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Tripod was an imaginary foray into the industrial history of both the site and the city, for we believed that approaching this new amphitheatre without regard for its past would inhibit public
response to it.

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  1. 1. tripodeTripodETrois-Rivières Amphitheater on St.Lawrence, Finalist
  2. 2. GEnEral informaTionContact Us An OverviewARCHITECTURAL DESIGN pRoJECT NAMESid Lee Architecture et Régis Côté et associés Tripode, Amphithéâtre de Trois-RivièresADDRESSE75, rue Queen, bureau 1500, STATUTSMontréal (Québec) Competition finalist, 2011H3C 2N6 CanadaPhone LoCATIoN514-282-2200 Trois-Rivières, Quebec, City of Trois-RivièresCoNTACTSArchitect and Principal partner TypEJean Pelland Cultural and institutionalPhone514-282-6834 ext 554E-mail Total area: 13,671 m2 Total capacity: 10,000pUbLIC RELATIoNSMarie-Eve ChaumontPhone CoNSTRUCTIoN bUDGET514-282-2200 ext 482 $34 Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 3 -
  3. 3. St. Lawrence River Revitalization of the former paper mill site Saint-Maurice Contextualization River The purpose of this architecture contest is to in question (a former paper mill) is situated along “equip the city of Trois-Rivières with an open- the St. Lawrence River, adjacent to the air amphitheatre capable of seating 10,000.” harbourfront park, the city centre, the St. Trois-Rivières is a small Canadian city Lawrence River and St. Quentin Island (for (population 130,407) once known as the pulp and outdoor activities). Such a location calls for an paper industry capital of the world. extraordinary construction,” explains Philippe Located halfway between Montreal and Quebec Drolet, architect, in an excerpt from the contest City, Trois-Rivières was looking to build its own catalogue. venue for hosting high-volume summer festivals For the first phase of the contest, Sid Lee and internationally renowned bands, and hou- Architecture and Régis Côté et Associés sing its symphony orchestra during the summer. banked on the project’s historical roots and awed “In the early 2000s, the city of Trois-Rivières the jury with a vision that reflects the site’s began work on a requalification project. The site industrial past.
  4. 4. N public space ewbefore enteringthe Ampitheatre
  5. 5. Materialize Tripod was an imaginary foray into the industrial history of both the site and the city, for we believed that approaching this new amphitheatre contemporary formalism. From a formal viewpoint, the multiple ways the horizon was framed afforded the site newThe history of the site without regard for its past would inhibit public response to it. prominence and thus infused it with new life. The addition of a third support anchor, which Tripod’s design strategy was to delve into the also served as a lookout post, added a final touchDescription of the projet site’s history and give material life to an by providing an expansive view of the horizon. exploration of the link between past and present On a smaller scale, the polymorphic landscape through the symbolic moulding of the stacks of with its profusion of architectural events offered paper mill–bound logs that used to rise along the passers-by and users an engaging panorama. Saint-Maurice River like great pyramids fed by The grand metal-clad wood canopy harked back conveyors. Through this reading of residual to the steel-hulled ships that plied the waters images of the city Trois-Rivières (Canada), we while offering a striking contrast to the sought to retell a story that went beyond the completely flattened landscape. The project’s visible landscape and tied the project to vestiges uniqueness resides in its counterposed mix of of its past. The amphitheatre was an entity meant scales and materials. to re-inhabit the site, with contours symbolizing the location and a profile embodying a resolutely
  6. 6. GEnius Loci _ HistoricaL imaGEs concEptuaL stratEGiEs skEtcHEs 01 Site HiStory Formal reference by casting the wood pilings and the conveyors that occupied the site in the industrial era.Wood convEyEr Source: anonymous (web) 02 Strategy / dialog / frame Creation of an interrelation to the principal axes and of a new dialogue between the amphitheater and the buildings on the site like the Hangar (reactivity) and the Borealis Museum. Creation and multiplication of the environmental frame by raising the canopy and the creation of three-point base..piLE of LumbEr Source: anonymous (web) canadian intErnatioanL papEr, 1930 Source: McCord Museum 03 texture of tHe marine landScape Reminder of the marine world and the spirit of the site as an undulating landscape and the textures and materials of ships (wood canopy and metal packaging). Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 10 - - 11 -
  7. 7. 01 invEntory Onsite design forcEs in prEsEncE borEaLis musEum Studies by the acoustician’s team were used to These design details preserved intimacy inside the Existing determine orientation and layout. Minimizing amphitheatre while making entry points easy to naturaL sHorEs acoustic constraints caused by the project’s identify and accessible, in order to create Preserved positioning and the direction of the sound from movement to and through the site. topoGrapHy the amphitheatre was a prime concern. To enhance Natural, conserved The broader design strategy was premised on an the sense of closure we added an access gallery economy of interventions creating a spatial topoGrapHy along the southern (urban) flank that makes the dialogue between the sites components: the Natural, used to create access to the amphitheater amphitheatre’s presence and the prefunction role amphitheatre, the Hangar (to be reactivated), and of the new public square more obvious. the Borealis Museum. It presented a new dynamic dock Animating the venue also called for a special focus of riverside openness and conversion of all existing Existing, exploited into public place on pedestrian access, both through landscape buildings to places of public gathering. WeHanGarExisting, reconverted into arts design and entranceway functionality. Three extended the life cycle of this public ensemblecentre and public market public entry points punctuated the approach area created by these three buildings by tying to the amphitheatre’s performance zone. Artist everything with the riverside promenade to create and spectator intimacy is enhanced by a rolling a new urban sightline. landscape, designed to follow the natural curve of the terrain. 02 Work on tHE fiELds 03 framE and circuLation in morpHoLoGy framE: HaLL and sErvicEs at tHE ampHitHEatEr proximity of tHE ampHitHEatEr Accessible directly from the public place HiLLock Stage House Controlled access to the amphitheater by a lanscaping intervention staGE HousE drEssinG tripod nEW oriEntation Wood planel walls Conform to the PFT requirements pLayGround sEatinG Protected from dominant winds by 3500 spEctators lanscaping interventions HiLLock rivEr sHuttLE Controlled access to the amphitheater Towards Trois-Rivières city center. by a landscaping intervention proposEd Grass LaWn 6500 spectators GEnEraL pubLic accEss To the bleechers and grass lawn. Secured for crowd control Lawn proposed to the f.t.p. construction of a vEGEtatEd accEss basiLar Controlled access to the amphitheater framE : sHops and rEstaurants Out of project Main access hall / v.i.p. access to seating Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 12 - - 13 -
  8. 8. N The broader design strategy was premised on an economy of interventions creating a spatial dialogue between the sites components: the amphitheatre, saint-mauricE rivEr the Hangar (to be reactivated), and the Borealis Museum. It presented a new dynamic of riverside openness and conversion of all existing buildings to places of public gathering. We extended the life cycle of this public ensemble protEctEd naturaL created by these three buildings by tying everything with the riverside HiLLs promenade to create a new urban sightline. borEaLis musEum community GardEns sErvicEs buiLdinG Trois-Rivieres city - sport equipment rental EarLy cHiLdHood dock: and site maintenance cEntrE pLayGround rivEr sHuttLE protEctEd naturaL HiLLs rEst arEa saint-LaurEncE rivEr "contrE-EspLanadE": Playground and winter slopes) rivEr patHWay patH dEvELoppEd for opEn air activitiEs and rEstinG LinEd WitH dynamic vEGEtatEd incidEnts tHat EncouraGE discovEry traiL LEadinG to artist EntrancE sErvicEs parkinGaccès controLLEd accEss for artists and EmpLoyEEs tour bus LandinG zonE dug space hidden from onlookers obsErvatory pLayGround Grass LaWn (city of Trois-Rivières) (6500 spectators) HaLL and vEGEtatEd accEss basiLar -PARk FOR CHiLdREN iN GERMANy -LiNEAR PARk (HiGHLiNE iN NEW yORk) tripodE HotEL offEr rEstinG dock smaLL staGE pubLic pLacE Outside of the main stage GatHErinG spot show hours sHops and rEstaurants WitH GrEEn roof (but ExcLudEd from tHE proposEd projEct) commErciaL and rEsidEntiaL buiLdinGs (Trois-Rivières urban development) commErciaL patHWay -TROiS-RivièRES BuSkER FESTivAL -MuvBOx (MOBiLE FOOd CONCESSiON) LandinG zonE -uSEd BOOk STORE (bus, car and universal access) pEdEstrian WaLkWay commErciaL main accEss to tHE sitE parkinG HanGar rEconvErsion ExampLE of industriaL buiLdinG rEconvErsion usinG mEEtinG point containErs as artists WorksHops -MSdM MEdiAWARF iN AMSTERdAM Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 14 - - 15 -
  9. 9. The amphitheatre’s hall way opening to the public square is covered with a Commercial Promenadegreen roof, and its façade was made permeable to emphasize the connectionof the exterior. We also create a large fresco to bring art to the site.This imposing shape of the amphitheatre was also intended to make thefacility a focal point for the rehabilitation of the city’s riverbanks and offer away to experience and view the immensity of the St. Lawrence and Saint-Maurice Rivers from different perspectives and scales.
  10. 10. At a glance CApACITy Seating 3,500 places (2,200 m2) Grass lawn 6,500 places (5,205 m2) Stage also used for receptions and banquets with space for 250 in winter Administrative offices: About 15building STAGE AND SEATING AREA Stagehouse dimensions: 13 m deep x 41 m widecomponents Stage front height: Stagehouse height (above the stage): 1.5 m 25 m Understage height: 3.1 m and 5 mProject specifications Proscenium: 18 m wide x 8.5 m high Technical grid: 691 m2 Main entrance: 205 m2 ENvERGURE CANopéE Canopy roof size: 3,525 m2 Canopy portico dimensions behind the stands: 80 m wide x 16 m high Clearance under canopy structure: 11.5 m Number of risers to lookout on roof: 85 Rooftop lookout dimensions: 25 m2 SUpERFICIES Total area (net) 13,671 m2 Public spaces 498 m2 Public stage areas (stands and parterre) 8,991 m2 Stage area 2,483 m2 Stage support area 1,075 m2 Administrative area 412 m2 Services area 212 m2
  11. 11. Lobby EntranceLike the hull withits metal exteriorand its wood andsteel interior, thestagehouse combinedthe power of gesturalexpression with alightness of materialexpression.A system of 1.2 m x 2.4 m aluminum panels would clad theouter wall of the stagehouse, perforated above the officesat the front and gradually opacified toward the back of thestructure.
  12. 12. Composition of the skin’s structural elements The project’s structural premises were simple: use a by a horizontal steel beam, thus forming the fifth 05 wHite elaStomer memBrane wood canopy structure for historical reasons and for portico and completing the compression ring. The final High reflectivity to counter the effect of isolated patches of heat greater durability, and match it to the strength of steel assembly was trussed with a two-way wooden structure on account of the architectural concept calling for long- (caisson). This structure was made out of prefabricated span structures. wood laminated beams about 3 m deep and assembled The strategy was to have a self-supporting structure into 4 m x 4 m modules. The roof is covered with oBServatory made up of four rigid porticos in triangulated steel prefabricated wood decking tiles about 75 mm thick. buttressed by two load-bearing partitions, the stagehouse side walls. These two walls were then joined 02 envelope 04 prefaBricated wood SlaB Bridging covering system made from opaque and 4m x 4m x 75mm thick modules that form perforated aluminium panels that are placed the systems diaphragm directly on steel frames (following the slope of the structure) 03 Bi-directional Structure made 01 Steel frameS and porticoS of engeneering wood (trelliS) (Stage HouSe) wood roof structure made of laminated-stuck pillars flexural wallS and (depth of about 3m) from local wood essence; the prefaBricated concrete panelS foot black spruce Beam portico 4foot footBeam Beam module 1 foot Beam portico 3 portico 1 foot module 2 portico 2 03.1 Wood structurE assEmbLy 01.1 stEEL framE assEmbLy prefabricated modules assembled on site. economy ($) Steel frames with triangulated spatial frame Support: on assembly time. local material, durable, Quebecois expertise. structure, prefabricated and assembled concrete pillarS on site. economy ($) on assembly time. caSt on poStS Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 22 - - 23 -
  13. 13. Winter Activities along the quay
  14. 14. pLan_LEv.1_Ground fLoor pLan_LEv.basEmEnt pLan_LEv.2 SCALE 1:500 OFFiCESHALL ANd STAGE SCALE 1:300SCALE 1:300 pLan_LEv.3 pLan_LEv.4 FOOTBRidGE TECHNiCAL GRid / ROOF SCALE 1:500 SCALE 1:500 Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 26 - - 27 -
  15. 15. accEss HaLL staGE HousE obsErvatory GraminacEous GardEn accEss to sEatinGEL.: 38 032ROOFiNGHiGH POiNT EL.: 30 146 STRuCTuRE HiGH POiNT EL.: 26 260EL.: 16 400vEGETATEd SuBSTRuCTuREACCESS BASiLAR EL.: 14 500 vEGETATEd ROOFiNG (SHOPS)EL.: 12 184COMMERCiAL EL.: 10 500PLACE SHOPS South Elevation _ Hall and main access Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 28 - - 29 -
  16. 16. accEss to tHE obsErvatory staGE HousE EL.: 38 032 ROOFiNG HiGH POiNTEL.: 31 379 EL.: 30 146OBSERvATORy STRuCTuRE HiGH POiNT EL.: 26 260 LOW POiNT EL.: 14 334 GRASS LAWN East Elevation _ Ground / Esplanade Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 30 - - 31 -
  17. 17. Grass pubLic sErvicE rEntaL spacE staGE HousE LaWn accEss EL.: 38 032 ROOFiNG HiGH POiNTEL.: 30 146 EL.: 26 260STRuCTuRE HiGH POiNT SOuS-STRuCTuRE north Elevation _ rental space stage left Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 32 - - 33 -
  18. 18. Material expression and environmental integration The outside wall at the back of the dressing throughout while using only a single material. rooms and office area is a double glazed skin The visible portions of the stagehouse and covered with the a semi-transparent wall system proscenium cladding match the wooden of perforated panels. This allowes light to filter in structure of the canopy. These surface areas are while protecting privacy. These perforated panels covered with a system of panels made of marine also make it possible to vary façade textures plywood frequently used in naval construction. accEss to sEatinG pErforatEd mEtaL WaLL infront of officEs and drEssinG rooms EL.: 38032 HiGH POiNTEL.: 13 000ACCESS TOAMPHiTHEATER / STAGE West Elevation _ Backstage Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 34 - - 35 -
  19. 19. 5m x 5m obsErvatory opEninG in tHE roof tHE roofinG dEtaiL at tHE parapEtvariEs to crEatE a baLustradE WHErE tHE obsErvatory is situatEd stEEL structurE covErEd by an opaquE and pErforatEd aLLuminium sidinG staircasE sidinG madE of stainLEss stEEL cabLE mEsH Last fLiGHts of stairs insidE a moduLE of tHE WoodEn structurE stEEL framE staircasE fixEd to tHE stEEL framEs and Wood piLLars detail of staircase leading to observatory Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 36 - - 37 -
  20. 20. stEEL structurE bidirEctionaL WoodEn obsErvatory tEcHnicaL aLLuminum panEL (spactiaL skELEton) structurE accEss staircasE cLEarinG sidinG systEmlongitudinal view Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 38 - - 39 -
  21. 21. staGE HousE canopy and sound dEfLEctors structuraL framE pubLic sErvicEs zonE perspective view Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre Trois-rivières AmphiTheATre - 40 - - 41 -
  22. 22. AmbianceBeneath the Canopy
  23. 23. Another SidlEE arCHiTECTUrE fanzine