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Sid lee - Retail


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Sid lee - Retail

  1. 1. Retail &interior designOverview and Portfolio
  2. 2. Embeddingretail spaces andexperiences withimmersive brandstorytelling.
  3. 3. Our Approach Ourto retail servicesSid Lee Architecture’s retail design practice is rapidly emerging Our retail services include:on the international scene thanks to fresh and insightfulnew points of view on commercial spaces. Our approach isuniquely marketing driven: connecting business requirements • Retail concept developmentand consumer insights with marketing and talk value built - Strategic planningright into the retail concept itself. Beyond form and function, - Conceptualization of creative visionreal differentiation is created when retail services are infusedwith strong brand messages. Our goal is to embed retail - Elaboration of brand story at retailexperiences with rich brand narratives that consumers will - Master planning/programminguse to fuel word of mouth. • Prototype development - Schematic design - Visual programming - Furniture development - Prototype assessments • Retail concept rollout - Construction drawings - Scheduling and budgeting - Electromechanical engineering and planning - Millwork plans - Site assessment and supervision - Coordination of suppliers
  4. 4. Who OurWE ARE AGENCY MODEL• Established in 1993 In addition to retail design, Sid Lee offers a flexible model• 550 professionals that draws a thread through the full spectrum of consumer- brand touchpoints, above and beyond other agencies.• teliers in Amsterdam, Montreal, Paris, Toronto and Austin A• lients in more than 16 cities around the world C• Entrepreneurial and independent• Multicultural and multilingual Interactive• Partner owned and managed and Social Media Technology Marketing• Agency of the year 2009, 2010 2011 – Marketing Magazine Solutions• Worldwide agency of the year finalist 2009 – Ad Age Mobile Branded Marketing Content Brand strategy Retail Emergent Account Brand Interior Architecture Design management monitoring Traditional Activity planning Events Brand Identity Activation Direct Advertising Marketing
  5. 5. Bota Bota - Spa on water -Located at the foot of McGill Street in the Old Port of Montreal, Bota Bota is the new name given toa ferryboat that used to link Sorel and Berthier in the 1950’s and that’s been renovated into a floatingScandinavian spa. The spa immerses visitors in a multisensory world directly inspired by the aquaticenvironment and the rich history of the ship and her surroundings.
  6. 6. Project Name: Bota Bota Date: 2010 Budget: $8,000,000Client: Daniel Émond type: Cultural Institutional Status: CompletedLocation: Quays of the Old Port of Montreal Scope: 3150 m2 SID LEE – Retail interior design - 11 -
  7. 7. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 12 -
  8. 8. videotron Flagship Store - Retail space -The Videotron flagship store was the launching pad for the company’s new mobility services.This experience marks the coming together of the various services offered by Videotron, taken to a newlevel by video and interactivity in store. Our main objective was to pique the interest of potential customersthrough the use of new, dynamic channels designed to immerse customers in Videotron’s products.
  9. 9. Project Name: Videotron Flagship Store Date: 2010 Budget: $4,500,000Client: Videotron type: Retail Status: CompletedLocation: Montreal Scope: 700 m2 SID LEE – Retail interior design - 17 -
  10. 10. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 19 -
  11. 11. SID LEE – Retail interior design SID LEE – Retail interior design - 20 - - 21 -
  12. 12. MüVBOX - Catering -Fast food and good food rarely meet. That changes with a mobile outlet for fast food, refined.Built from a recycled shipping container, MUVBOX is an urban dining experience offeringlobster and other Quebec specialties. IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  13. 13. Project Name: Pop-Up Dining Date: 2009 Budget: $0.1 MClient: M uvbox TYPE: Retail Status: CompletedLocation: Old Port of Montreal Scope: 200 sq. ft. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 25 -
  14. 14. Red Bull Amsterdam - Offices -The office. The workshop. The racetrack. The skate park. The studio. Where we go to be stimulated shouldalways be a place that gives more than it takes, fulfills more than it drains. Welcome to the Red Bull HQ,where stimulation can be found everywhere. This is a space to experience, to talk about andto communicate the Red Bull message. A place to do things better and faster.
  15. 15. Project Name: Red Bull Headquarters Date: 2010-2011 Budget: n/aClient: Red Bull type: Office Status: In constructionLocation: Amsterdam Scope: n/a SID LEE – Retail interior design - 29 -
  16. 16. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 31 -
  17. 17. Maison radio-Canada - Institutional -In 2011, Société Radio-Canada asked Sid Lee Architecture to reimagine the 800 linear feet of CorridorA at the Maison de Radio-Canada. By way of immersive spaces and interactive experiences, the projectsucceeded in showcasing the multiple facets of the Maison, stirring up a renewed sense of enthusiasmin visitors. (Photo credits : Stéphane Brügger) SID LEE – Retail interior design - 33 -
  18. 18. Project Name: Radio-Canada Date: 2010-2011 Budget: n/aClient: Maison Radio-Canada type: Institutionnal Status: CompletedLocation: Montreal Scope: SID LEE – Retail interior design - 35 -
  19. 19. one drop - Offices -The idea behind the newly redesigned One Drop offices has roots in the foundation’s mission. Asthe organization’s main focus, water plays a central role in the chosen concept: a blue universe hometo mosaics and images that showcase the organization’s daily efforts and where its vision can beseen and felt the second one walks through the door. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 37 -
  20. 20. Project Name: One Drop Date: December 2011 Budget: +/- 300 000$Client: One Drop type: Office Status: CompletedLocation: Montreal Scope: +/- 10 300 SID LEE – Retail interior design - 39 -
  21. 21. ajax experience - Cultural, museum -Tasked with creating an original destination to showcase Amsterdam’s legendary football team AFCAjax, Sid Lee Architecture designed The House of Ajax. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’sRembrandtplein, it is an emotional and immersive museum journey that celebrates the legendarysports franchise, immersing visitors in the club’s unique philosophy, culture and history. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 41 -
  22. 22. nom du projet : House of Ajax Date : 2010-2011 Budget : n/aClient : Ajax AFC Catégorie : Retail Statut : CompletedLieu : Amsterdam Envergure : n/d SID LEE – Retail interior design - 43 -
  23. 23. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 45 -
  24. 24. SAQ signature - Retail space -SAQ was looking to create a distinctive experience for its higher-end store conceptcalled SAQ Signature. By integrating craftsmanship and innovative use of design and materials,Sid Lee created a space that appeals to the needs and values of the store’s patrons. IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  25. 25. Project Name: SaQ Signature Date: 2010 Budget: n/aClient: SAQ Type: Retail Status: CompletedLocation: Quebec Scope: 511 m2
  26. 26. SAQ - Mural -Wishing to express its new image and its new way of thinking, the SAQ called on Sid Lee to redesign Project Name: SaQ Mural Date: n/a Budget: n/athe mural in the lobby of their head office. Their social and commercial values are cleverly integrated Client: SAQ Type: Retail Status: Completedinto the design thanks to an inspired graphic approach featuring a bottle icon. Location: Montreal Scope: n/a IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  27. 27. SAQ - Retail space -Wine is intimidating. Making the right choice is difficult. We redesigned Quebec’s wine Project Name: SaQ Selection Date: 2007 Budget: n/aand spirits outlets to make choice easier. Consumers agreed as same-store sales grew by an Client: SAQ Type: Retail Status: Completedastonishing 64% virtually overnight. Location: Laval Scope: 762 m2 IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA SID LEE – Retail interior design - 53 -
  28. 28. Stylexchange - Retail space -Sid Lee created this new store concept to heighten Stylexchange’s position as Canada’s cutting-edgecult fashion boutique. True to the brand, this store feels like an innovative fashion playground.
  29. 29. Project Name: Stylexchange Date: April 2010 Budget: n/aClient: Concept Wear Inc. TYPE: Retail Status: CompletedLocation: Faubourg Ste-Catherine Scope: n/a SID LEE – Retail interior design - 57 -
  30. 30. attraction médias - Offices -This project consisted in creating an office space that would house the six divisions of Attraction MediaGroup. Our biggest challenge was to regroup the various divisions under one roof without dissipatingtheir respective identities. We came up with a clever city metaphor, which saw the office transform into asmall-scale metropolis, complete with neighbourhoods, plazas, streets and perspectives.
  31. 31. Project Name: Attraction Media Date: 2010 Budget: n/aClient: Attraction Media TYPE: Office Status: CompletedLocation: Montreal Scope: 6600 m2 SID LEE – Retail interior design - 61 -
  32. 32. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 62 -
  33. 33. atelier ADIDAS - Retail space -We recently unveiled a new retail store concept for adidas Originals in New York and Berlin.A model so successful that it’s set to launch worldwide, the atelier encourages discoveryand self-expression—the essence of originality. IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  34. 34. Project Name: adidas Store Date: February 2008 Budget: n/aClient: adidas Type: Retail Status: CompletedLocation: New York and Berlin Scope: 353 m2 SID LEE – Retail interior design - 67 -
  35. 35. SID LEE – Retail interior design - 68 -
  36. 36. ADIDAS Your World - Retail space -Spring break means escape. Your World by adidas takes you there in style. Created to launch Project Name: adidas Store Date: February 2007 Budget: n/aadidas’ Spring Break Collection, the experience existed in select Finish line stores Client: adidas Type: Retail Status: Completedand served the remaining 700 stores online. Location: Tampa Bay, Chicago, Los Angeles Scope: n/a IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA SID LEE – Retail interior design - 71 -
  37. 37. adidas SLVR - Retail space -adidas needed a retail concept to tangibly bring their SLVR brand to life. Project Name: SLVR Store Concept Date: 2009 Budget: n/aSid Lee created a store experience that is the intersection of street life and high fashion, Client: adidas Type: Retail Status: Completedwith different facets of design that combine activeness and style. Location: SOHO, NY Scope: 185 m2 IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA SID LEE – Retail interior design - 73 -
  38. 38. simons - Storefront Window -Simons mandated Sid Lee to create a storefront window showcasing an artistic fashion intervention. Project Name: Simons Window Date: 2010 Budget: n/aCombining LED screens, blow-ups and different types of material, Flowers for Ana takes us into a Client: Simons type: Retail Status: Completeduniverse in constant evolution thanks to the screens and fall and spring versions of the window. Location: Quebec Scope: n/a SID LEE – Retail interior design - 75 -
  39. 39. casinoS de montréal - Recreational -Gaming today is much more than just the game—it’s also the scene. That underlyingunderstanding has informed our design of the Montreal Casino’s poker roomand the Casino Privilèges Loyalty Club lobbies. IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  40. 40. Project Name: Poker Room Date: 2008 Budget: n/a Client: Société des Casinos du Québec TYPE: Cultural Institutional Status: Completed Location: Montreal Scope: 922 m2SID LEE – Retail interior design - 78 -
  41. 41. Quebec’s Casinos - Recreational -Having witnessed the inspiring transformation of Quebec’s Casinos customer relationship program Project Name: Casino Privilèges Date: 2008 Budget: n/aat the hands of Sid Lee, Casino Privilèges took its turn in the makeover chair. The result: a brand Client: Société des Casinos du Québec TYPE: Cultural Institutional Status: Completedimage that reflects the ultimate in exclusivity, inspiring pride and a sense of belonging in all members. Location: Montreal Scope: n/a IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA SID LEE – Retail interior design - 81 -
  42. 42. stylesense - Retail space -We all know how women feel about shoes! Sid Lee created a store experience that reflects the passion Project Name: Stylesense Date: 2008 Budget: n/aand excitement that women feel about shoe shopping. The look and layout accentuates the fun, Client: Winners Merchants International TYPE: Retail Status: Completedwith strategically placed editorial content to connect with consumers. Location: Toronto Scope: n/a SID LEE – Retail interior design - 83 -
  43. 43. functionalab - Retail space -Functionalab is a revolutionary new brand in nutri-cosmetics. To ensure no aspect would be forgottenin building the brand, Functionalab partnered with Sid Lee on an equity basis. Functionalab recentlylaunched at Henri Bendel on 5th Avenue in New York.
  44. 44. Project Name: Store-in-Store Date: 2009 Budget: $0.2 MClient: Functionalab TYPE: Retail Status: CompletedLocation: New York Scope: Store-in-Store SID LEE – Retail interior design - 87 -
  45. 45. BriteSmile - Dental Spa -Going to the dentist is a drag. We felt that we could create a dental care experience Project Name: BriteSmile Date: 2005 Budget: n/athat puts patients at ease. Sid Lee’s iconic design forms the backbone of this American dental spa that Client: n/a TYPE: Retail Status: Completedtakes patients to heart. Location: n/a Scope: 162-260 m2 IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  46. 46. CONTACT InformationAteliers: Montreal 75 Queen Street, Suite 1400 Montreal, Quebec H3C 2N6 Canada Phone: +1 514-282-2200 Amsterdam Gerard Doustraat 72 1072 VV Amsterdam The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 206 623030 Paris 12 rue du Sentier 75 002 Paris France Phone: +33 (1) 44 88 83 90 Toronto 36 Distillery Lane Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4 Canada Tél. : +1 416-421-4200Websites:
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