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tea market

  1. 1. Tata Global Beverages Limited- Historical Milestones Pre 1963 James Finlay 1964 Tata Finlay established to develop value added Tea 1976 Tata Finlay takes over tea production and marketing operations of James Finlay 1987 A wholly owned subsidiary, Tata Tea Inc, set up in the U.S.A. 1992 Joint Venture in Sri Lanka, Estate Management Services (P) Ltd. formed 1993 Joint Venture alliance with Allied Lyons plc - Tata Tetley established 1995-96 65% share Lankan JVC acquires 51% shareholding in Watawala Plantations Ltd 2010 Name changed from Tata Tea Limited to Tata Global Beverages Limited
  2. 2. Overview 57% growth in sales volume over the last 5 years. Tata tea sells 90% of its teas in the packet form and 10% in loose or bulk form in India. One of the largest distribution network in the country – consisting of 38 C&F/CA agents, 2500 stockiest and 1.7 million outlets. It owns 51 tea estates in India and produces over 60 million kg of black tea. It has a significant presence in over 35 countries worldwide.
  3. 3. Vision Be Indias foremost tea based beverage company.Mission Achieve market and thought leadership for branded tea in India. Be recognized as the foremost innovator in tea and tea-based beverage solution. Drive long term profitability growth. Co-create enhanced value for all stake holders Make Tata tea a great place to work.
  4. 4. Company policy for employees Tata Global Beverages Limited is a vibrant Company with over 34,000 employees spread across the country. Tata Teas "People Philosophy" is : Attract good people Retain the better people Advance the best people Career growth based on performance Need based and value added training programmes Attractive, market based pay linked to performance
  5. 5. Overseas Business Australia Poland Russia Kazakhstan West Asia i.e. Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar North Africa i.e. Nigeria, Sudan, Algeria
  6. 6. Sources Auction centers  Guwahati Assam  Calcutta Dooars  Siliguri Kerala  Cochin  Conoor  Coimbatore
  7. 7. FINANCIAL STATEMENT Particulars Audited Year ended March 31, 2010 TATA TEANet Sales / Income from Operations 578295Other Operating Income 3797Total Operating Income 582092Total Expenditure 520220Profit from Operations before Other Income, 61872Interest & Exceptional ItemsOther Income - Income from Investments(Net) 3406Profit Before Interest & Exceptional Items 65278Interest (Net) 2793Profit after Interest but before exceptional 62485itemsOther Exceptional Income / (Expenditure) (Net) 1613Profit before Tax 64098(a) Current 24386(b) Deferred 381Profit after Tax 39331
  8. 8. BRANDS
  9. 9. 1.) TATA TEA INC.• Tata Tea Inc.s production facility is located on a 4.5 acreplot in Plant City, Florida.• In order to service more customers,the production capacity was doubledin 1994.• In the last few years, the companyhas manufactured and supplied tocustomers more than 40 differentinstant tea products.
  10. 10. 2) Tata Coffee Limited: Tata Coffee Limited (TCL) is the largest Coffee Plantation Company in Asia with estates located in Coorg, Hassan & Chickmagalur districts of Karnataka. The Company also grows Pepper and Cardamom in its Coffee Estates. The Companys Timber resources include Rosewood, Silver Oak and other miscellaneous trees.
  11. 11. 3) Tata Tea (GB) Ltd. 100% subsidiary formed in March 2000. Incorporated as the special purpose vehicle for purchase of the shares of The Tetley Group Limited. Total share capital of GBP 71 million, of which GBP 60 million subscribed to by TTL, GBP 10 million by Tata Tea Inc. & GBP 1 million by Tata Sons. The company has assumed the burden of Debt to the extent of GBP 211 million for the balance portion of the total cost of Tetley acquisition, which insulates TTL from any downside thereof.
  12. 12. JOINT VENTURE OF TATATEA1) Watawala Plantations: undertook the management of 18 selected prime tea estates, in all elevations of low, medium and high- grown, with few rubber plantations and the countrys only palm oil factory. In total the area of plantations spread over an area of 12,442.13 ha (hectares) out of which 41% is tea, 18% is rubber and 8% is under palm oil cultivation. Approximately 7% is kept aside for the purpose of fuel wood and the remaining is uncultivated.
  13. 13.  Instant Tea: (All products are cold water soluble) Instant Tea Division caters to customer specific product and are used for light density 100% Teas, Iced Tea Mixes and in the preparation of Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages. Instant Tea powder is packed in bulk packages of 20/25/35 kg each. Instant tea powder - for RTD Instant tea powder - (Green Tea)
  14. 14. 3) PACKED TEA: Tata Tea Premium: The flagship brand of our company, was launched in 1987. The brand promises a cup of tea that gives ‘Asli Taazgi (real freshness) to the consumer. Tata Tea still maintains and delivers on its promise of bringing a refreshing cup of tea to the consumer, from the choicest tea leaves. In 2000, Tata Tea has successfully positioned itself on the Asli Taazgi, Asli Mazaa (real freshness, real fun) platform.
  15. 15. ii) TATA TEA AGNI: the company intends to further consolidate its presence in the large and promising economy segment by leveraging the tremendous equity of the flagship brand and allowing consumers access to the popular TATA TEA brand. The new Tata Tea Agni not only offers an innovative blend consisting of 10% high quality extra strong leaf, but also comes in stylised superior quality packaging unmatched in this segment. At favourable price points of Rs. 5, Rs. 10 and Rs. 30".
  16. 16. iii) Just Launched Tata Tea Gold: A tea that has aroma coupled with a refreshing taste. Introduced as an upgraded variant of Tata Tea brand. The pouch, made of thicker polyester laminate, ensures that the aroma is retained in the pack. The offering is priced only slightly higher than the Tata Tea brand: at Rs.45 for 250 grams and Rs.90 for 500 grams, making it competitive and attractive for customers. "Naa kahoge toh pachtaoge" as its sign-off line.
  17. 17. iv) Kanan devan: Specifically sourced from the Kanan Devan Hills, Kanan Devan tea is characterized by its unique taste preferred throughout South India. Today the brand is a leader in its own right throughout South India selling about 7 million Kgs of Tea. the brand sells in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Goa.
  18. 18. v) Gemini: The brand Gemini, is a dust tea, sold in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. the focus of this brand is to be a strong regional player in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The brand has been successfully positioned as "a strong tea for strong family relations".
  19. 19. VI) Chakra Gold: A blend of high quality Assam CTC Dust teas. A strong No 2. Brand in the high quality & high priced Premium Dust tea Market of South India. Theme of Golden touch and Golden woman have inspired millions of Consumers across south India to be the loyal consumers of Chakra Gold , Golden Taste.
  20. 20. VII) Tata Temptations: A premium, orthodox leaf tea. Offers tea connoisseurs a ‘Rare Flavour of Assam Leaf’ that delivers a unique taste and aroma.
  21. 21. GIRNAR TEA
  22. 22. Company Name : Girnar Food and BeveragesPvt Ltd.Business Type : Manufacturer, TradingCompany Product/Service.We Sell : Tea,Packeted Tea, Instant Chai, Teabags
  23. 23. •Girnar tea was formed in 1978•Main Customers: India, Poland, Middle East (Dubai)•Total Annual Sales Volume: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million (2010 yr)• Total Annual Purchase Volume: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million (2010yr)•Export Percentage: 41% - 50% (2010 yr)•Factory Location: Mumbai, Sri lanka, Factory Size: 10,000- 30,000 square meters
  24. 24. -Dubai (UAE),-Warsaw (Poland),-Chicago (USA)-Colombo (Sri Lanka).-Sydney,-New York,-Muscat,-Mombasa &-Konakary
  25. 25. -Kolkatta-Coimbatore-Coonoor-Kochi-Dispur-Siliguri
  26. 26. -Girnar Gold-Girnar Lemon-Girnar Peach-Girnar Adrak-Grinar Green-Girnar Elaichi-Girnar Masala-Girnar Cardamom-Girnar Royal
  27. 27. - Loose Packeted Tea- Teas Bags- Instant Teas- Black Teas- Green Teas- Instant Chai Teas- Flavored Teas- Herbals Teas- Gourmet Tea
  28. 28. INDIA INTERNATIONAL-Assam -Kenya-Nilgiris -Madagascar -Malawi-Darjeeling- -Mauritius -South Africa -Tanzania -Uganda -Zimbabwe