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Welcome to IIT Guwahati. Here you will find all the essential information you need to know. Cheers. :)

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Freshers guide 2011, iit guwahati

  1. 1. IntroductionEscape from the blaring horns, smoke-spouting trucks and noisyvehicles into the lap of nature. Wake up to the joyous chirping of birdsand the silken touch of warm sunlight on your cheek only to see theglint of fresh dew on the blades of grass. Walk around in lush greenlawns and get surrounded by the swaying trees, the gushing windsand the gurgling waters. Lose yourself in the glowing sunset and fallasleep to the silent cradling of the magical moon. Sounds like the startof a holiday brochure? Well then, the next four years of your life arenot going to be one big holiday but a once in a lifetime experience. Welcome to the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,where natural majesty and architectural brilliance combine in perfectharmony to make it an enriching, enthralling and enchantingexperience. We, the student family of IIT Guwahati, congratulate youon clearing the world’s most challenging entrance exam and becominga member of the burgeoning IITG community. The youngest and mostdynamic member of the symbols of technological progress in thecountry, the group of seven IITs, IITG is a sprawling 700 acre retreatspread over the banks of the majestic Brahmaputra. Amidst hills andlakes is nested a hub of tremendous academic potential, of which youare now a part. A perfect place to learn and work, to play and relax, tolive and grow to your full potential and to herald the future today. Wewarmly welcome you with our arms outstretched, to a place whereyou can fulfill your dreams and fly without wings.
  2. 2. IndexAdministration 3 Kriti,IES 29 Message from the Director 4 Contacts 30 Message from the Dean, Academic Affairs 6 Hostel Affairs Board 32 Message from the Dean, Student Affairs 7 Hostels 33 Message from the Chairman, JEE 8 Hostel Administration 35Students’ Gymkhana Council 10 General Championship 37 Message from the vice President, Gymkhana 11 Student organizations 38 Students Welfare Board 12 Facilities 40 No Ragging 13 Security system 42 Contacts 14 Academics 43 Important Sites to Visit 15 Miscellaneous 49 Cultural Board 16 Necessities 50 Alcheringa 16 Reaching the campus 51 Manthan 18 Guwahati City 53 PAF 19 Must Visit 54 Contacts 20 Post registration 56 Sports Board 22 Appendices 57 Inter IIT Sports Meet 22 Bus Timings 58 Spardha 23 IIT Guwahati Map 59 Spirit 24 IIT Guwahati Administration 60 Contacts 25 Students Gymkhana 61 Technical Board 27 Departmental Heads 62 Techniche 27 Region Wise Contacts 63
  3. 3. Administration3
  4. 4. Message from the DirectorWelcome to IIT Guwahati! This is the most beautiful and scenicacademic campus in the country. You will realise how lucky you areto have been allotted IITG after you come to campus. Parents ofsome of you may be having apprehensions of sending their “child”to a place “so far away”. Please tell them they have nothing to worryabout. After all 13 batches of B.Techs have already graduated fromIITG, and there will about 3900 students from all over the countryon campus when you come here. The 270 or so faculty are also fromdifferent parts of the country. July may be wet and hot and sticky, butit is pleasant most of the year. You are going to join an IIT and youhave to work hard to do well here. Many students take it easy in the Directorfirst year and then their parents are horrified to find that their lovedone has failed in some courses! Do not let that happen to you. You Dr. Gautam Baruamust attend every class and work regularly. We expect the highest Dept. of Computer Science and Engg.standards of honesty, integrity and sincerity from our students. Please IIT Guwahatido not let your mind stray with thoughts of branch change, gettinginto an IIM or making millions after graduating. Thinking about thesethings will adversely affect your studies and so your grades andfailures will follow. If you do well in your studies, all your dreams willbe fulfilled. You will have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, youwill get advice on how to “succeed”, how to fatten your biodata, howto plan your summers, etc. Please do not follow such advice. The IITway is to blaze your own trails. The IIT way is to think independentlyand to have an open mind. You are just getting into college. You have4
  5. 5. no idea of what the different branches of study are about. How canyou then be sure that this or that is the best way forward? Learn,explore, and then decide what is best for you. Studies are not allyou can do at IITG. This pamphlet highlights the many facilities andopportunities that await you to make the best use of. Please keepaway from bad habits. Addiction to Net surfing is a major potentialproblem. We shut down internet access in hostels during class timesand from 2 am to 5 am. Do not get into company that is into drugsor alcohol. These can spoil your entire life. Freedom is heady. Butfreedom can hurt, especially to those who are getting out of home forthe first time. Treasure and use your freedom carefully.All the best! 5
  6. 6. Message from the Dean, Academic AffairsDear students, Congratulations for being successful in JEE 2011, andthereby becoming a part of the much acknowledged IIT system. Bydoing so, you have aroused attention of not only your friends andrelatives but also the world at large. Much future of this increasinglytechnocratic world will rest upon what you think and do in ten totwenty years from now. You are a set of rare students, expected toperform exceptionally on each and every count. You are not meant forconditioning by circumstances. You are to be the creators of favorablecircumstances – excellent ideal achievers to be emulated by all.So, when I address you, you need to know the level at which I alreadyplaced you. For intelligent and capable people like you, everything Dean of Academic Affairsshould be simple – including the IIT system. Everything is availablein the Institute’s Internet as well as Intranet sites. I do not need Dr. Sukumar Nandito educate you on those, rather I expect you to add a few more Dept. of Computer Science and Engg.enlightened provisions to the same in due course. IIT Guwahati If you think experiences do count in certain ways, I wouldsimply tell you to have great spirits and visions for a better future forus all, razor-sharp focusing of attention on whatever you decide to do,zero room for excuses, super order mental and physical disciplines,and above all uncompromising honesty in your dealings with others.I know that you are excellent people and shall always remain as such.Thanking you.6
  7. 7. Message from the Dean, Student AffairsYou are one among those from whom our country expects a lot.Your activities, your behaviour, your honesty.....all will soon becomea bench mark in the sense that many students would like to followthose. Thus, you need to realise your responsibility and we ensurethat, we would provide you with everything that a brilliant studentneeds for delivering her/his best. Someone asked me -what a brilliant student needs to excel inhis life? This indeed is a difficult question to answer. My answer was-A stress free environment that enable fresh mind to come up withinnovative ideas; an efficient guidance in a friendly manner to make Dean of Student Affairsone understand the best path that she or he should follow; a homelyenvironment that makes one feel at home while studying. I may be Dr. Arup Kumar Sarmawrong, but the answer came to my mind promptly, as all these are Dept. of Civil Engineeringthere in IIT Guwahati. IIT Guwahati 7
  8. 8. Message from the Chairman, JEEDear Students, We, on behalf of entire JEE-2011 team, are very muchpleased in welcoming you to IIT Guwahati. In addition, I would like tocongratulate you for your great success in JEE, which is a toughest butmost prestigious competitive entrance examination in the country.Now, the JEE-2011 has opened your door to the IITs, the institutions ofnational importance, ISM Dhanbad, and IT-BHU Varanasi. For the first time in the history of JEE, the 2011 edition of theJEE has displayed the scanned copies of Optical Response Sheet withthe candidates’ details and their responses. This process made the JEEtransparent and enabled to see how much the candidates have scored Chairman, JEEin every question and how both the papers have been evaluated. Dr. P. Alagarsamy IIT Guwahati, the sixth member of IIT fraternity, was Dept. of Physicsestablished in 1994, but grown itself into a vast institute of learning IIT Guwahatiwith excellent environment of teaching and internationally recognizedresearch in the last eighteen years. The institute has state-of-the-artteaching laboratories in all the engineering and science disciplinescombined with central workshop, computer centre, computerizedcentral library and central instruments facilities to provide excitingacademic and dynamic research platforms. Also, the institute has aGymkhana covering good collection of musical equipment, Indoorsports facility, flood-lit sports fields, and swimming pool, etc. We dohope that you would enjoy your studies and stay here at IIT Guwahati8
  9. 9. which will eventually lead to a rewarding career.It is most important now for you to realise that you are entering intothe pool of excellent and very competitive environment. Hence, Iurge you to maintain excellence as the keystone of your instituteexperience. Also, I would like to quote that “If A is a success in life,then A equals X plus Y plus Z, where Work is X; Y is play; and Z is yourconfidence”. Hence, you make yourself comfortable at IIT Guwahatiand produce hard work on studies and sports with good confidence.With the above information, I once again congratulate you and wishyou all the best for your bright future. 9
  10. 10. 10 Students’ Gymkhana
  11. 11. Message from the Vice President, GymkhanaDear Friends, It takes me immense pleasure in welcoming you all toIIT Guwahati on behalf of the Students’ Gymkhana. One goes througha phase of relentless effort and assiduousness to secure a rank in JEE.I heartily congratulate one and all for clearing one of the toughestexams in the continent and obtaining admission to IIT Guwahati. IIT Guwahati has made its mark by producing world-classscientists and technocrats. The excellent faculty and the state of theart infrastructure provides you a perfect platform for an exciting andinteresting experience. For those who are feeling anxious leaving yourhomes for the first time I would like assure that IIT Guwahati is no less Vice Presidentthan your homes and the campus life that you get out here is surelygoing to be once-in-a-lifetime experience. Academics must top your Students’ Gymkhana Councilpriority list but academics itself does not make you a typical IIT’ian Krishna Bordeoriwho excels in all spheres of life. The Students’ Gymkhana plays a vital Dept. of Mechanical Engg.role in your life by enabling overall development of your personality. IIT GuwahatiGymkhana provides you a wide scope ranging from technical activitiesto sports activities, from which you can choose those that interest andsuit you the most. We have planned a Freshers’ Week comprising ofvarious events to help you familiarize with the institute environmentwhich will be followed by Gymkhana orientation to get you in thegroove. So pack your bags, bid adieu to your loved ones and get setfor the roller coaster ride!! I am looking forward to meet you all in thecampus and wish you all the very best. ‘Be Vigilant’ Cheers!! 11
  12. 12. Students Welfare BoardThe Students’ Welfare Board broadly addresses the overall well beingof the students of the institute. Its scope of activities includes amongvarious welfare activities such as faculty-student interactions, senior-junior interactions, organizing yoga and meditation camps, servingthe society through NSS, group discussions, coffee house sessions,counselling services to students and a lot of other activities which areaimed at keeping the mind, body and soul of the IITians sound. Well, what we have for you? Here at IITG, the Students’Welfare Board is committed to ensure that you have no issuesadapting to the new home you are about to live in. We welcome youall with Freshers’ Week where we will have events aiming at helpingyou in adapting to your new home. Another major question which you all might be havingis about Ragging, well friends, we assure you all that there is nosuch thing in the campus and you are about to enter a friendlyenvironment and home away from home. Do contact us at any timeregarding any problem that you might be facing during your stay in thecampus.12
  13. 13. No RaggingDoes the mention of the word ragging give you goose-bumps andmake you break into a sweat? Well, don’t worry. Ragging, in IITGuwahati, is strictly forbidden. As your seniors writing this guide, weassure you that ragging is something that we’ve never experienced,and the student community of IIT Guwahati is unanimous in takinga stance against ragging. You may be feeling a little bit overwhelmedat the prospect of living in a hostel without your parents, but, restassured, you, just like we did, will meet cheerful and helpful seniors atyour hostel’s help desk the day you and your parents arrive.They’llgive a few words of advice to you and your parents, the mostimportant of which will be that ragging is, and has always been, acomplete no-no in the institute. We once again emphasize the factthat the institute does not take ragging of any form lightly. Denigratorshave been very strongly reprimanded in the past and will be in thefuture as well. In case, you face any problem despite these stringentmeasures, you are welcome to approach the student Vice President,General Secretary – Welfare, your faculty advisor or your wardenat any time for advice or assistance. In particular, the Student’sGymkhana is here to not just encourage you to broaden your scopeof knowledge, but to help you if you meet with any problems duringyour stay. 13
  14. 14. Contacts General secretary Shailendra Jain / 9508404679 Welfare Secretary, Barak Puneet Kanojia / 7896172169 Welfare Secretary, Dibang Upendra Singh / 9508995950 Welfare Secretary, Dihing Ashish KawdiaChairman, Welfare Board / 8876919041Dr. D. C. DalalDept. of Mathematics Welfare Secretary, KamengIIT Guwahti Prateek Jain / 7896360528 Welfare Secretary, Kapili Ajinkya R. Malasane / 967873798514
  15. 15. Welfare Secretary, Siang Important Sites to Visit Soumen Mukherjee / 8876919012 1. ordinances_btech.phpWelfare Secretary, Subansiri This site contains B.Tech/B.Des Ordinances and Dhrishni Chakraborty Regulations (Applicable for 2010 Batch Onwards). / 8876918964 2. Secretary, Umiam This is intranet site of IITG. It contains all Abhishek Kumar necessary and important information regarding any section / 9957953121 vide with full fledged rules and policies. 3. This contains information related to all kind of academic issues. 4. This is link of students affairs where you can find details of students related issues. 5. This is IITG newsgroup where all kinds of news you can through. This is accessed by all IITG fraternity. 15
  16. 16. Cultural BoardAlways thought that IIT will be all about studies and grades? Well,think again. Here you will find everything ranging from dance, music,and drama, to movies, debates and quizzes. You have worked hardenough to get into IIT. Now its time to ease out a bit get yourselfinvolved with several activities to develop your personality andhone your skills. IITG has its own Cultural Board which organizesand promotes all extracurricular cultural activities. It has currentlynine clubs, namely; Anchoring, Choreography, Fine Arts, Literary,Performing Arts, Photography, Music and the Movie Club, meetinga wide range of interests of the students of the institute. IITG alsohas its own radio station where we are the RJs, and hopefully, inthe future, so shall you. We even have regular cultural nights wherestudents from all hostels gather together and enjoy the evening withlive dances and performances from some of the institute’s manybands.AlcheringaIn North-East India, IIT Guwahati organizes a cultural festival whichgoes by the name ‘Alcheringa’ (also referred to as ‘Alcher’) and itby far exceeds a majority of college festivals in terms of variety ofcompetitions, star-acts on Pronites, budget and everything else. So tosay, it undoubtedly dwarfs all other college festivals and stands out in16
  17. 17. its own league. It’s now been 15 years since Alcheringa was conceived,and it has grown from being a modest festival to a full scale culturalbash attracting participation from over 150 colleges and boastingof a footfall in excess of 30,000. In the recent years Alcheringa hasfeatured some exhilarating performances from some of the biggestnames in the entertainment industry, namely Sonu Niigaam, Shaan,Strings, KK, Euphoria, RDB, Motherjane and the likes. Though therecently concluded edition of Alcheringa ’10, aptly called, ‘AlcheringaXtreme’ & Alcheringa ’11 ,‘Lights, Camera, Action’, set new standardsfor any college level fest. The biggest attraction of Alcher Xtremewas the swiss folk-metal band ‘Eluveitie’. This was very first time thatEluveitie performed in India. Another mega pronite that was a part ofAlcher was the ‘Crescendo’, the night that the multiple award winningtrio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, KK performed live in front of a capacitycrowd in excess of 15k. And the list just goes on...the only Indianstand-up comedian on the international scene, Vir Das, performedhere with his comic rock-band Alien Chutney, Italian Musician GiulianoModarelli ,Advaita ,gave a sizzling performance in Saaz, the classicalnight. MTV stunt mania came to the campus and performed someinsane bike stunts in front of an awestricken audience. Xtreme sportssuch as Paintball, which people usually refer to as the live versionof counter strike, was ongoing along with wall climbing, Zorbing,etc.. Besides all these proshows, the various competitions witnessedcapacity participation. Rock-o-phonix, the rock band competition, 17
  18. 18. was an exhibition of exceptional class and energy and was very wellreceived by the crowds, and it was undoubtedly one of the best rock-band exhibitions ever seen.The bottom-line is, there are so many colleges and so many collegefestivals, and then there is something out of their league, somethingin a league of its own, there is Alcheringa.“Alcheringa 2012: Urban Odyssey.”Wait as you are taken to the urban meanders in this dreamy journeyof all the rebellion and all the compliance of the hip-hop grooves,the graffiti tags, the busy lives and the leisure past-times. Alcheringa2012 promises to work you through some sky scraping excitement andabsolute street fun!Come to this land, and witness our culture. Come to Alcheringa andwitness Fun. Come, to IIT Guwahati and witness Life!ManthanYour extra-curricular abilities will come to the fore during IITGuwahati’s signature inter-hostel cultural competition, as eightbastions of pride prepare to battle it out for the Manthan trophy.Manthan brings out of you abilities you may never have realized youhave as you and your mates show everyone else why your hosteltrounces all others.Held during the month of October, Manthan also18
  19. 19. gives you an excellent chance to bond with the seniors from yourhostel, and find new friends in your batch. Winning something of thisscale is not something a small group of people can ever accomplish,and entire army of dancers, writers, singers, instrumentalists, painters,and prop-makers will be required to oust the competition. Night-outs,team work, time management and delivering a winning performance,that’s just the kind of stuff the spirit of Manthan embodies.PAFThe Performing Arts Festival is yet another platform to showcase yourskills and help your hostel prove its mettle. It includes competitionslike dance, drama and music challenges. PAF is proof enough of thefact that hostel spirit will make you want to toil day and night, just forthat one moment of glory. You’ll see wind chimes, sugar jars and tincans adding to the beat, along with the usual guitars, violins,synthesizers and drums. Your feet will tap to the funky dancenumbers, you’ll tootle, you’ll scream, and you may very well see yourhostel win! 19
  20. 20. Contacts General secretary Dwij Fouzdar / 8011136554 Secretary, Publication Subcommittee Minakhi Prasad Misra / 9678554562 Secretary, Movie Club TSK Chaitanya / 7799678494 Secretary, Performing Arts Club Huzefa KanchwalaChairman, Cultural Board / 9588662155Dr. S. K. DashDept. of Civil Engineering Secretary, Photography ClubIIT Guwahti Vivek Sahi / 9761747676 Secretary, Choreography Club Umesh Tekwani / 967855475820
  21. 21. Secretary, Music Club Gargi Brahma / 9678979974Secretary, Fine Arts Club Neeraj Malpani / 8822379188Secretary, Radio G Aman Kesarwani / 7896172432Secretary, Literary Club Divyalok Singh / 9957939321 21
  22. 22. Sports BoardYou are here for an overall development of your personality, so tokeep you healthy and fit, we have all the facilities for sports, bothindoor and outdoor. All outdoor sports like athletics, swimming,cricket, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, etc. and indoor sportslike table tennis, weight lifting, chess, carrom, squash, etc. are activelyplayed by all throughout the year. We have a Sports Board to organize and promote all extracurricular activities in the field of sports. It has currently eleven clubsnamely, Cricket Club, Football Club, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club,Tennis Club, Indoor Games Club, Athletics and Gymnastics Club,Trekking and Mountaineering Club, Table Tennis Club, Aquatics Club,Badminton Club.Inter IIT Sports MeetInter IIT Sports Meet is a contest that explores healthy avenues torelease the youth’s capacities, develop their physical abilities, buildself-confidence, willpower and goal setting competencies and instill inthe young minds a vision that will enable them to achieve their goals.Held every winter at one of the IITs, the Meet affords the opportunityto the sportspersons from the IITs to showcase their talents.22
  23. 23. An Inter-IIT aquatic meet is held separately as a part of themain meet each year preceeding the main Inter-IIT Sports meet. Theteam excelling in both the meets is further awarded the GeneralChampionship. The probables for the meet are selected in Septemberand are then subjected to regular coaching almost every evening inthe odd semester by excellent coaches. A sports camp is organized at the end of the semester twoweeks before Inter-IIT. It’s not easy to get into the Inter-IIT contingent.But dedication, hard work and passion can make everything possible.So if you want to represent your Institute at the highest level thendare and soar!SpardhaSpardha, the inter hostel sports competition, provides platform forall sportsmen, experienced and amateurs, in the campus. With thepride of your hostel at stake, this time in the sporting arena, Spardhawill let you push the boundaries of what you can do for your hostel.It stretches throughout the even semester, and sees by far the largestparticipation from the students at IIT Guwahati. From aquatics tosoccer, you can follow any sport that you love. 23
  24. 24. The SAC grounds are open till 9 P.M. at night and you canissue sports equipment from the security guard at the SAC desk bybringing your I-Card. The use of the swimming pool requires you toregister permanently and get a separate pool card. Don’t worry if youare a big zero in sports and never knew where to begin. There is afull-time dedicated team of professional coaches for various sportingactivities. Physical fitness and metal alertness is a mantra for successin life. So, each one of you do make it a point to take some time outfrom your busy schedules for sports and extra-curricular activities.SpiritSpirit is the annual sporting festival of IIT Guwahati. Held in the lastweek of October, it witnesses participation from across the North East.Some of the sporting talent on show is truly spectacular, with teamsfrom our college pitted against professional sportsmen of real caliber.Spirit also serves the purpose of providing our probables for the InterIIT an opportunity to iron out the flaws in their game, and gain somevaluable match practice. Spirit is a spectacle not to be missed if youare a sports enthusiast.24
  25. 25. Contacts General secretary Nanibabu Golla / 9678883556 Secretary, Aquatic Club Shantanu Mundhada / 9678554703 Secretary, Athletics Club Neeraj mishre / 9706636980 Secretary, Badminton Club Anvay meshranChairman, Sports Board / 9588662155Dr. P. K. IyerDept. of Chemistry Secretary, Basketball ClubIIT Guwahti Pruthvi / 8114003502 Secretary, Cricket Club Amiya Tiwari / 8876906441 25
  26. 26. Secretary, Football Club Secretary, Volleyball Club Anchal choubey Parsi Rahul / 9678554577 / 7066356955Secretary, Hockey Club Vasu Goel / 9678554707Secretary, Weightlifting Club Jasveer singh / 9508419005Secretary, Tennis Club Vivek Gupta / 9706637046Secretary, Table tennis Club Kashish Babbar / 9508958672Secretary, Trekking Club Rajesh Ungtratwar / 970622350426
  27. 27. Technical BoardSo far all we’ve been talking about academics, culture, and sports.Butwhere does ‘technology’ in the Indian Institute of Technology comein? It comes in right here, under the banner of the Technical Board,consisting of the Astronomy, Entrepreneurial Development,Environmental, Robotics and Science and Quiz Clubs to introduce youto the enthralling, educational and exciting world of science andtechnology. The technical board has its own flagship events, Technicheand Kriti, the former, one of India’s biggest techno-management fests,and the latter an extension of the much touted hostel spirit to thetechnical sphere.TechnicheWith an aim of tapping the unlimited, unmatched and untamedpotential of the youth today, IIT Guwahati strives to bring in arevolution, to usher in a progressive change, to redefine technologythrough innovation and ideas. It brings you, the phenomena calledTECHNICHE’11 (1st Sept to 4th Sept), our annual techno-managementfestival. Immerse yourself in the sheer brilliance, the lecturers atTechniche exude, while you experience the best *LECTURE SERIES*the country has to offer. Enjoy the opportunity to interact and share 27
  28. 28. ideas with eminent personalities- leading CEO’s, entrepreneurs andbusiness thinkers, who have achieved the zenith of success, throughour first ever* INDUSTRIAL CONCLAVE*. Providing India’s buddingengineers, entrepreneurs, innovators and technocrats a platform toshowcase their talent and skills to the zenith of their knowledge,Techniche pits you against the fiercest of competitors, displays themarvels of modern technology, from intelligent* ROBOTS *inincredible battle fields to high soaring gliders, from the fantabulous*EXHIBITIONS* to *HACKING*, from innovations to carefully designedB-Plans and other extraordinarily challenging events in our*MANAGEMENT MODULE*, from amazing *WORKSHOPS* to onlinequizzing and competitions, at the same time being socially responsiblewith its initiatives towards education amongst the underprivilegedthrough its module *WE CARE*. Get your adrenaline pumping andfeel the thrills of creativity as some of the best battle it out in the*JUNKYARD WARZ*, experience the enthusiasm of the *GUWAHATIHALF MARATHON,* have a great time at *FUNNICHE *and let the*NITES* mesmerize you. All that and our International SchoolChampionship, *TECHNOTHLON* achieving epic proportions,Techniche’11 is the place to be. Come, celebrate with us the glories of growth and ignitein yourself a passion for innovation. Come be a part of a globalphenomenon!28
  29. 29. Kriti10 hostels, 3 days, 1 title: come KRITI, the inter hostel technical andmanagement festival , and it’s time for competition in the spherewhere it matters the most to any IITian, as future technocrats battle itout in arenas where knowledge, creativity and presence of mind areyour best chance. Kriti comprises of robotics, product design, financeand management, marketing strategy, quizzes, astronomy, problemsolving or even gaming, we have something in store to satisfy everyIITian’s thirst for victory. The sum total of performances in each of theevents may help get you the coveted title of Kriti champions.IESOur Entrepreneurship Development Cell(EDC) has come a long waysince its inception. The cell organized IES, The IITG EntrepreneurshipSummit, in collaboration with TIE. CEOs of a large number of youngyet successful startups made their way to the campus in early March,sharing their success story and imparting useful tips to the burgeoningcommunity of future entrepreneurs in the campus, and the largenumber of students from outside, IES 2011 left us asking for more.And the best part is that you can be the one who helps ensure thatnext year’s edition far surpasses this year’s both in size and quality! 29
  30. 30. Contacts General secretary Siddharth Pipriya / 8011561149 Secretary, Robotics Neeraj Kumawat / 9678554798 Secretary, Astronomy Lalit Mohan Pradhan / 7896360477 Secretary, Science and Quiz Tushar KrishnanChairman, Technical Board / 9085715578Dr. H. B. NamadeDept. of Electronics and Electrical Engg. Secretary, Entrepreneurial Development CellIIT Guwahati Ujwal Kalra / 9678554611 Secretary, Environmental Rahul S. Deshpande / 967855483230
  31. 31. Secretary, Aeromodelling Amal Sahai / 9957888235Secretary, Coding Club Niketh S / 9957888138 31
  32. 32. Hostel Affairs BoardThe Hostels Affairs board acts as the central coordinating authority forall hostels. its main function is to coordinate and execute all activitiesrelated to hostels through the hostel management committees ofrespective hostels.Presently our campus has 7 hostels namely; barak,dihing, kapili , kameng, manas, subansiri and more hostel isin the process of construction. All are self sufficient units having regular amenities viz. asingle occupancy based comfortable room ,attached balcony(in olderones), a common T.V. Hall, an Indoor Sports Room , a Meeting Room,24 Hr canteen Service, Juice center, central Grounds, etc. The state-of-affairs in the hostel are superintended by thewarden, with assistance of the Associate warden and the Care-taker.The student body, the Hostel Management committee (HMC),comprising of elected students is responsible for organizing activitiesand interactive sessions round the semester. It also looks after themajor issues and problems concerning the hostel. Once you are in thehostels they will brief you about their plans and you are alwayswelcome to approach them in case of any problem. You need not havedoubts with regards to the food and hygiene, as the HMC superblymanages these issues.32
  33. 33. HostelsAfraid to leave home sweet home? Confused about hostel life? IITGpromises you a new home, in the campus, which is spread over 700acres on the banks of the river Brahmaputra, with fascinating, scenicviews. We have nine full fledged hostels, including one girls’ hosteland one new boys’ hostel which is coming up. The hostels are namedafter the tributiaries of the river Bramhaputra; Kapili, Dihing, Manas,Kameng, Umiam, Siang and Barak are the boys‘ hostels, whileSubhansiri is the girls’ hostel. You are bound to enjoy the enchantingsunrise, if you rise early, and of course a beautiful view of the sunsetfrom your room. Each room is fully furnished. Each hostel has a multipurpose common room, a TV roomwhere the environment gets really hot during Indo-Pak matches andthe English Premier League, a T.T. room, carom and a gym (in somecases), a volley ball court or a badminton court, depending on thehostel you find yourself in, along with a multi-purpose playground. Inaddition, there is also the Reading room where you will find the latestmagazines and a plethora of newspapers. Each room in every hostel isconnected to the institute LAN (Local Area Network). Internet facilityis provided in individual rooms. Each hostel has its own library from where you can borrow 33
  34. 34. books and other reading materials. Every hostel has a PCO and a PAsystem. Have zero worries about your daily diet. IITG boasts of one ofthe best mess facilities among the Indian Institutes, where completecare of hygiene and cleanliness is taken. One has a choice of varietyof dishes ranging from South Indian to North Indian, Eastern andChinese. You surely won’t miss food of your liking as the menu ismanaged by students committee. The mess charges are nominal andinclude breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Each hostel also has acanteen, which usually operates till three o’ clock in the morning. There is also a juice bar in each hostel, which provides fruitchaats, milkshakes and of course, juices all made from fresh fruits.Each hostel has a team of a warden, an assistant warden (both facultymembers) and a caretaker. They, with the help of the office staff,handle all the administrative work concerning the hostel. The HostelCouncil consists of the Warden and a number of Secretaries, who areelected student representatives. Finally, you will realize that a hostel ismuch more than that. It’s your own place and you rule it. No tensionof professors and classes. A cool and tension free environment that isan essential ingredient in an IITian’s life.34
  35. 35. Hostel Administration Barak Warden: Dr. M.K.Dutta, Dept of HSS Assoc. Warden: Dr. K.Kalita, Dept of Mech. Engg Dibang Warden: Dr. H.B.Kaushik, Dept of Civil Engg Assoc. Warden: Dr. S.Mallick, Dept of HSS Dihing Warden: Dr. P.Muthukumar, Dept of Mech. Engg Assoc. warden: Dr. B.Bose, Dept of Biotechnology Kameng Warden: Dr. K.D.Singh, Dept of Civil EnggChairman, Hostel Affairs Board Assoc. warden: Dr. A.M.Limaye, Dept of BiotechnologyDr. S. GhoshDept. of Physics KapiliIIT Guwahati Warden: Dr. B.Pradhan, Dept of Civil Engg Assoc. Warden: Dr. M.Sarma, Dept of chemistry Manas Warden: Dr. B. Mondal, Dept of Chemistry Assoc. warden: Dr. P.Poulose, Dept of Physics 35
  36. 36. New Hostel (officially unnamed) Warden: Dr. S.Ghosh, Dept of Physics Dr. G.Das, Dept of Chemistry Assoc. Warden: Dr. S. Kanagaraj, Dept of Mech. EnggSiang Warden: Dr. A. Verma, Dept of Chemical Engg Associate warden: Dr. C.Mallikarjuna, Dept of Civil EnggSubansiri Warden: Ms. S.Iqbal, Dept of design Assoc. Warden: Dr. B.G.Jaganathan, Dept of BiotechnologyUmiam Warden: Dr. K.V.Krishna, Dept of Mathematics Assoc. Warden: Dr. B.R.Boruah, Dept of Physics36
  37. 37. General ChampionshipManthan, Kriti, PAF, Alfaaz, and Spardha are events pertaining to veryspecific sphere of interests, but the General Championship ties themtogether into one big package, a trophy for the hostel which does thebest in an entire gamut of competitions, all throughout the year. Thepoints your hostel collects in each of the individual championshipscontribute towards winning the coveted General Championship. Also,smaller events, like a music challenge and an extempore competition,are held all throughout the year to keep the competitive spirit alive.So, to all of you who’ll be coming in this year, the battle for excellenceis always on. It will not take you much time before the much talkedof ‘hostel spirit’ will be imbibed in you. In no time at all you’ll startcheering for your hostel and jeering at all the others, making sure it’syour turf that glimmering trophy lands on. 37
  38. 38. Student OrganisationsThe Students’ Gymkhana is a powerful and apolitical students’association headed by the Vice President (elected amongst thestudents). In all matters concerning students of IITG, right from thewelcoming of new students, till the end of your final year, you willalways find the Gymkhana associated with your campus life. Whetherit’s the organization of students’ festivals or placements, thegymkhana actively performs its duties very professionally, throughout.Gradually, you will find that the gymkhana has become a part andparcel of your life. The basic structure of students’ gymkhana consists of fivegeneral secretaries, one for each portfolio: cultural council, sportscouncil, hostel affairs, technical council and students’ welfare headedby the Vice President. In the hierarchy general secretaries are followedby individual secretaries of the clubs and committees. Most of thestudent activities are organized by cultural and sports council of thestudents’ gymkhana. Clubs like Photography,Fine Arts, Environmental,Performing Arts organize various activities round the calendar.Numerous adventure trips such as rafting and mountaineering, whichis well supported by the terrain here, will give you an unforgettableexperience. Apart from this, workshops and expert sessions are alsoa part of the activities of these clubs to provide an expertise in the38
  39. 39. various fields. Organizing different kinds of sports competitions,practice sessions and professional coaching in games like cricket,football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis and many more, isa part of sports council of students’ gymkhana. Student community organises cult-nites with bandperformances by the IITG band, DJ nites during Dusherra, Diwali, Holiand all other festivals. The above mentioned clubs and cultural groupsorganize get-togethers quite frequently where you can meet manystaff members and students to have informal chats. There are variousdepartmental associations working for the same mission and with thesame vision. All such associations, with cooperation from facultymembers and the departments are heading towards a common goalof providing their departmental students with more and moreopportunity to grow in terms of knowledge and all other aspects.CSEA of Computer Science and Engineering, Cepstrum of Electronicsand Communication Engineering, MESA of Mechanical Engineering,Genesis of Biotechnology, ACME of Chemical Engineering and ACE ofCivil Engineering are such organizations which regularly organize guestlectures, workshops, seminars, competitions, etc. on diverse topicsrelated to their department. Look forward to kindle even your mostvague interests on campus, for there’s abundant scope to developanything you name in this place. 39
  40. 40. FacilitiesThe campus is meticulously planned with various facilities to makeyour life convenient. The Computer Centre of IIT Guwahati is the epicenter of allcomputing facilities for students, faculty members and staff. Thecentre has all flavors of Unix, Linux and Windows. The servers in thecentre are from HP, Sun, Silicon Graphics, IBM and Intel. The studentscan connect to the servers either from the PCs available in the Centre/Departments or from their hostel rooms. The Computer Centre hasmore than 250 PCs with LCD monitors. The Central Library, one of the important central facilities ofthe institute, currently has about one lakh volumes, including textbooks, reference books, conference proceedings, back volumes, tapes,video tapes and slides and subscribes to many current periodicals.All the operations of the Library are automated with the help ofan integrated library software package. A database for the entirecollection created is available to the users via the campus network.The Central Library, being a member of INDEST Consortium, under theaegis of the MHRD, provides online access to some important science& engineering abstracting database services. Since the institute is alsoa member of the IEEE, all the articles, journals and other engineeringrelated information you can ever need of can be accessed at thewebsite:, which provides more than 140
  41. 41. million documents online. Medical facilities are provided to the staff and students of theInstitute by the institute dispensary. The Institute currently has threemedical officers (M.D). Patients are also referred to the GuwahatiMedical College Hospital (GMCH) wher modern facilities for treatmentare available. Apart from GMCH, the institute has also approvedseveral private nursing homes including the Guwahati NeurologicalResearch Centre. There are branches of SBI and Canara Bank in the campuswith ATM facilities. The campus houses a full-fledged shoppingcomplex to fulfill all your daily needs. The Shopping centre has shopslike a saloon, confectionary items, stationary, laundry, multi cuisinerestaurant, computer and accessories, Amul products etc. Many PCO’s and Xerox centres are available. The campus alsohas a Post Office.Planned in the institute zone are some eating jointswhich will soon become your favorite haunts when you wish to take abreak from studies. A beautiful Guest house warmly welcomes your parentsand guardians for a memorable stay at IITG. Guest house tariffs arereasonable. Bookings can be made by either email or placing your 41
  42. 42. request in person. Though the campus is about 24 kms from city itis well connected to city by an efficent bus service. Buses run everyhour. But there is an alternative way and of course a faster and moreadventurous one, a ferry ride across Bramaputra. If you are lucky youmight see the rare River Dolphins on your way!!! The institute has undergone rapid changes on all fronts. Newbuildings have come up in many parts of the campus. We have a worldclass Auditorium, featuring a state of the art surround sound systemand four lecture theatres, apart from a Community Hall for CulturalEvents and performances.Security SystemThe institute has well equipped 24*7 security system with securitysystem at each hostel, entry gates and all-important blocks. There arearound 200-security personal guarding the whole campus. There is aseparate night patrolling group, which patrols around the campus andguarding the whole campus. Apart from the institute security groupthere is an Army base camp(D/67 Battalion C.R.P.F.) inside the campusadding the security vigil in and around the campus. The campus is allsafe for trespassing any hour of night through out the campus.42
  43. 43. Academics43
  44. 44. AcademicsPiles of books....long assignment sheets... bundles of question papers!These are some of the familiar images commonly associated with theword “Academics”. But before you decide to turn over this page, let usassure you that there is a lot more to it than that. Contrary to the popular belief, studies at IIT do not merelymean mugging up of lecture notes a writing them in exam notesbut involve application of mind, understanding of concepts andgenerating new ideas. All those traits that saw you sailing throughJEE will stand by you here as well. Regular classes, tutorials andlabs with assignments from time to time will help you to the up todate with your work at all times. Professors are highly qualified andalways willing to answer your queries. Besides, you will also enjoy theprivileges of interaction with visiting faculties from different parts ofthe World, who are leading professionals in their respective fields.IITG hosts a beautiful constructed Academic complex that provides aperfect ambience for learning. The labs are furnished with the mostmodern equipments. Residing in the campus gives you the addedbenefit to access to the labs, library and a plethora of other facilitiesoutside the stipulated hours. Lecture halls and galleries are equippedwith LCD and overhead projectors. And of course, a central librarywith a wide range of books, latest periodicals and journals caters tothe needs and interest of the students. Besides, the computer centrewith internet facilities remains open from 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. is44
  45. 45. a favourite destination for many. Moreover, learning goes beyondthe confines of classrooms and labs. Living along with people havingsimilar interests will give you a chance to learn from one anotherthrough discussions, interactions and group projects. IIT Guwahati offers B.Tech in 10 disciplines, M.Tech in 6disciplines, B.Des, M.A in Humanities & Social sciences, M. Sc in 3disciplines apart from research opportunities in the form of a numberof PhD programmes. Down the years, graduates from the IIT Guwahatihave left a distinct mark wherever there have been activities.Academics would play a very crucial role in moulding you into theindividual that you become by the time you’re ready to leave. Don’tneglect it!GradingThe grading is on a 10-point scale. All courses are given certain credits.The number of credits is twice the number of hours of class you willattend for that course per week. At the end of the semester you willreceive the grades in the respective courses based on yourperformance. Each grade has certain points like 10,9,8,7,6,5,4 for AA,AB, BB, BC, CC, CD, DD respectively. The credits are multipliedby the points and the sum divided by the total number of credits you 45
  46. 46. have registered for and you get your SPI, obtained in subsequentsemesters would amount to cumulative SPI (CPI). If this sounds jargon,just wait till your first grade card arrives and after that there will be nofurther secrets.Branch ChangeThere is a provision for branch change. This is done after first year anddepends on CPI after two semesters. Excerpts from the B Tech/B Desrules and regulations (Clauses 6.1 – 6.9) change of branch are notedbelow. 1. Only those students will be considered eligible forchange of branch/programme after the second semester, who havecompleted all the common credits required in the first two semestersof their studies in their first attempt, without having had to pass anycourse requirement in the summer term examination. 2. Students may enlist their choices of branch/programme,in order of preference, to which they wish to change over. It will notbe permissible to alter the choices after the application has beensubmitted.46
  47. 47. 3. Change of branch/programme shall be made strictly inorder of merit of the applicants. For this purpose the CPI obtained atthe end of the second semester shall be considered. In case of a tie,the JEE rank of the applicants will be considered. 4. The applicants may be allowed a change in branch/programme, strictly in order of inter se merit, subject to the limitationthat the strength of a branch should not fall below the existingstrength by more than ten percent and should not go above thesanctioned strength by more than ten percent. 5. All changes of branch/programme made in accordancewith the above rules will be effective from the third semester of theapplicants concerned. No change of branch/programme shall bepermitted after this.Minor Programme 1. Students may opt for a Minor in a discipline other thanthe discipline he/she is registered in. Students completing a minor willhave the minor mentioned in the degree certificate and in the finalgrade card. 47
  48. 48. 2. The credit requirements for a minor discipline will be inthe range of 30 - 36 credits. The minor courses will spread over thethird to seventh semesters of a BTech/BDes programme with onecourse per semester. 3. Only those students who have completed all the creditsrequired in the first two semesters of their studies with a CPI of 6.5 orabove, will be eligible for a minor discipline after the end of secondsemester. 4. The number of seats in each minor discipline will be as perdecision of the Senate of IIT Guwahati. However, a minor disciplinewill not be available if the number of applicants in that discipline isless than five. 5. Selection to minor disciplines shall be made strictly inorder of merit of the applicants. 6. Joining the minor disciplines carried out in accordancewith the above rules will be effective from the third semester of theapplicants concerned. No change of minor discipline shall be permit-ted after this. 7. A student with only minor courses remaining as backlogsat the beginning of a semester (other than a Summer semester) willbe deemed to have completed the B. Tech. programme and he/shewill be awarded a B.Tech./B.Des. degree without a minor.48
  49. 49. 49 Miscellaneous
  50. 50. NecessitiesPacking Your BagsGoing away from home for the first time and confused about whatexactly you might need? Well stop scratching your heads and take alook at our checklist (trust us, it really comes in handy).1. First of all, you will need essentials like a lock, a bucket, a mug, amattress (6’x 3’), a pillow, blanket, curtains, hangers, umbrella and ascientific calculator.2. A bicycle is a must since the campus is quite large.3. Don’t get worked up about how to carry all this – we have asolution for that too. All these can be bought from Guwahati city towhich IIT buses ply at regular intervals. Also, stalls will be set up insidethe campus, for buying bicycles, mattresses, pillows, etc. Finally, it’sa free world here and you can bring literally anything - music system,computer, electric guitar and anything that you can’t live without.4. Both pre-paid and post-paid connections can be easily obtainedwithin the campus, however if you wish you can use your home SimCard for initial use.50
  51. 51. Reaching The CampusGetting to GuwahatiGuwahati is well connected to India with rail and air travel. There aretrains from all over the country to reach Guwahati (visit the IndianRailways official site for completeinformation). There are direct flights from all major cities offered byIndian Airlines, Indigo, Spice, Kingfisher and Jet Airways. Connectingflights via Kolkata are also available.Reaching the CampusFrom the airportAn auto or a pre-paid taxi is the best way to reach IITG. Fares have tobe negotiated and the ongoing rate is around Rs.350/- .From the railway stationAs soon as you step down onto the Guwahati Railway station, look forour students carrying ‘IITG’ placards, or their identification cards onthe platform. In case you miss them, go to the parking area of therailway station and look for buses with “ON IITG DUTY” written on thebottom corner of their windshield. If you cannot locate any of the 51
  52. 52. above, you have other options too. You can take an auto or a taxi fromthe station itself. The fare may be around Rs.350/- for an auto andRs.450 to Rs.500 for a taxi. Ask to be dropped off at the hostel gate.Another option is to catch a rickshaw to the pavement outsidePresident Hotel/Pan Bazaar Institute of Engineers, Pan Bazaar.Opposite to the President Hotel are IIT buses parked that depart forthe campus every hour. Parents are advised to book their returntickets in advance at least 2-3 days after registration.Upon reaching the CampusAll the students will have hostels allotted to them by the time theyreach the campus. Your first job will be to find out which hostel youhave been allotted. This enquiry can be done at the railway station/airport from the students of IITG. For the parents, accommodationcan be booked in the institute guest house by mailing an applicationto specifying the duration of stay, number ofpeople visiting and the reason for visit. Since the number of rooms inthe Guest House is limited (they have a first-come first-serve policy)you will be at an advantage if you book your rooms as soon aspossible. There are hotels available in the city too, if accommodationis not available at the Institute guest house.52
  53. 53. Guwahati CityKnown as the gateway to the North-East, Guwahati is a charming,bustling city – the largest and fastest growing in this region. It is ascintillating blend of tradition and culture; of modernity and antiquity.The Brahmaputra along with the mountains give a mesmerizing andscenic look to the entire city. Summer (April to June) temperaturesvary between 25 and 35 degrees. Winters (November to February)are chilly, especially at night. Guwahati lies in the monsoon beltand receives a good dose of rainfall most of the year, particularly inAugust. Humidity is high throughout the year. Best time to visit isNovember to May, when it is pleasant without being too humid. IIT Guwahati is situated across the tranquil waters of theBrahmaputra from the city. Like any other city, Guwahati has its ownshare of fancy restaurants, shopping malls and other happening placesto hang out – when you find time to get away from your crushingschedule. IIT Guwahati students are held in very high regard and getpretty decent discounts from the local retailers and restaurants. Thefact that almost 90% of Guwahati speaks Hindi should dispel the fearsof facing a language problem. For getting around in the city, cabs orauto rickshaws are easily available, which can be hired at every marketcorner. The best idea would be to hire a car in advance to avoidgetting duped. Taxis are available for transport within the city but arewithout meters and fares have to be negotiated beforehand. There isalso an extensive network of city bus services and cycle rickshaws. 53
  54. 54. Must VisitSituated on the bank of the mighty river Brahmaputra, Guwahati saidto be the legendary Pragjyotishpur or City of Eastern Light – is thegateway to North East India. The name is a combination of two words:‘Guwa’ meaning areca nut and ‘haat’ meaning market. Guwahati isthe commercial nerve center of the North-East.AttractionsKamakhya TempleJanardhan TempleNavagrah TempleUmananda TempleAssam Zoo and Botanical GardenAnthropological MuseumAssam Forest MuseumCottage Industries MuseumAssam State MuseumDepartment of Historical and Antiquarium ResearchExcursionsKaziranga 250 km; Haflong (hill station) 355 km; Jatinga (Famous for54
  55. 55. bird mystery near Haflong) 364 km; Hajo 32 km; Basistha Ashram26 km; Sualkuchi 32 km; Chandubi Lake 64 km; Orang 150 km;Bhairavkunda 137 km; Batadrawa 134 km; Barpeta 137 km; Tezpur181 km; Bhalukpong 250 km; Dibrugarh; Digboi; Jorhat; Majuli;Tawang.Tourist Information Centers 1. Government of India Tourist Office, B.K. Kakati Road, Ulubari, Guwahati 2. Directorate of Tourism, Government of Assam, Station Road, Guwahati 3. Assam Government Tourist Office, 8, Russel Street, Kolkata 55
  56. 56. Post RegistrationThe first thing you need to ensure is that you apply for your temporaryidentity cards from the Student Affairs Section. Without a temporaryI-card, you cannot issue books from the institute Library. The numberof copies of books for the first year in the Library is less compared tonumber of students. If you fail to get the books from the Library, youneed to request your seniors for books. Secondly, you will need a bona fide certificate from theStudent Affairs’ Section if you wish to open a bank account or to applyfor a mobile connection. Please note that Canara Bank and SBI are theonly two Banks that have branches in IIT Guwahati. Thirdly, you will possess an email account on the IIT Guwahatiwebmail server. Ensure that you obtain password for the given emailaccount from the Computer centre. Most of the updates regardingyou studies, courses and gymkhana activities are sent throughwebmail. There is an IIT Guwahati newsgroup to which is alsoaccessible through your IIT Guwahati login. Also there would be a wellestablished Fresher’s forum which in you will find all necessary detailsand FAQ’s. Fresher’s forum will serve as an online guide to yourfrequent queries. Once all these gets over your first week will be spentattending a barrage of orientation and counselling sessions, along withclasses. If you do the needful, you will be well on your way to becomea model IITian.56
  57. 57. Appendices57
  58. 58. Bus TimingsFrom Guwahati City to IITG From IITG to Guwahati CityBus Time Starting Point To Bus Time Starting Point To6.45 am PB IITG 8.00 am IITG PB7.45 am Beltola IITG 9.00 am IITG PB8.15 am PB IITG 10.00 am IITG PB9:00 am PB IITG 11:00 am IITG PB10.00am PB IITG 12.00 noon IITG PB12.00 Noon PB IITG 1.00 pm IITG PB1.00 pm PB IITG 2.00 pm IITG PB2.00 pm PB IITG 3.00 pm IITG PB2:30 pm PB IITG 5.00 pm IITG PB3.00 pm PB IITG 5:15 pm IITG PB4.00 pm PB IITG 5.40 pm IITG PB5.15 pm PB IITG 5.40 pm IITG Beltola6.45 pm PB IITG 6.45 pm IITG PB7.30 pm PB IITG 8.00 pm IITG PB8:00 pm PB IITG 8.40 pm IITG PB8.30 pm PB IITG 9:00 pm IITG PB8.45 pm PB IITG 9.15 pm IITG PB8:55 pm PB IITG 9.30 pm IITG PB 9:35 pm IITG PB*PB - Pan Bazar58
  59. 59. IIT Guwahati Map 59
  60. 60. IIT Guwahati AdministrationDirector Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Gautam Barua Dr. Sukumar Nandi Email: Email: Phone: +91 361 2582005 (O), (DID) Phone: +91 361 2582081 (DID) +91 361 2690401 (Direct) Dean of Research & DevelopmentDean of Faculty Affairs Dr. P. S. Robi Dr. P.K. Bora Email: Email: Phone: +91 361 2582082 (DID) Phone: +91 361 2582084 (DID) +91 361 2690769 (Direct)Dean of Administration Dean of Institute Works Dr. Samarendra Dandapat Dr. Anjan Dutta Email: Email: Phone: +91 361 2582011 (DID) Phone: +91 361 2582405 (DID)Dean of Students Affairs Registrar Dr. Arup Kumar Sarma Dr. Brajendra Nath Raychoudhury Email: Email: Phone: +91 361 2582083 (DID) Phone: +91 361 2582016 (DID) +91 361 2582505 +91 361 2690761 (Direct)60
  61. 61. Students’ GymkhanaVice President Krishna Bordeori / 9864228270General Secretary, Welfare Board Shailendra Jain / 9508404679General Secretary, Technical Board Sidharth Pipriya / 8011561149General Secretary, Hostel Affairs Board Anubhav Jeph / 9706220594General Secretary, Sports Board Golla Nani Babu / 9678883556General Secretary, Cultural Board Dwij Fouzdar / 8011136554 61
  62. 62. Department headsDept. Of Biotechnology Dept. of Electronics and Electrical Engg. Prof. Arun Goyal Prof. Somanath Majhi Email: Email: smajhi iitg.ernet.inDept. of Chemical Engg. Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Prabirkumar Saha Prof. Archana Barua E-mail: Email: archana@iitg.ernet.inDept. of Chemistry Dept. of Mathematics Prof. Arun Chattopadhyay Prof. Rajen Kumar Sinha Email: Email: rajen@iitg.ernet.inDept. of Civil Engg. Dept. of Mechanical Engg. Prof. Deb S.K. Prof. Debabrata Chakraborty E-mail: Email: hodmech@iitg.ernet.inDept. of Computer Science Dept. of Physics Dr. Purandar Bhaduri Prof. Seenipandian Ravi EMail: pbhaduri @ Email: sravi@iitg.ernet.inDept. of Design Prof. Amarendra Kr. Das Email:
  63. 63. Region Wise ContactsNeha Tadichetty 2nd year A.P.(Hyderabad) Gagandeep Singh 3rd year Haryana(Sirsa) 9177959544 9466073255 s.gagandeep @iitg.ernet.inPrem Kumar V. 4th year A.P.(Hyderabad) Rishi Garg 4th year Haryana(Faridabad) 9676915414 9958528604 Kumar 3rd year Bihar(Patna) Kumar Brajesh 3rd year Jharkhand(Ranchi) 7739985084 8002115181 k.brajesh@iitg.ernet.inUjwal Kalra 3rd year Delhi Priyamvada Tiwari 3rd year Karnataka(Bangalore) 9540009945 9590441236 p.tiwari@iitg.ernet.inShreyas Nangalia 3rd year Gujarat(Surat) Huzefa Kanchwala 3rd year Maharashtra(Mumbai) 9825055197 9588662155 hozefa@iitg.ernet.inMarmeek Kosambia 3rd year Gujarat(Vadodara) Anand Kulkarni 3rd year Maharashtra(Nagpur) 942674760 9706637019 marmeek k.sudhir 63
  64. 64. Faisal Ali 3rd year M.P.(Bhopal) Vasu Goel 3rd year U.P.(Saharanpur) 8889999007 9900836102 faisal vasu @iitg.ernet.inAvisek Misra 2nd year Orissa(Bhubaneshwar) Aritra Sasmal 2nd year West Bengal(Kolkata) 9654467429 9674593188 aritra@iitg.ernet.inRohit Singla 2nd year Punjab(Bathinda) 9501304144 r.singla@iitg.ernet.inArpit Agarwal 2nd year Rajasthan(Kota) 9001826630 arpit.a @iitg.ernet.inKartikeya M. Sahai 3rd year Rajasthan(Jaipur) 9829214334 k.sahai@iitg.ernet.inVishak Bharadwaj 4th year Tamil Nadu(Chennai) 9840957779 vishak @iitg.ernet.in64