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Sales promotion


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Sales promotion

  2. 2. Topics:Defining sales promotion.Sales promotion objectives.Promotional techniques.PLC and promotion.Conclusion.
  3. 3. What is Sales Promotion? “Short term incentives offered to customers toencourage buying.” Its aim is to inform, to persuade and to remind.
  4. 4. SALES PROMOTIONOBJECTIVES: To increase brand awareness. To attract new customers and retain existing one. To maintain sales of seasonal products. To meet the challenge of competition.
  6. 6. CONSUMER PROMOTIONS: “It is used to boost short-term customer buyingand involvement or to enhance long termcustomer relationships.” Major tools are samples, coupons, premiums,point of purchase, sweepstakes and eventsponsorship.
  7. 7. COUPONS: It is a discount certificate that is given to buyer forpurchase of a specific product.
  8. 8. PRICE OFF AND PREMIUMS: Free gifts or other special offer reductions offeredto customers. It may be in or on package premium such as toysin cereal etc.
  9. 9. POINT OF PURCHASE: It contains display and demonstrations at mostlycheck out points. Special displays are also used in stores.
  10. 10. SWEEPSTAKES AND CONTESTS: It gives customers chance to win like scratch nwin offers. In contest consumers compete on skills and win.
  11. 11. SAMPLES: Samples are trial of a product. It is delivered doorto door, through stores, via mail and by trialoffers. Samples are mostly in small quantity in sachetform or mini packaging of the product.
  12. 12. EVENT SPONSORSHIP: Events like TV shows, matches and sitcoms aresponsored by various products to increasedemand.
  13. 13. TRADE PROMOTIONS: It is used to persuade and increase demand ofproducts in retail stores. It is to attract customers attention on the productsand helping retailers get customers in the shop. Major tools are in-store displays, coupons,contests and price reductions.
  14. 14. PLC & SALES PROMOTION: The product life cycle is entirely affected bypromotional techniques.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION:“The key to affective sales is through all thepromotional techniques. Both consumer and tradepromotions are profit builder tools.”