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Appeal for Woolens


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An appeal for the donation of woolens by Kitchener Lodge No. 2998 E.C.

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Appeal for Woolens

  1. 1. I am proud to inform you that I’m a Freemason and a member of Kitchener Lodge No. 2998 E.C, a Lodge in its 111th year of existence. It might interest you to know that the Freemason’s not only are the world’s oldest fraternal organization, we also lead the globe in charitable donations. Its three cardinal principles worldwide, applied to six million members, are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. As part of a charitable endeavor, we are collecting surplus woolens from members and friends, to be deposited at the Lodge on Monday the 6th January 2014. These woolens, which will ultimately be passed on to the needy in and around the Delhi/NCR region, can be of any size and form including but not limited to jackets, trousers, blazers, blankets, sweaters and shawls among others. As long as you believe the article you’re donating can help insulate a person from the fatal effects of a cold winter and is able to provide them some warmth, it is welcome. God has been very kind to all of us. Last year, when we all were cozily sitting before the heater in our home snugly wearing woolens, there were many less fortunate who were out in the open without any protection. The same chilling winters are approaching again. I thus appeal your good self to take some time right now and reach into your wardrobes and trunks to help those less fortunate than us. From a single scarf to a trunk full of your children’s old woolens – everything is welcome. Let’s talk and work out how we can get your contributions to the Lodge before the 6th of January 2014. Please do call/mail if there are any further clarifications I may provide. Alternatively, please mail Kitchener Lodge directly at