5,299 2012’ -> The company went public on May 18, 2012, opening on the NASDAQ with shares trading at $42.05. Subsidiaries Instagram Competitors y/facebook
    4. 4. 5 Cs OF Facebook The 5C Classification of Facebook is done under the following heads of marketing mix: Customer Company Competition Collaborators Context
    5. 5. CUSTOMER Demographics Lifestyle Behaviour Geographical Location
    6. 6. Company • The Facebook page of a company can teach us a lot about the target audience. • Humanize the company. • Build a community on the Company’s Facebook page. • Facebook is good for SEO (search engine optimization)
    7. 7. Benefits of having Facebook Profile Staying Connected Finding People Sharing Promotion Getting Together
    8. 8. SWOT Analysis Strength Holds the largest market share currently. Provides platform for millions of applications including Zynga, 1.15 billion monthly active users (MAUs) as of December 31, 2013 Creates Value for Users Connect and share with your friends everywhere, 2nd most successful mobile app Discover Learn and Express yourself Creates Value for Marketers Facebook offers marketers access to a vast consumer base Offer marketers the ability to include “social context ” with their marketing messages
    9. 9. Weakness Safety Liabilities regarding bugs and problems that users face when operating the website Plagued by Privacy Issues and fake accounts can be created easily Financial Issues Facebook’s catastrophe of an initial public offering — the stock reached a new low closing at $18.06.three months after the offering, the company lost more than $50 billion in market value. Technological and Political Issues Facebook was hit by technological glitches due to which the site was down for a considerable amount of time. Reported in Mirror 21st October. Problems faced with posting of antisocial and antireligious content. Facebook also faces bans and sanctions in countries like Syria, Iran, China .
    10. 10. Opportunities Mobile Advertising is and Consumer Advertising is the will be an segment that can Behaviour is help in generating opportunistic analysed for more cash flow. approach in business. Business Enable developers reaching target can collect user to build great markets globally. Promotional offers data through polls social products to draw customers. and surveys. using the facebook platform.
    11. 11. Threats Competitors Safety • Existing Competitors like Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, MySpace. • New Entrants can enter into the industry very easily. • Companies that develop applications, particularly mobile applications, that replicate discrete Capabilities provided, such as photosharing, messaging, and micro-blogging • Spamming • Photos can be downloaded easily . • Privacy can be breached.
    12. 12. Competitors • Google+ (300mn+), twitter (883mn+), Orkut , MySapce. • Youtube(65 hours/minute), Quora, Tumblr, Daily Motion, Wikipedia. • Traditional players in optimizing advertising campaigns. Google, Yahoo Facebook Annual Report 2012-13
    13. 13. Collaborators • • • • Advertising Agencies Social Media managing agencies Application Developers Partnerships , Acquisition and Mergers : Instagram, tagtile, Atlas, Friendster, Octazen, Lightbox, and many more.
    14. 14. Pest Analysis Political Economic Social Tech Removal of Anti-social and anti religious content Greater affluence leading to more users Viral online Potential marketing influence is radically increasing Online Privacy Does not require elaborate budget On Issues of allegations like; Treatment of its users Increased broadband speed and penetration Ownership of social media content Free of charge content Corruption Faster access to information than ever before Ban on Fake accounts No revenue for Scams companies, more of brand equity Monitoring of marketing done by clients of social media companies Better online advertising Women Security Child Safety Hate Speech *There are no strong policies by government till now for social media.
    15. 15. Porter’s Five Forces New Entrants: Low barriers , low loyalty, low risks, easy to challenge established business, almost no sales force required Buyer Power: No switching costs, users can maintain ‘n’ number of accounts, very little diff. in service provided Intense Rivalry: There's a large pool of sites fuelled by VC monies, intense competition Suppliers: Independent application, widgets, games developers, advertising agencies Substitutes: Any Social media service would be a substitute, and internet site with large user bases like Amazon, Zomato, flipkart, etc may create a networking component.
    16. 16. Different Products under Social Media Network Personnel, pro, mobile, tools Share Videos, Music, Photos, Links Publish Blog, Microblog, Stream
    17. 17. Stakeholder Analysis Internet users Cyber Cafes Content Creaters Home based businesse s Ad agencies PR firms App Develope rs B2C/B2C Companie s Surveyin g Companie s Start-Ups Game Developers Social Media ECommerce companie s Laptop Companie s Bloggers Job Seekers Web designers Mobile Companie s Mobile Companies Social Media Agencies
    18. 18. Value Creation Procurement Website Infrastructure Data Center’s Softwares Scripts Content IP Interconnection Network Services Network Hardware technologies Networking Cables UX
    19. 19. Human Resource 250,000 Job Applications in 2012
    20. 20. Technology Memcached HipHop for PHP Haystack BigPipe Varnish Scribe Hadoop and Hive
    21. 21. Memcached Caching layer between the web servers and MySQL servers because accessing databases is relatively slow. HipHop for PHP PHP is a script language that runs natively slow when compared with the code that runs on server. Haystack High-performance storage/retrieval system. BigPipe Dynamic web page serving system. Each section is served into pagelets. Cassandra Distributed storage system with no single point of failure. Facebook uses it for its Inbox search. Scribe Flexible logging system that Facebook uses for a multitude of purposes internally. To handle logging at the scale of Facebook, and automatically handles new logging categories Hadoop Hadoop is used for data analysis. Thrift This is an internally developed crosslanguage framework that ties all different languages(PHP, Erlang, Java and C++) together, making it possible for them to talk to each other.
    22. 22. fb Advertising Model Segmentation - How to Target Your Audience ? Ads Optimization – Tell the Right Story Scheduling Your Campaigns Managing Your Budget Wisely Bid Size Affect Click-Through Rate - The quality of clicks is affected by who see your ads. Low Max Bid -> High FB users (less receptive to ads) -> Low Quality Users -> -ve Click Through Rate Tracking Your Results
    23. 23. Infrastructure
    24. 24. Offices
    25. 25. Problems With Present Social Media Sites • Twitter should introduce #Chatting! •Messages wipes off while sending direct messages •Phone app Needs to be optimized for 2G networks, currently very heavy •Lots and Lots of Spam on almost all platforms. •Blocked! •Bulk messaging option not available. •Group chats, a big no no! •Repeated content. •News feed of friends getting missed because of sponsored feed. •Blue Theme Needs To be revamped, users are getting bored. •High volume of advertising •Very few people in India knows how to use twitter. •Facebook chat stickers creating mess, difficult to locate. •Problem in tweeting from mobile app, it almost never tweets on IOS. •A more better API integration with mobile phones. •Fake Accounts
    26. 26. The
    27. 27. Revenue Model Of Different Social Media Sites facebook Devices • Desktop • Mobile • Tablets Platforms • Browsers • Application Facebook features • Increasing internet penetration • Increasing spend among age groups • Enlarging geographical reach Q2 ‘13: $1.82bn 88% from ads (~41% mobile) $ Behaviors Business Model • Personal info [status, msgs, pics etc] • Innovative ways of presenting these [ timeline, graph search] • Add-ons: groups, events, pages, LIKE! Users • Increasing user engagement • More user generated content • More friends • More time spent on facebook • Enlarged dev. ecosystem • Advertising based (CPI OR CPC) • New feed ads • Sponsored stories (for mobiles) • Credits in games i.e. virtual currency • Gifts 2013: 1.15 bn Active users 51% growth in mobile users (819mn)
    28. 28. facebook moves into Big Data to help advertisers measure ROI “Connecting the DOTS” Problem: Proving that ads can spur sales Solution: follow people going to grocery store, car stores etc (this doesn’t means fb is stalking you!). Basically, fb is purchasing data from Datalogix to track the purchases of its users by which it is trying to make a connection b/w its advertising and what users want to buy. Fb is matching this information with the specific users. It relies on email addresses and other information people submit when they open a fb account. Results: 70% of the time, every $ an advertiser spends on Facebook gives it $3 back in incremental sales.
    29. 29. How to advertise on facebook?
    30. 30. Create Your Audience
    31. 31. People with precise interest of food
    32. 32. Create Your Audience
    33. 33. Account and Campaign
    34. 34. Facebook launched FBX - the first-ever social media real-time bidding (RTB) ad exchange - in June 2012 to let advertisers buy Facebook ad inventory that retargets users based on their past online browsing history. It's impossible to target someone who is interested in living with personalized room furniture ads unless they have likes relating to furniture brands.
    35. 35. Twitter revenue Model Promoted/Sponsored tweets brings ads into the stream of real-time conversation. Promoted tweets appears at the top of twitter search results. These tweets will be real tweets, users can reply, retweet them, or favourite them. But they will be clearly labelled as advertising. Now, what’s the difference b/w Google and twitter sponsored result? Promoted tweets must resonate with users* Users should interact with the promoted tweets* and if they are not interacting with it ( replying, favoriting, retweeting), it will disappear.
    36. 36. Censorship???
    37. 37. helps in tracking conversations and measuring campaign results via the web or mobile devices. This lets you keep to a consistent social media schedule all week long without Social Oomph will auto-follow any new follower of yours on Twitter if you like, which could save you a ton of time if you normally like to reciprocate follows.
    38. 38. manage your Twitter feeds with powerful filters to focus on what matters. real-time conversation on social media in order to predi best times for publishing content to capture peak attention from watch target audiences.
    39. 39. Influencer Analysis and Trend Analysis Profile Bloggers, Journalists and Celebrities, and are increasingly trying to reach these influencers for endorsement and to drive word -ofmouth about the brand. Global companies are targeting High How to identify influencer? Influencers can be identified with the help certain social media tools like IBM’s COSMOS, Klout, Kred and PeerIndex. These tools measures your influence based on your ability to produce action from your activity. All of the above can scrape data from more social networks including Foursquare, YouTube and Instagram. More over these tools also determines the topics influencers are most influential for, based on analysing the type of content you produce and others’ engagement.
    40. 40. The CMO’s Guide to the Social Landscape This tool is used to find the most appropriate social media site based on your marketing goals. “Traffic to Your Site” will show you the interactions on the basis of social media network. If you are worried about “SEO” then Google+ stats can help you.
    41. 41. social media search engine and is a platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information. Social Mention works as a
    42. 42. Google is an important tool for Social Media Google trends aanalyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time Hot Searches reflects what people are searching for on Google today.
    43. 43. It gives you the ability to quickly track followers, tweets and following metrics for any given Twitter account. This social media tool is used to track the week-over-week progress of our social media campaigns.
    44. 44. Artificial Intelligence Tools for Social Media • Salorix has developed a new tool called Amplify for tracking conversations on social media sites. ai-one inc. by Gnostech is used for monitoring data and gather Intelligence from social media sites.
    45. 45. Last Year, Something Profound Happened…
    46. 46. The number of smartphones sold exceeded number of PC’s. Mobile advertising spending in the U.S. totaled $3 billion in the first half of 2013, up from $1.2 billion. The mobile audience is roughly equal to Internet users on laptops and desktops now. Mobile CPM(cost per thousands) rates are the second- lowest among all advertising mediums.
    47. 47. And this is naturally changing everything…
    48. 48. Where are we in the mobile phone revolution? We’re in early stage! 2013 5.6 B 2014 Expectations 1.75B + 1 B+
    49. 49. Who is going to win the platform war?
    50. 50. As of now iOS and Android are ruling the market. And actually Android vs iOS is not as close as it looks. Developers still prefer iOS!
    51. 51. Why?
    52. 52. 1: Android has fragmentation problems. 2: Apple generates the most mobile commerce traffic 3: Apple dominates app revenue 4: Apple has wealthier users 5: Apple dominates the number of new project starts
    53. 53. 2: And may be these developers are loosing interest in Android.
    54. 54. So, who will rule the mobile platform? Android? Microsoft? Some new script? OR Apple? We don’t know yet!
    55. 55. What all people do on mobile? They do almost everything today on mobile.
    56. 56. They consume content… They look at ads.
    57. 57. People listen to music, use fb and twitter more! People do shop from mobile too 30% of Gilt’s revenue was from mobile sales - Says Boston Globe 38% of US consumers have used smartphones to buy products or services - Says comScore
    58. 58. What happens when we combine mobile, fun, social and photos.
    59. 59. Apps are now going a $10 bn market, growing 100% every year! Angry Birds has 600 mn+ downloads Instagram launched 2.2 years ago and presently it has more than 90mn MAU Insta gram
    60. 60. An example of one of the most viral app till now!
    61. 61. Draw something launched in feb’12, a year ago •In the first five weeks after its launching, the game was downloaded 20 million times. •Fifty days after its release, it had been downloaded 50 million times •Within 6 weeks after its launch total number of drawings touched 2 billion Zynga bought it in $200mn • And finally
    62. 62. Global internet users will double over the next few years and most of them will be on MOBILE!