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Drug Abuse


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Drug abuse is a common problem that is ruining not only the individuals but offering a global issue. People experiment with drugs for many different reasons. Many first try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, or in an effort to improve athletic performance or ease another problem, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. Use doesn't automatically lead to abuse, and there is no specific level at which drug use moves from casual to problematic. It varies by individual. Addiction is less about the amount of substance consumed or the frequency, and more to do with the consequences of drug use. No matter how often or how little you’re consuming, if your drug use is causing problems in your life, at work, school, home, or in your relationship, you likely have a drug abuse or addiction problem. And if you are having this problem you are actually in trouble.

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Drug Abuse

  1. 1. Presented By Sidra Rashid (2011-EN-28) University Of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.
  2. 2. Presentation overview Introduction Causes Risk Factors Symptoms Effects Famous Addicts Prevention & control Treatment Conclusion
  3. 3. What Is Drug? A drug is something that affects your body. Drugs pass through the body and interferes with brain’s neurotransmitters. Drugs have been part of our culture since the middle of the last century.
  4. 4. Classification Of Drugs: Pharmaceutical drugs e.g. Aspirin, Paracetamol, Brofin etc. Recreational drugs e.g. Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine etc.
  5. 5. Drug Abuse: Drug abuse is the non permissive consumption of certain substance that may lead to physical and psychological dependence. Popularized in the 1960s by music and mass media, they invade all aspects of society.
  6. 6. Commonly Abused Drugs Marijuana Cocaine Heroine Alcohol Prescription drugs Inhalant and solvents Sometimes sedatives, coffee and cigarettes, can all be used to harmful excess.
  7. 7. Cont… An estimated 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs. The most commonly used illegal drug is marijuana According to the United Nations 2008 World Drug Report, about 3.9% of the world’s population between the ages of 15 and 64 abuse marijuana.
  8. 8. Why do people use drug?
  9. 9. 5 C’s of Addiction 1. Chronic 2. Loss of Control 3. Compulsion 4. Use despite negative consequences 5. Cravings
  10. 10. Risk Factors Your genes Mental health Family and social environment disturbance Effect on the brain
  11. 11. Cont… • Abused drug causes a surge in levels of dopamine in your brain, which trigger feelings of pleasure. • Changes in your brain interfere with your ▫ Ability to think clearly ▫ Exercise good judgment ▫ Control your behavior ▫ Feel normal without drugs
  12. 12. Signs Of Drug Abuse
  13. 13. Physical Warning Bloodshot eyes Pupils larger or smaller than usual Changes in appetite or sleep patterns Sudden weight loss or weight gain Deterioration of physical appearance Unusual smells on breath Impaired coordination
  14. 14. Behavioral Warnings Poor work Decline in performance Financial problems Secretive behaviors Sudden change in friends and associates Accident or trouble prone Lack of motivation and withdrawn Unexplained anxiety
  15. 15. Effects Of Drug Abuse: Drug abuse leads to: Loss of coordination Poor judgment Slowed reflexes Distorted vision Memory loss Blackout
  16. 16. Illegal Drug Usage All Over The World: 230 million people have used an illegal drug in all over the world.  cocaine-dependent people number about 27 million. 0.6% of the world adult population Global illegal drug use is expected to rise by 25% over the next few decades
  17. 17. Drug usage in Pakistan: • According to (UNODC), 6.7 million Pakistanis used drugs in the year of 2013. • Every 27 persons in Pakistan are using drugs.
  18. 18. Age based statistics • Almost 5.8 % of the adult population. • Nearly 25 % of the youth population.
  19. 19. Addicts At The Next Door Famous Names From History
  20. 20. Cont… President Barack Obama He has admitted to smoke marijuana and using cocaine, during his high school and college days. Bill Clinton: President Bill Clinton famously admitted to trying marijuana while completing his Rhodes scholarship at Oxford. Steve Jobs: Apple co-founder.
  21. 21. Other Famous Names Richard branson: virgin group chairman. Michael bloomberg: new york city mayor . Hugh hefner: playboy founder . George soros: billionaire investor. Naomi campbell: super model .
  22. 22. Prevention & Control “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”
  23. 23. Prevention and Control to Drug Addiction! Avoid undue Peer Pressure ▫ A child should not be pressed unduly to do beyond his/ her capacities, be it studies, sports etc. Education and counseling Organizing Youth Centers ▫ Drug addiction may be caused due to the feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety etc. Hence, social service organizations, and NGOs should establish youth centers to overcome such feelings
  24. 24. Remedial measures: 1. Individual steps Send such addicts to a rehabilitation facility. A humanistic form of treatment is said to be the most widely used and effective of all forms of treatment. Awareness and prevention must start at home, with parents.
  25. 25. Cont… 2. The role of the Government The government can playa vital part in this regard Reduce the scale of unemployment. This is also known as a case towards taking up drugs in the first place, and tends to get serious when not taken care of.
  26. 26. Cont… Drug cartels should be taken down and removed altogether. strict action against these cartels may help reduce the amount of drug addicts substantially.
  27. 27. Treatment For Drug Addiction Hospitalization Behavioral Therapies Occupational Therapy Change in Addict’s Social Environment
  28. 28. Conclusion • Drug abuse is a complex problem thought to result from a combination of psychological, and environmental factors. Infants of abusers may suffer from neglect or the effects of parental drug use. As they grow into childhood, they may demonstrate antisocial behavior, and signs of malnutrition, poor self-esteem, depression, or attention deficit disorder. Identification of drug abuse is a difficult first step on the road to recovery because of the methods many abuses use to hide their addiction, the inability of family members to recognize or accept the problem, and the relatives' enabling behavior.
  29. 29. References 1. 2. Addiction-Causes-and-Remedial- Measures#scribd 3. prevention-and-control-to-drug-addiction/1457 4. ug-abuse-is-serious-psycho.html