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SID LEE | Fanzine Interactive EN


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SID LEE | Fanzine Interactive EN

  1. 1. Interactive and technology solutions Overview and Portfoliosid lee
  2. 2. Embracingtechnology tocreate trulyimmersive brandcommunications.
  3. 3. Our approach Ourto interactive servicesSid Lee crafts digital experiences that connect the virtual Sid Lee’s interactive services include:and real worlds—experiences that people encounter, playwith and modify. These are delivered not merely at a multitudeof touchpoints, but on digital platforms that successively • Web developmentposition a brand, educate and prompt interactions. Our - Strategic planningapproach in the technological domain isn’t rooted in any one - Site architecturemedium, but rather in aligning the worlds of content,commerce and community, on and offline. - User interface Also, to propel the technological power of the strategies - Content developmentand ideas we conceive, we can rely on Sid Lee Technologies’ • Online advertisingvarious expertise. • Viral and social marketing • Mobile marketing • Multi-platform content development • Online brand monitoring While Sid Lee works at developing strategies and brand experiences that ever more innovative, Sid Lee Technologies’ team is in charge of the entire technological aspects of these projects. Sid Lee Technologies services include: • Technological architecture • Development of Internet, extranet, intranet environments • Web 2.0 initiatives and integration • E-commerce • Mobile site and applications development • Content management system (CMS) • Online services • E-membership • Database and back-end system integration • Technology watch
  4. 4. Who OurWE ARE AGENCY MODEL• Established in 1993 In addition to interactive and website design, Sid Lee offers a• 550 professionals flexible model that draws a thread through the full spectrum of consumer-brand touchpoints, above and beyond other agencies.• teliers in Amsterdam, Montreal, Paris, Toronto and Austin A• lients in more than 16 cities around the world C• Entrepreneurial and independent Interactive• Multicultural and multilingual and Social Media• Partner owned and managed Technology Marketing Solutions• Agency of the year in 2009, 2010 and 2011 – Marketing Magazine Mobile Branded Marketing Content• Worldwide Agency of the year finalist 2009 – Ad Age Brand strategy Retail Emergent Account Brand Interior Architecture Design management monitoring Traditional Activity planning Events Brand Identity Activation Direct Advertising Marketing
  5. 5. ADIDAS - all in -The challenge of merging adidas’s Performance, Originals and Sport Style sub-brands resulted in adidas’ biggest campaign in their 60+ years of existence. To make it happen, Sid Lee crafted “adidas is all in,” an epic story of unbridled passion and intensity deployed globally on all media platforms. Interactive - 8 -
  6. 6. SID LEE Interactive - 11 -
  7. 7. ADIDAS - adiZero F50 -We developed the concept of light makes fast for adizero F50 into a compelling spot with Messito showcase the shoe’s unique benefit. The campaign was also leveraged online where the viewer can explore the shoe further via an engaging interactive video. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 12 - - 13 -
  8. 8. ADIDAS - Your World - Spring break means escape. Your World by adidas takes you there in style. Created to launch adidas’ Spring Break Collection, the experience existed in select Finish Line stores and served the remaining 700 stores online. IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICASID LEE Interactive - 14 -
  9. 9. adidas - SLVR -To amplify SLVR’s role as a trend and style leader, Sid Lee redesigned the brand’s website, transforming it into a pre-purchase lookbook. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 16 - - 17 -
  10. 10. adidas - Porsche Design - The adidas Porsche Design Sport online lookbook embraces the line’s positioning,evoking its commitment to engineered luxury through the use of high-fashion aesthetics, rich branded content and timeless design elements. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 18 - - 19 -
  11. 11. adidas - Style Essentials - This website celebrates the launch of adidas’ new line, Essentials. The line, aimed towarda younger target demographic, is complemented by the website, which first inspires consumers before showing the broad range of products available to them. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 20 - - 21 -
  12. 12. adidas - Y-3 -For its designer brand, Y Sid Lee launched a 3-D lookbook showcasing Yohji Yamamoto’s newest -3, collection. Inspired by the power of soccer and the movement of the goal net, the Y site -3 was selected as the site of the day by FWA soon after the launch. SID LEE Interactive - 23 -
  13. 13. adidas originals - Facebook Page -A Facebook first: Your Area identifies each fan’s location and streams local, contextually relevant content from news and events to product stories and offers. The social features of Facebook are enhanced by allowing adidas to tag products in videos and photos, linking to purchasing. A dynamic product of the week module lets adidas post products specific to each market. SID LEE Interactive - 25 -
  14. 14. adidas originals - Celebrate Originality -The complete website celebrates originality online, presenting products in a pop-up template, with a microsite available for e-commerce. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 26 - - 27 -
  15. 15. adidas originals adidas originals - Death Star Application - - AR Game: The adidas Originals Neighbourhood - To help kick-off adidas Originals’ Star Wars Collection, Sid Lee developed adidas Originals and Sid Lee have expanded the boundaries of the neighbourhood with AR codesthe “Death Star application,” a Facebook- and Google Earth-fuelled app that lets users view embedded in the tongues of the brand’s five-shoe collection. The codes open up into a virtual clips of the Dark Side obliterating their neighbourhood. environment for consumers to play with and explore. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 28 - - 29 -
  16. 16. adidas - MEGA - To support the launch of adidas Originals’ new collection of shoes, MEGA, we developed a TV commercial as well as a digital experience that take place in a vintage diner setting. Using the “placing an order” mechanic that was introduced in the commercial as the core of the concept, thisdigital experience invites users to place their own order for a MEGA product by providing answers to a series of fun questions to a waitress. SID LEE Interactive - 31 -
  17. 17. Tourism Montreal CUBE - À la Montréal -Montreal is a cultural and culinary capital. If only more people had the chance to explore it. Enter “À la Montréal,” an experience that invites pedestrians on a journey through one of North America’s most dynamic cities. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 32 - - 33 -
  18. 18. MGM mirage MGM mirage - CityCenter - - MGM Grand -Las Vegas is a fantasyland. But if you’ve never been, you can’t imagine it. To enable visitors Las Vegas is a fantasyland. But if you’ve never been, you can’t imagine it. To enable visitors to dive in and explore Las Vegas, Sid Lee executed a triple-play portfolio of immersive to dive in and explore Las Vegas, Sid Lee executed a triple-play portfolio of immersive sites for MGM Grand, Skylofts and CityCenter. sites for MGM Grand, Skylofts and CityCenter. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 34 - - 35 -
  19. 19. Cirque du soleil - Website -The new Cirque du Soleil website offers users a wealth of region-specific and media-rich content that makes it easier than ever before to connect to shows, schedules and ticket information. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 36 - - 37 -
  20. 20. Cirque du soleil - Backstage -The new Cirque du Soleil website offers users a wealth of region-specific and media-rich content that makes it easier than ever before to connect to shows, schedules and ticket information. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 38 - - 39 -
  21. 21. GAZ MÉTRO - Website 2010 -The Gaz Métro website was redesigned to convey the wealth of possibilities offered to Gaz Métro clients. The site was divided into personal and business portals, allowing the brand to address each need more directly. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 40 - - 41 -
  22. 22. Garnier - Fructis Style - Garnier’s website was redesigned by Sid Lee to convey the wide range of hairstylesthat consumers can create and mold with Garnier products. Instead of using models,the website makes use of everyday people with a variety of hair types to demonstrate what can be done without the help of a stylist. SID LEE Interactive - 43 -
  23. 23. videotron - Flagship Store - The Videotron flagship store was the launching pad for the company’s new mobility services. Thisexperience marks the coming together of the various services offered by Videotron, taken to a new level by video and interactivity in store. Our main objective was to pique the interest of potential customers through the use of new, dynamic channels designed to immerse customers in Videotron’s products. SID LEE Interactive - 45 -
  24. 24. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 46 - - 47 -
  25. 25. videotron - illico Three Platforms - Sid Lee was responsible for the rebranding of illico, now available on three platforms: mobile,television and web. The agency designed the logo, ads and the interfaces for the three platforms. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 48 - - 49 -
  26. 26. Videotron videotron - Madame Jacqueline - - Moving Campaign -The campaign “A Package that Suits You,” featuring a female web expert, Madame Jacqueline—even With the objective of bolstering Videotron’s “The Power to Have an Easy Move” campaign, we deve-more tech savvy than a teenager—was met with great enthusiasm in Quebec. The success of this cam- loped a microsite for our followers on Facebook. In the form of a blog, it offered articles and videos paign spurred a public relations project, including a Facebook page, video clips posted on that would help customers simplify their move. A toolbox was also made available, featuring fourYouTube and social networking sites, TV appearances and interviews in Montreal’s daily newspapers. applications: announce your move on Facebook, discover points of interest in your new neighbourhood, an interactive checklist and an FAQ section.
  27. 27. Tourisme Montréal - Website -The newly designed Tourisme Montréal website gives tourists an immersive view of Montreal, whether they are here for business, a weekend getaway or a two-week stay. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 52 - - 53 -
  28. 28. Tourisme Montréal - Bloggers -To generate sustained awareness of Montreal as a short urban travel destination, Sid Lee orchestrated “The Montreal Buzz,” an ever-evolving online travel guide written by those who know the city best: Montrealers themselves. Sid Lee enlisted the help of five bloggers representing five travel incentives (girl’s getaway, gay life, arts and culture, gastronomy and nightlife) to scour the city for all its hidden treasures and promote them on personal blogs, social media profiles and YouTube. SID LEE Interactive - 55 -
  29. 29. four seasons - Own Bora Bora -When your brand is as rich as that of Four Seasons, your online experience must be too. We crafted just that in a site that offers a lush, immersive experience of the Four Seasons resort offering. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 56 - - 57 -
  30. 30. STM - Society in Motion -The newly designed STM website helps the brand and travellers launch a “Society in Motion.”Focusing on the ecological benefits of public transit, the site fosters conversations around how the STM could better its brand, its service and its environmental impact. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 58 - - 59 -
  31. 31. eurostar - New London - In collaboration with Sid Lee, UK artist James Jarvis developed a new project for Eurostar trains called “New London.” Launched to overhaul the negative associationsthat hip French audiences have with London, the website follows Jarvis as he creates artwork for his project on a real-time, second-by-second basis. The twist: You discover new pieces of his work when you use augmented reality. SID LEE Interactive - 61 -
  32. 32. SAQ - iPhone Application -SAQ’s mobile application for iPhone and iPod touch allows users to access wine information anywhere, any time. With just a few clicks, users can learn about a wine’s taste tag, its most suitable food pairings and even its availability at select stores. SID LEE Interactive - 63 -
  33. 33. SAQ - Espace Cocktail - Installed in approximately 10 outlets, the interactive wall revitalizes the Espace Cocktail zone and invites shoppers to discover new spirits. True to the website, the wall enables consumers to immerse themselves in the festive world of cocktails. Both useful and fun, a search tool allows consumers to find and print out their favourite cocktail recipes.SID LEE Interactive - 64 -
  34. 34. Ubisoft - R.U.S.E. - R.U.S.E. is a strategy game developed by Ubisoft. Its game-play essence is based on the art ofdeception, setting it clearly apart from the competition. We created a website showcasing some of the game’s RUSES. The end product: The first experiential 3-D website in the world, which teaches you the rudiments of military strategy. SID LEE Interactive - 67 -
  35. 35. Grimbergen Grimbergen - Interactive Experience - - Website - Through “the legend of the Phoenix,” visitors are immersed in the history of Grimbergen. Certain In the Grimbergen book of magic, you will find “the legend of the Phoenix,” the history of the abbeyparts of the film are clickable and allow for yet another of layer of magical discovery OR allow further and Grimbergen’s full range of beers, all illustrated and told like a medieval legend that has been penetration into the wonders of this epic tale. dusted off and given new life. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 68 - - 69 -
  36. 36. ajax AFC - House of Ajax -Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with Sid Lee, gsmprjct° and Jimmy, was mandated by theAFC Ajax football club to create the new Ajax experience, a museum that celebrates a hallowed sportsfranchise and allows visitors to discover what has made Ajax one of the most respected teams infootball’s history.The Ajax Experience embodies the team’s attachment to the city of Amsterdam. Designed as anextension of the famous central square Rembrandtplein, fans and visitors will be able to understandAjax’s philosophy and understand unique football culture. Throughout its history, the team hasdeveloped the skills and means to spot emerging talent, shape true sports titans and thus “Build giants”.In this interactive experience, the giants themselves are honored, but a particular attention is also paidto the techniques, training and passion that allow Ajax to continually develop leading talent.The whole experience is focused on creating an inspiring celebration of a unique story of achievement.Visitors will embark on this immersive journey through the team’s history and heroes, and experiencewhat it takes to be a giant in a series of playful interactive events and inspiring historical recollection. SID LEE Interactive SID LEE Interactive - 70 - - 71 -
  37. 37. CONTACT InformationAteliers: Montreal 75 Queen Street, Suite 1400 Montreal, Quebec H3C 2N6 Canada Phone: +1 514-282-2200 Amsterdam Gerard Doustraat 72 1072 VV Amsterdam The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 206 623030 Paris 12 rue du Sentier 75 002 Paris France Phone: +33 (1) 44 88 83 90 Toronto 36 Distillery Lane Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4 Canada Tél. : +1 416-421-4200Websites:
  38. 38. Another fanzine