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A concept system that'll revolutionise the railway signaling system

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  1. 1. BLUERAILS… -AConcept Syst em…
  2. 2.  Bluerails is the name of a concept system that’ll revolutionize the signaling system of the railways. The current rail signalling system uses wired LED signals that controls the rail traffic The concept system would eliminate all the complex wiring arrangements and lever boxes.
  3. 3. CONCEPT…
  4. 4.  Bluerails means controlling the rails through the application of Bluetooth networks. The rail signaling systems would be attached with an advanced bluetooth modules that’ll control the signal The modules would be connected through Bluetooth networks provided by the junction stations.
  5. 5.  The stations would have highspeed server room connected toa centrallized national networkshowing the position and timingof different trains. Due to this the signals colud be controlled so as to minimise the train delay log.
  6. 6. Concept Of Bluerails and and working
  7. 7.  The Bluerails networkwill be fully encryptedhighly accurate. The network would bechecked from any foreigninturruptions A sample bluetooth securityModule is shown in figure
  8. 8. The IEEE 802.11 acts lile a security module
  9. 9. Safety…
  10. 10.  The Engineand guardrooms will befitted with aBlue module that’ll alarm when coming in network range of another blue module . This would help in avoiding head-on accidents Also this module will indicate the signal in the engine in case of any problem with signal lights.
  11. 11.  Replace the oldlever and relaymethod of signaling Increases reliability and reduces the overall maintenance cost. Use of several kilometres of signaling wires. Increase rail safety Decrease time delay and provides real time train running information.
  12. 12.  Bluerails concept is a revolutionary concept that can greatly affect railway traffic and safety. With some further improvisations and technical assistance this project can be highly beneficial for Indian government and railways
  13. 13. Thank You… Sidhant Chatterjee