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  1. 1. DE PIJPconnectionA global village of inventive minds and fizzing flavours
  2. 2. DE PIJPCONNECTIONA global village of inventive minds and fizzing flavoursSid Loves De Pijp - Hey Buurman - 4Industrial Design - mister motley - 8Gastronomy - new dutcH cuisine - 10Gastronomy - cosmopolitan HotcHpotcH - 13Icons - at a glance - 14Art - creativity galore - 16Talk - storylines - 20Fashion & Design - down our way - 22sid lee loves - 24COVER IMAGE: MOGEEN HAIRSALON STORE FRONT, ARTWORK BY YVO SPREY. DE PIJP CONNECTION - 3 -
  4. 4. “It’s like a microchip: neatly students. Soon the area was De Pijp became a working- paste and rip-off Vuitton hand-compressed and full of activity, dubbed the Quartier Latin af- class neighbourhood with plen- bags. If you wanted to seewith many separate worlds in- ter its Parisian cousin. ty of social housing. And yet, the world on a single street, thisside. People on bicycles, cars, The name De Pijp is proba- many independent artisans would be your destinationtrams, and of course the mantra bly derived from the original made their home here, parti- of choice.of the market. A mango for one sense of the word, a long narrow cularly around Sarpahtipark. In recent years, real estateeuro, ten tulips for three euro, stretch of water. This refers to Asscher diamond cutters, world- prices in the area have sky-freshly squeezed fruit juices, the Zaagmolensloot, a water- famous for their signature cut rocketed, bringing in a wholewomen’s shoes, entertaining way stretching from Amstel and the Cullinan (the world’s new breed of inhabitants. Yup-gypsies busking for coins . . . It’s to Frans Halsstraat which do- biggest raw diamond that now pies, double-income familiesmadness,” said local artist Yvo minated the area’s landscape belongs to the British Crown) and the matching kids areSprey (see his work on page 18) until 1891. Others stress the set up here. The building can indirectly responsible for thewhen we asked him what De resemblance with the word pijp- still be seen on Tolstraat. area’s facial makeover. HipPijp is about. enla (pipe drawer), referring to Over 144 nationalities live in bars, art galleries, and exclu- Understanding this so-called its typical narrow, stretched De Pijp, and there’s no better sive restaurants and shopsmadness requires a little survey streets. place to experience them all have sprung to life amid theof the history. Today’s De Pijp In 1905, the face of the than the Albert Cuyp market. lowbrow buzz. Fortunately, abears some strong marks of its district changed. The water way Open six days a week year- certain kindness and an open,animated past. was filled and the Albert Cuyp round and featuring 260 stalls, social attitude still prevail. The area was built halfway market sprung up on the same it’s one of the largest day mar- And although some frown asthrough the 19th Century and spot. At that time, De Pijp was kets in Europe. You’ll find rare yet another frappuccino venueimmediately appealed to birds home to some 50,000 people – and exotic foods here, as well opens, it’s typically De Pijp toof different feathers, among quite a consumer base for street as Indian incense, French an- be ever-changing.them artists, prostitutes and vendors. tiques, homemade Thai curry HEY BUURMAN HEY BUURMAN - 6 - - 7 -
  5. 5. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Whenever I have visitors from out of town, there Tinkerers, he must have thought. Born in is one thing I get them first: a bike. Even though Turkey, this Kurd mastered the art of metalwor-De FietsfabriekmIsTEr mOTlEy trams run regularly through the district and king at an early age. He knew how to get to the efforts are still being made to create a subway core of a good bike. Not long after he met psy- connecting the north and south, you just can’t get chology student Dave Deutsch, who at that time a feel for the city without a bike. worked as a manager in a bike repair shop, their I normally try to find my friends a cheap set mutual dream for De Fietsfabriek (bicycle fac- of wheels, since everyone around here believes tory) was born. Today, it’s a co-owned businessin tHe Heart of de pijp, de fietsfaBriek perks up that bikes get stolen often – although statistics are proving it hasn’t been all that bad in recent that endeavors to create artisanal crafts with cus- tomized options and special designs.tHe street witH a motley gatHering of Bicycles. years. My friends normally end up with a com- mon second-hand bike, much like mine. Initially Typically De Fietsfabriek: deliver high qua- lity bicycles, dare to venture into the unknown satisfied, they set off to explore the area only and, above all else, listen to your customers. So if to return disappointed. They’ve spotted a De a dog owner asks for a delivery bike geared for his Fietsfabriek bike. And they want one, too. best friend, they’ll make one. While the factory – which employs 30 people – is in Turkey, there is ‘if a dog a spacious workshop in De Pijp, just opposite the shop. Here they’ll solve anything from a flat tire to a mechanical problem. owner asks The shop is a kaleidoscopic buffet, with everything from the popular sit-up-and-beg upright bicycles and carrier bikes to a mother’s bike with an extended frame, seating not one but for delivery two kids on the back. “And that one is without a chain,” says Deutsch as he proudly points to a silvery specimen with a cardan axle instead of Bike geared a chain. “Barely any maintenance.” All their bikes come with galvanized frames and, upon request, a powder-coated finishing. for His Best These bikes won’t rust; buying one is a lifetime commitment. A special section is devoted to uni- que examples, where we spot a carrier bike fully friend, we adorned with bling, a bike especially for tall men called Big Wim, a bike for newlyweds and a fancy tricycle. With a price tag up to five times that of your will make ordinary store-bought bike, you may be surprised to know that these bikes (starting from 795 euros) sell like wildfire. But they do. In nine years, one’ De Fietsfabriek became a million-dollar compa- ny with shops in Holland, Ghent, Copenhagen, Berlin, Chicago and even Tokyo. In addition to jazzing up the streets, the Things get worse when they met Yalçin company serves a more humble cause. The Cihangir out on the street. Cihangir, age 40, is company has initiated a fund that sponsors the a real neighbourhood ambassador. Captivating costs of education for the workmen’s children personality, engaging smile, and the mastermind in Turkey. As Cihangir explains the program, behind De Fietsfabriek. he places his shoe on the footrest of a bike we Says Cihangir: “Before WWII, Dutch never saw before: a cross between a skateboard bikes were perfect. But with scooters and and a tall circus bike. While he skates off and mopeds becoming more and more popular, the hoists himself atop, we try to decide which bike trade came to a dead end. Also, supermarkets we would still like when we’re in our sixties. started importing cheap bicycles from countries with cheap labour.” MISTER MOTLEY MISTER MOTLEY - 8 - - 9 -
  6. 6. GASTRONOMY New did sid dress up? Quite a bit, but we were outdone by our waiters. They were dressed to perfection Dutch and displayed excellent manners. When my purse was spotted on the floor, an attentive waiter immediately brought over an extra table. Cuisine ‘tHe college THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART IS THROuGH HIS STO- MACH. ALL IT TOOK WAS AN APPETIzER OF CARROT SORBET, APPLE-jENEVER INFuSION WITH A LOLLY restaurant OF GOAT’S CHEESE FOR SId TO HAVE AN INSTANT CRuSH ON CONTEMPORARY duTCH FOOd. offers disHes wHere is sid eating? At the gourmet College Restau- Born of gourmet dutcH cuisine, rant in the College Hotel. wHy? It’s great to have such a broad array of exo- married witH tic supper choices in De Pijp, but we wanted to eat Dutch cuisine and avoid the predictable spuds for dinner. We were particularly enticed by the Web site’s description, which says: “The College Restaurant offers dishes born of gourmet Dutch cuisine, married with contemporary perspective to contemporary offer carefully crafted gourmet fare.” Fair enough. The College Hotel at Roelof Hartstraat is not Pijp anymore – but it’s pretty close. perspective.’ wHo is cooking? Executive Chef Pepijn Schut, an tell me a Bit aBout tHe place. The four-star boutique Amsterdam resident for the past 10 years. He hotel is housed in a historic, former 19th Century grew up in Baarn, a small town near Amersfoort school building. The restaurant is in what was once that is home to the famous Paleis Soestdijk, the the gymnasium. The walls of the former bathroom former residence of the Royal family. remain, and vases and flowers now adorn the open space. Part of the fun is watching young food wHat did sid eat? The restaurant offers a seasonal industry students run the place, supervised by menu that changes every other month. At the experienced professionals. There is a nice garden heart of the menu is Dutch food with a twist. where we can imagine having a great alfresco dining We started with Dutch Vegetable Garden, a tasty experience in summer, when outdoor temperatures medley of sweet carrot sorbet, a lolly of goat’s are warm enough. cheese and an infusion of apple and jenever (Dutch gin). Then we moved on to one of the icons of How is tHe atmospHere? Comfortable chic. The in- Dutch cuisine - the cauliflower. It was light and terior, by Dutch architecture and design agency fluffy, and not served with the usual cheese sauce. FG Stijl, bears a resemblance to Holland in the Instead, it was accompanied by poached lobster early days, but in a subtle, modern way. Contem- and caviar made from herring - another Dutch porary orange lampshades reflect the national holy figure. For my main course, I tried turbot colour; green velvet comfortable chairs seat up to with shellfish, roasted beetroot, mash and par- 65 people for lunch and dinner. From our table, we sley reduction. My table companion raved about kept a close eye on the chef and his team, carefully his slow-cooked pheasant with crispy sauerkraut, crafting flavourful dishes in the open kitchen. cranberries, potato mousse and Dutch spice sauce. Friday is the best night to spot locals. On week- For dessert, we enjoyed licorice - as a salty sorbet days, lunch is more of a business affair. with a poached pear in a citron jenever sabayon. NEW DUTCH CUISINE NEW DUTCH CUISINE - 10 - - 11 -
  7. 7. GASTRONOMYHow did it taste? Sublime. It was a sensory tourthrough Holland’s culinary heritage. The phea- Cosmo- politansant and sauerkraut was a true Dutch combi-nation of ingredients served in a unique way.The sauerkraut was neither mushy nor mashed, Hotch-but crispy and presented in a spring roll. Theaccompanying cranberries hinted at a typicalAsian chili sauce. Served in decent portions, potchthe food was easy to eat while still leavingus with the energy to bike home. The presenta-tion was as much a feast for the eyes as for thetaste buds. THANKS TO VAN GOGH ANd HIS PAINTINGS,How mucH was tHe Bill? One can choose between HOLLANd ANd POTATOES WILL FOREVER BEa three-, four- or five-course menu for 42, 47and 55 euros respectively. The wine list, from 24 SYNONYMOuS. ANd IN ALL FAIRNESS: duTCHeuros a bottle, has mostly wines from Northern dO LOVE MASH. BuT FINdING PROPER KALEEurope to pair with the food. For the same price ANd SAuSAGE ON ANY MENu IS, YOu COuLdof our four-course dinner, a couple could eat 27portions of French fries with mayonnaise and SAY, quITE A PAIN. LuCKILY, dE PIjP RECENTLY25 Dutch croquette rolls with mustard. WELCOMEd STAMPPOTjE, A uNIquE HOTCHPOTCH TAKE-AWAY. BuT WITH SuCH A CuLTuRALtHe presen- MEdLEY, IT COMES AS NO SuRPRISE ONE CAN EAT juST ABOuT ANYTHING FROM AROuNd THEtation was GLOBE IN THE NEIGHBOuRHOOd. AS A STARTER, WE dISHEd uP THE FOLLOWING mucH African Azmarino - 2de Sweelinckstraat 6 Arabian Bazaar - Albert Cuypstraat 182a feast for Assyrian Eufraat - 1ste van der Helststraat 72 Brazilian Samba Kitchen - Ceintuurbaan 63tHe eyes Burgers Burgermeester - Albert Cuypstraat Chinese Szechuan Kitchen - Albert Cuypstraat 29-31 Ethiopian Walia Ibex - 1ste Jacob van Campenstraat 41as for tHe French Le Hollandais - Amsteldijk 41 Greek Romios - Ceintuurbaan 350 Indian Take Mary - Ceintuurbaan 47taste Buds. Indonesian Sari Citra - Ferdinand Bolstraat 52 Italian L’Angoletto - Hemonystraat 18 Japanese Yamazoto - Ferdinand Bolstraat 333any additional comments? Upon entering the premi- Libanese Artist - 2de Jan Steenstraat 1ses, you pass through the elegant bar, which has Marrocan Mamouche - Quellijnstraat 16intimate alcoves in which to sit back and relax. Mexican The Taco shop - Tollstraat 200 Organic De Witte Uyl - Frans Halsstraat 26sid-return factor? We were impressed by the Pizzeria Da Portare via - Frans Halsstraat 63creative food, the service and the historic ar- Tapas Siempre - 1e Sweelinckstraat 23chitecture. Can’t wait to see what their version Turkish Orontes - Albert Cuypstraat 40of a wintry gingerbread man or springtime as- Surinam Albert Cuyp - Albert Cuypstraat 67paragus will be as they change the menu with Swedish Smorrebrood - Albert Cuypstraat 91the seasons. Thai Siriphon - 1e Jacob van Campenstraat 47 Tunesian Fatiem - van Woustraat South African Tjing Tjing - Cornelis Trooststraat 56 NEW DUTCH CUISINE COSMOPOLITAN HOTCHPOTCH - 12 - - 13 -
  8. 8. 1 3 5 you can spot locals swap seeds, Jacob van Campenstraat meet ICONS sprigs and sprays. Interesting Quellijnstraat. The unusual aT a GlaNCE detail: this could have been layout of these streets is explai- Central Station, as part of the ned by the fact that little regard city’s urban expansion plans mid was given to planning when the 19th Century – a decision favou- first two were built. However, red by the municipality – but as the area became more popu- ARCHITECTuRAL GEMS, HISTORIC PLACES, A LOCAL HERO, the State decided differently. lated, it became important that construction follow a more THE GREEN THING ANd SOME REd LIGHTS: A SELECTION 4 WINdOW PROSTITuTION logical plan. The result? Una- 7 OF ICONS TO GIVE YOu A GLIMPSE OF dE PIjP. Shocked by the ladies in the windows along Ruysdaelkade? voidably odd angles and buil- dings that look like a nice slice Then you should know that of cake! 1 HEINEKEN BREWERY response to the rational ap- things aren’t as turbulent as they Once one of the leading com- proach of Berlage, who domi- used to be. Around 1900, prosti- 6 ANdRé HAzES STATuE panies in the neighbourhood, nated Dutch architecture for tution was ubiquitous in De This popular singer and Pijp- Heineken’s museum now show quite a while. Features include Pijp, and luxurious brothels and native became a cult figure af- the history of the infamous odd-shaped windows, curved rendez-vous houses (where a ter releasing Zij gelooft in mij in beer brand. It was here that façades and the use of symbo- lady could rent a room for a 2000. Every person in the on January 22, 1864, the first lism and sculptures. The area short time) peppered adjacent country can sing at least some Heineken beer was brewed. around P.L.Takstraat is a parti- Sarphatipark. Meanwhile, on of the lyrics by heart. A noto- cularly nice example of perso- the narrow streets around Al- rious lifestyle led to his death 2 ARCHITECTuRE OF nal creativity and fantasy. bert Cuyp, shady clubs opened in 2004, sending the country AMSTERdAMSE SCHOOL their doors at night. into collective shock. As a final Amsterdamse School is a great 3 SARPHATIPARK farewell, however, Hazes’ body example of the typical Amster- This English-country-style green 5 CAKE SLICES was blast into the air, as per his dam architectural style, which oasis in the heart of De Pijp is “Cake slices” refers to the final wishes. Today the statue peaked between 1910 and 1925. an all-time local favourite. two triangular buildings where is a place of pilgrimage for It is considered by some as a Next to the pumping-station, Gerard Doustraat and Tweede loyal fans.2 4 6
  9. 9. ART CrEaTIvITy GalOrE - 16 - art and Holland go way Back. tHe dutcH ligHt was made infamous By 17tH century painters like joHannesCREATIvITY GALORE vermeer, remBrandt van rijn and jan steen. it’s not surprising tHen tHat a lot of areas in de pijp are named after famous painters: ferdinand Bol, alBert cuyp, gerard dou, govert flinck, frans Hals . . . given tHis legacy, creativity galore is practically guaranteed. Here are a few inventive pijpers in tHe limeligHt. - 17 -CREATIvITY GALORE wHo Ank Daamen makes Drawings, photographs, theatre. And she writes. Best pijp-Buy? Stallholder Jopie sells three mangos for a euro, while calling out, “Everyone is angry with Jopie. Albert is angry with Jopie. Dirk is angry with Jopie. Three mangos for a euro.”
  10. 10. wHo Yvo Sprey makes Drawings, paintings, music. Check out the graphics on the façade and interior of Mogeen hair salon. favourite Hangout? Sunny afternoons at Yoyo’s, a spacious laid-back coffeeshop and gallery. - 18 -CREATIvITY GALORE wHo Victor Duran makes Photos: abstract, portraits, interior and nature photography. special pijp-sparkle? The other day I spotted some digital artwork on a housefront (on Pieter Aertszstraat). It was a poem presented in fast, travelling words. Just great.
  11. 11. TALKHENk sCHIffmaCHErsTOry- PHOTOGRAPHER: PHIL NIjHuISlINEs wHy a Book? Because there wasn’t one as all-inclusive as this one yet. And I am a collector by nature.He is a tattoo artist, painter, as it sHows… your Body is almost a living tattoopedia.writer, celeBrity, world I know the story behind each and every one of them. This little monkey, for instance, (Henktraveler – But first and reveals his underarm) was meticulously tattood byforemost a collector. an Indian guy squatting on the street with just onewHenever Henk scHiffmacHer needle and a wooden box.appears on televison, He judges isn’t tHat dangerous? i mean, it doesn’t sound veryHis performance tHe next day Hygienic. I’ve always had an “I’ll be spared” kind of attitude. I just go with my intuition. And so farBased on tHe reactions in tHe it has worked. I suffered most during the sexualalBert cuyp market. “decades revolution, to put it decently.ago, an italian called me ‘una wHat’s tHat on your Hand? It’s a traditional Samoanpirata originale!’ now tHe tattoo, very rare. You actually should have bothelderly jump off tHeir Bikes hands done, but well . . . They puncture the skin with a pig’s tooth and a chisel – a painful, longto pat me on tHe sHoulder.” procedure. Man-of-war birds and starfish are common designs. Did you know it’s a proven cureMeet Henk Schiffmacher once and you won’t for pain and rheumatism? For the latter you haveforget him. A 56-year-old who goes by the to combine it with bloodletting.nickname Hanky Panky, Henk is large, bold, loudand bears the obvious marks of a tumultuous life- are you covered all over? No. My belly is mostlystyle. His body is a documentation in the flesh: his clear, but my legs and arms are pretty full. It’s nottattoos are travel stories, ancient traditions passed all knit together tightly. I didn’t get my tattoos inon for generations. His body art adorns many ce- any specific order.lebrities, including Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, RedHot Chili Peppers, Robbie Williams, Herman tHey are a reflection of your life. A boy’s adventureBrood and Patrick Kluivert. After years working book. But also a cultural inheritance. I am makingin the city center, he recently opened a studio on a will to ensure parts of my body will be preserved.Ceintuurbaan, where he works with his daughterMorrison and Tycho Veldhoen. your Hand will stay witH us in formaldeHyde? Among others. My hand for sure, there are only five handsyou just released tHe first-ever encyclopedia on tattoo like this I know of. It can also be just the skinart. congratulations! I wanted to recall history, stretched over a sheet of glass.there is so much knowledge embedded in tattoos.The book is like a printed Tattoopedia. wHy did you move from tHe red ligHt district to de pijp? It’s the popular character that appeals to me.every tattoo relates a story. Originally, tattoos were I love walking around on Albert Cuyp. Pinstripeused as a means of storytelling – identification, suits don’t mean much to me.initiation, a ticket to the next world. They still arein many parts of the word. TALKING HEAD TALKING HEAD - 20 - - 21 -
  12. 12. mogeen Whether you opt for bold or bohemian, you can’t go studio friso A Pijp resident since three years, Friso Dijkstra is an art wrong with a hair-do at Mogeen. Mastering the art of director and product designer whose global aspirations are intuitive cuts and instinctive style makeovers, Mogeen well served by the neighbourhood’s diversity. “It’s like living creates real hairstyles for real people. Goodbye time-con- in a rural community inside a metropolis.” His Barca bench, suming-coiffe, hello gorgeous natural style! Immortalize inspired by an upside down fisherman’s boat, has gained FASHION & DESIGN your cut with a Polaroid taken in the sturdy booth that is international recognition. We fell in love with his chair called part of this groovy salon. Sturdy, which consists of two sandcasted aluminium alloy parts. - 22 -DOWN OUR WAY DOwN Our way - 23 -DOWN OUR WAY sid selected tHe pick of tHe crop in tHe Hood. witH all tHe features of a microcosm, it comes as no surprise Blond Designstone tHat de pijp is a Breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Cups, mugs, plates, teapots, cake-servers . . . When Blond started We are alive and kicking, but when the end seems near, we’ll seven years ago, it was mostly crockery that the two Blond girls check in with designer Kristian van Kuijk. Van Kuijk designs garnished by hand. Now, their signature drawings adorn any- unique contemporary gravestones, and they are most definitely thing from sinks and clothes to books and bedding. Blond’s only the nicest we have ever seen. “Designstone is the founder of flagship store is on Gerard Doustraat, with an adjoining atelier. contemporary commemoration.”
  13. 13. sID lEE lOvEs CTasTE fONk ZaCHT BakkEN mET PassIE Eat sEE also paGE 13 Dine in the dark. amstEldijk 55 Inviting, light and relatively new. The furniture is a medley Cheerful children’s clothing store. The bread of life. Masterly. alBErt Cuypstraat 51-53 of second-hand lampshades CEintuurBaan 83 T 020 6701376 TaarT vaN mIJN TaNTE and a wooden butcher’s table. Dozens of homemade cakes saskIa’s HuIskamEr dusartstraat 51 fIETsfaBrIEk in a setting reminiscent of Dine at a local’s place. T 020 6732487 EsquINJa Biker’s paradise. Alice in Wonderland. alBErt Cuypstraat 203 Chocolate for aficionados. 1E jaCoB van CampEnstraat 12 FErdinand Bolstraat 10 TwENTy THIrD GErard doustraat 224 Top-notch champagne bar THE frENCH Café on the 23rd floor of a star Homemade pate, fish soup with hotel. Offers an unparalleled sPErwEr vINTaGE HOmE IJskuIPJE Homey vintage emporium. rouille, steak tartare, mousse view of Amsterdam. Learn to cook, buy a cookbook Artisinal ice cream take-out in au chocolat: indulge in all-time or eat your heart out. daniEl stalpErtstraat 97 summer, hotchpotch take-away FErdinand Bolstraat 333 French favourites. GErard doustraat 226 when it gets cold outside. www. GErard doustraat 98 1E van dEr HElststraat 27 CHOCOlaTE Bar OlIvE & COOkIE Oldtimer still attracting lots sENsEs Browser’s paradise for design, misC Vegan utopia. saEnrEdamstraat 67 drink of hipsters. DJs regularly spin in the pleasant retro coffee- fashion and architecture. saEnrEdamstraat 26 ZINGEr PrEsENTs and-cream interior. T 020 4707190 PIlsvOGEl 1E van dEr HElststraat 62a Contemporary art gallery. Always crowded (outdoor) www. GErard doustraat 134 BurGErmEEsTEr spot around the corner of the vrEDEsPIJP market. Named after the Art deco meets creative bites The burger is transformed flamINGO migratory birds who, attracted in a 50s interior. into a staggering success. Cozy cocktail bar beside the rIalTO by the fish stalls, used to make 1stE van dEr HElststraat 11a Nice menu, carefully chosen market. Serves snacks. Perfect Theatre that specializes a pit stop here flying south. ingredients and everything spot for people watching. in arthouse movies. GErard douplEin 14 made right at the spot – even the tomato sauce! 1E van dEr HElststraat 37 CarNaBy sTrEET CEintuurBaan 338 Great vintage store. alBErt Cuypstraat 48 kINGfIsHEr alBErt Cuypstraat 99 A favourite haunt with indus- trial looks and a dash of soul. sHop lOvEly aT THE Park BIkram yOGa Workout for body and kITCHEN DEluxE Also serves daily specials. Mostly Asian home accessories, soul in a hot room. Customized banquets that FErdinand Bolstraat 24 HuIsraaD bags and jewelry. CEintuurBaan 426 go beyond good food. The T 020 6712395 Sells everything for the home, sarpHatipark 24 www. experience includes a wine from designer names to vintage steward, mixologist and mamBO and upcoming designers. Will Italian flavours and great mOGEEN in-house stylist. coffee around the corner help you resolve any interior yO-yO’s Hair affairs. GErard doustraat 82 decoration crisis, S or XL. Coffeeshop with from the market. FErdinand Bolstraat 1 GErard doustraat 86 neighbourhood charm. 1E van dEr HElststraat 66 T 020 6791295 2 dE jan van dEr HEijdEnstraat 79 raw fOOD Café ZuIDErBaD Uncooked delights, also GamBrINus raak wITTEBaarD On the edge of De Pijp, take-away. Part of a yoga Typical Dutch cracker Bright, stylish shop with fEEsTarTIkElEN but great place for a splash. school. Free meditation. barrel. Authentic interior. shoes, bags, crockery, cook- Everything you need Separate steam rooms and Low profile food. books, candles and more. for dressing up. van ostadEstraat 234 private herbal whirpools. FErdinand Bolstraat 180 1stE van dEr HElststraat 46 FErdinand Bolstraat 22 HoBBEmastraat 26 www. T 020 6781390 COllEGE HOTEl BINNEN BuITEN BlOND amsTErDam Contemporary Dutch cuisine Popular café with a relaxed at- DuIkElmaN Sells all things girly: HENk sCHIffmaCHEr in an old-school building. titude. Great waterside terrace. High-end kitchenware. clothes, cups, cans, cushions. The king of tattoos. roEloF Hartstraat 1 ruysdaElkadE 115 FErdinand Bolstraat 68 GErard doustraat 69 CEintuurBaan 416 T 020 670 1640 LISTINGS LISTINGS - 24 - - 25 -
  14. 14. sid lee wants to tHank…Sid Lee would like to thank writer AlexandraOnderwater as well as all participants.Special thanks goes to Edwin Spier, Marleen Vos,Frederik Molenschot. contact information Ateliers: Montreal 75 Queen Street, Suite 1400 Montreal, Quebec H3C 2N6 Canada Phone: +1 514-282-2200 Amsterdam Gerard Doustraat 72 1072 VV Amsterdam The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 206 623030 Paris 12 rue du Sentier 75 002 Paris France Phone: +33 (1) 44 88 83 90 Toronto 55 Mill Street Building 5 , Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4 Canada Phone: +1 416 - 421-4200 Austin Suite D-102 3601 South Congress Austin, Texas 78704 United States Phone: +1 512 - 444-3533 Websites:
  15. 15. fanzineAnother NOM DE LA SECTION - 28 -