10 things India still needs freedom from


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As India celebrates its 67 years of independence, we need to take a step back to look at the things we still need freedom from. A small presentation by Sidoscope to show the things we still lack

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10 things India still needs freedom from

  1. 1. INDIA STILL NEEDS Freedom from TOP 10 THINGS by
  2. 2. Our attitude towards woman Despite India being formed on the open ideas of feminism and one of the few countries that still worship the female deity, India remains woefully horrible for women. Adding together the number of dowry deaths, female foeticide, rapes and domestic abuse we have failed the fairer gender completely.
  3. 3. Corruption While there is a clear rampant corruption in the government, it is upto us- the cititzens of India to avoid the temptation. Be it breaking the signal or entering the wrong way. Refuse to pay bribe and ask for a receipt. There is no shame in filling fine if you have broken the rules. Since we all have agreed to follow the rules, finding excuses to breaking them should be stopped. Timothy Gama
  4. 4. Our attitude towards sanitation Spitting in public, throwing garbage on roads and open feaces are common occurences in most parts of India. We all strive hard to clean our houses but at the same time we do not really take a lot of care of our surroundings. Public places, our neibourhood are all part of who we are and where we live. We definately need to get freedom from this attitude.
  5. 5. Reservatioin and caste system The bedrock of our country laid with oppressive caste system. While it is good that India has taken a step forward to curb out the caste system, we have over- stepped our limits and played politics around the issue. India really need freedom from the mis-use of these schemes and have a better way to equalize everyone.
  6. 6. The infamous 'chalta hai' attitude The who cares attitude or the 'chalta hai' attitude is one thing common across the lenght and breath of india. We need to stop use the words and really start thinging about us. We need not look at the government and say, who cares, we should come to a place where we look at ourself and say, hey I care for this country. India mein yeh sab nahi chalta hai.
  7. 7. Forced oppression of youth Lets talk about the elephant in the room. India is a country that was invaded, raided and almost destoyed more than once in the past. This has caused a lot of insecurity among the growing populace but after so many years of indepence, we need to let go of this insecurity and look beyond the secure life and dream big. Indians have known to forcebly marry their kids off, forcebly plan their career among other things. Today on independence day, we should get freedom from this opression. Another social evil, the honor killing, that is offshoot of this practice should also be stopped.
  8. 8. Child Labour India has over 28 million working children in different parts of the country. We need to stop this practice and make sure they do not loose their childhood. One step towards this is taken by Save the children foundation, which strives for a child safe india. We can pledge to get rid of this social evil by helping them.
  9. 9. Poverty According to world bank India has 400 million people living in acute poverty. In a country of 1.2 billion thats a large number. There are many people who do not have acess to basic human rights.
  10. 10. Intolerance India is the house for many different types of religions. We need to learn to tolerate different faiths and culture that are part of our geography. We need to understand that not only religious differences but there are people living with different views, sexuality and communities among us. If there is one mantra Indians should learn, it is- live and let live. We must learn to respect each others personal spaces.
  11. 11. Animal Cruelty We need to stop becoming beastly towards treatment of the animals. Respect towards cows and other animals should be paramount.
  12. 12. All images used in this presentation are from creative common license, except the one on Corruption slide taken with permission from the photographer Timothy Gama. Created by Siddhesh Kabe