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SID LEE ARCHITECTURE | The Ajax Experience


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In collaboration with gsmprjct°, Jimmy Lee and Sid Lee.

The challenge
The over 100 year-old Ajax Amsterdam is a Dutch football club based in Amsterdam. The city has completely related to this legendary and world-famous club: Amsterdam is Ajax, Ajax is Amsterdam. The Dutch national team has built its reputation over time, and the club has won all the awards in the profession: the Champions' League, the UEFA Cup and the European Cup winners' cup.

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SID LEE ARCHITECTURE | The Ajax Experience

  1. 1. ajaxexperienceIn collaboration with gsmprjct°, Jimmy Lee and Sid Lee
  2. 2. generalINFORMATIONContact us An overviewARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LoCATIoNSid Lee Architecture Rembrandtplein75, Queen Street, suite 1500, Utrechtsestraat 9Montreal (Quebec) 1017 DA AmsterdamH3C 2N6 CanadaBRANDING AND GRAPHIC DESIGN CLIENTSid Lee Amsterdam AFC AJAX N.V. NetherlandsGerard Doustraat 72-80, 1072VVAmsterdam, Netherlands TyPE MuseumTELEPHoNEMontreal: 514-282-2200 SURfACE (SCoPE)Amsterdam: +31 20 66 23 030 1 000 m2WEB CoNSTRUCTIoN 4.2 M EUROS / 5.5 M$ CDNCoNTACTS PRoDUCTIoN August 2010 to Novembre 2011NameJean PellandPhone oCCUPATIoN514-282-6834 ext 554 November 2011E-mailjpelland@sidleearchitecture.comPUBLIC RELATIoNSName: Marie-Eve ChaumontPhone: 514-282-2200 ext 482E-mail: ajax experience - 3 -
  3. 3. The challenge"Amsterdam is Ajax. Ajax is Amsterdam ". The over 100 year-old Ajax Amsterdam is a In 2010, Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with gsmprjct°, Sid Lee, and Jimmy Lee, was Dutch football club based in Amsterdam. The city has completely adopted to this legendary mandated by the AFC (Ajax Football Club) to and world-famous club: Amsterdam is Ajax, Ajax create the brand new Ajax Experience, a museum is Amsterdam. The Dutch national team has experience that praises the epic sports franchise, built its reputation over time, and the club has allowing visitors to discover what has led Ajax won all the awards in the profession: the to become one of the most respected teams in Champions League, the UEFA Cup and the the history of football. European Cup winners cup. ajax experience ajax experience - 4 - - 5 -
  4. 4. We build giants... Located beforehand at the Ajax Stadium in a more iconic building called the bank that used to host classic and smaller space, and then relocated at the the ABN AMRO Bank, hence embodying this Arena stadium on the outskirts of the city, the legendary place that binds the team to its city. Ajax football clubs museum already attracted a large number of football aficionados. However, The Experience aims at celebrating a unique the club wanted to give the museum a third life history of successes through a series of playful and have it this time in a more central location. So and interactive events, and inspiring historical the goal was to turn this museum into an experience memories. Visitors will be initiated into the and to reconnect it to the heart of its city, discovery of the team’s history and its heroes, Amsterdam. and they will find out what it takes to build a young player into an iconic player, in essence The Ajax Experience is located on the most how Ajax succeeds in building Giant players. At popular square in the center of Amsterdam, the the conclusion of the experience, visitors will Rembrandtplein, not far from the place the club fully understand how Ajax builds Giants. was originally founded in 1900: the Café Oost- Indië in Kalverstraat. The Experience was set in an “Two years ago, we thought: we have such great memorabilia here at the club. Why not put all of that into a great experience. And we’re an Amsterdam club. So why not go back to the heart of Amsterdam.” 1 2 Henri van der Aat, Ajax commercial director5 LEGEND: 1. Rembrandt square 2. Statue of Rembrandt ajax experience ajax experience - 6 - - 7 -
  5. 5. ajax experience ajax experience - 8 - - 9 -
  6. 6. 3 4 2 7 5 6 1Walkthrough ExperienceThe project is built around the head of the trail: The museum is divided into 7 big steps orthe stadium. It is located at the center of the different experiences:museum, and its stadium-like architecture givesa "reverse bleachers" feel to the whole museum. 1. History Hall 2. The Ajax AcademyThe trail is conceived as an enfilade so that the 3. The Locker roomvisitors can fully live the developing process of an 4. The "Pitch"athlete: from the Giants engraved in his memory 5. The Stadiumto his own glory on the field. 6. Ajax around the world 7. The Retail ajax experience ajax experience - 10 - - 11 -
  7. 7. Step 1:We buildgiantsThe history hallWith the ticket stand and a waiting area, the hall with a triangulated surface, creating the effect ofis first and foremost branded with an imposing a roughly sculpted surface with lines thathistorical print that underlines the excellence challenge gravity. Embedded in those sculptedand the glory of the greatest players of the team, walls are the different Giants and the historical"the Giants". With free general admission and timeline of the club spanning from 1900 to today,visible from the street, the museum gives the underlining the great events of the club as ithistory of the club back to where it belongs: its evolved each time with the birthing of great newown city. players. For the mural, the club officials had the hard task of choosing 17 Giants worthy of beingThe hall acts as a prelude to the experience and part of the clubs historical fresco.the architecture spreads out in a sculptural wall ajax experience ajax experience - 12 - - 13 -
  8. 8. ajax experience ajax experience - 14 - - 15 -
  9. 9. 1 We wanted to create a strong, personalized, dynamic, graphic identity that would live throughout the experience. We worked on 3 different layers to address various aspects of the clubs history: 1 WE BUILD GIANTS We want to represent the Giants in a strong, iconic, and dynamic way. To bring all of the enlarged pictures to the same level and create uniformity, we use high contrast black&white and red&white pictures. 2 2 111 yEARS OF hISTORy Quickly show and visualize important periods of great Ajax history with strong iconic typography. 3 3 GLORIOUS MOMENTS Using a collage technique for photographic elements, and setting a strong and clear timeline, we display all stories and anecdotes that made Ajax players become GIANTS and honor them with being part of the wall. Those anecdotes are chosen to satisfy tourists as well as hardcore fans who already know a lot about their favorite club.ajax experience ajax experience - 16 - - 17 -
  10. 10. 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17Jan DE naTrIS SJaaK SWarT rUUD KrOl FranK rIJKaarD DEnnIS BErGKaMP ClarEnCE SEEDOrF EDWIn van DEr Sar raFaël van DEr vaarT CHrISTIan ErIKSEn 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 PIET van rEEnEn PIET KEIZEr JOHan CrUIJFF MarCO van BaSTEn DannY BlInD JarI lITManEn PaTrICK KlUIvErT WESlEY SnEIJDEr ajax experience ajax experience - 18 - - 19 -
  11. 11. In the open vista (hall), 2 architecturallanguages play against one another in a backand forth game: the pure lines of thebleachers versus the sculptural language ofthe mural. ajax experience ajax experience - 20 - - 21 -
  12. 12. Step 2:The AjaxaCADEMyWe build GiantsThe academy offers a strong contrast to the how the AFC turns young players into world-public space of the hall as it is much darker and famous athletes, as well as the clubs trainingmultiple audio and visual elements are integrated. methods based on the TIPS (technique, insight, personality, and speed ) model.In this section of the museum, visitors will learn
  13. 13. A. THE WELL OF TALENTAJAX IS POWERED BY YOUTHWitness how the renowned football club is also the best school of football,empowering young athletes with superior football skills.The well of talents acts as an introduction to the Ajax philosophyand approach to football using the training program as a wayof conveying the essential ideas behind the club’s philosophy. Thissection is the only pulsed space of the experience. It shows how theathletes flourish through their training in the club; how they havethe potential within their reach to become Giants. ajax experience ajax experience - 24 - - 25 -
  14. 14. b. THE ACADEMYAJAX IS A SCHOOL WHERE FOOTBALL IS TAUGHT AND MASTEREDAjax, as an academy of Giants, is an equilibrium between the people whorun it, the training methods and intelligence, and the club as an institutionand place where all of these people, ideas and athletes thrive.The space is somewhat a “behind the scenes” of Ajax, explaining the contextin which it succeeds in training so many successful players. Between thetraining methods, the club where success is cultivated, the people arethe ones that bring it together and build the culture and the players.The idea is to understand the scope of various elements that act togetherto build a Giant. ajax experience ajax experience - 26 - - 27 -
  15. 15. TRAINING mETHoDS PEoPLE CLUB videoloop videoloop videoloop TRAINING mETHoDS PEoPLE CLUB station 1 station 2 station 3 After going through the Well of Talent, These videos are structured around interviews visitors are greeted by three (3) two-minute with individuals active in each of these spheres documentaries, each presenting a strong (from trainers to management to fans). element of the process: 1. The People 2. The Club Heritage 3. The Training Methodsajax experience ajax experience - 28 - - 29 -
  16. 16. 2 large showcases under the stadium presentthe club heritage as a society, place andcradle of success with apparel, trophies, anda broad explanation of historical facts tied tothe memorabilia. ajax experience ajax experience - 30 - - 31 -
  17. 17. B A TECHNIQUE INSIGHT C BooTHS INTERACTIVE TABLES SPEED AREAC. THE TrAiNiNg FiELDAfter understanding the context and how the The training field holds a series of play stations,elements work together to form the academy, each individually exploring the 4 key topics withthe visitor explores 275 m 2 of interactive features. use of interactive technology. Similar to drills, the activities are designed with a play & learnT.I.P.S.: HOW TO TRAIN TO BECOME A GIANT approach, where content becomes embedded in the physical experience.This unique training program, developed byAjax, is key to becoming a Giant. ajax experience ajax experience - 32 - - 33 -
  18. 18. Playing field 1066mm Touch Screen (Ultra thin bevel) + multi-user interactive Insight basic info + graphics Profile metallic casing observation zone Graphic design on floor PLAyER 1 ComfoRT AREA Graphic design on floor oBSERVATIoN oBSERVATIoN zoNE PLAyER 2 zoNE ComfoRT AREA Insight Insight: decyphering, anticipating, and playing the game. These pods will give insights on different strategies, and can be viewed either solo or with another person. 3 interactive tables are used as displays that hold different insightful analyses on some of the greatest Ajax games.ajax experience ajax experience - 34 - - 35 -