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Sidercenter company profile english

  1. 1. SIDER CENTERcompany profile
  2. 2. company profileABOUT USSince 1973 Sider Center has been the leadingBuying Group in Italy for iron and steel products.A single centralised meeting point for a dynamic group of business peoplecapable of meeting the challenges of the iron and steel sector.Sider Center was founded as a cooperative company: all of its members sharethe qualities of loyalty, fairness and a strong sense of belonging to a team.The independence of the Group is a guarantee of transparency, reliability andcredibility whether dealing with suppliers, other members or clients.Sider Center neither sells products nor offers servicesto third parties:this is the business of over 40 distribution centres forming a densenationwide network.
  3. 3. company profileMISSIONSider Center brings together a group of companies that are leaders in the ironand steel sector, who cooperate closely, bound together by a common objective:to obtain the best market price in the purchase of ironand steel products and to offer its members the maximumsupport in terms of service and trade conditions.
  4. 4. company profileWHAT WE DOSider Center provides its members with numerousservices allowing them to keep ahead of the economicdynamics of the sector.Sider Center has a profound knowledge of the iron and steel sector and follows itstrends closely through daily dialogue with the main producers in Italy and abroadand with its members.The organisation provides market analysis and interpretation, while examining anddeveloping the needs of its members and client requirements. It plans purchasingstrategies, closes trade agreements, and oversees operational management of allsupplier relations at every step: from the placing of orders through to delivery.
  5. 5. company profileHOW WE DO ITSider Center guarantees a long-term partnershipwith its own top-level suppliers:offering innovative and competitivesupply solutionsproviding transparent accessto the most competitive market conditionsThe centralised nature of the organisationalstructure for the management of purchasingprovide essential support to the supply activityand allows extremely accurate monitoring of thepurchasing market.
  6. 6. company profileSIDER CENTERIN BRIEF260,000 tonnes purchased annually 20% 2% 27%420 million Euro consolidated Group revenues150,000 order rows processed in one year 29%thanks to the use of an advanced database 21%interconnected with those of our membersMember sales to over 50,000 clients ACQUISTI PER PRODOTTOGroup workforce stands at over 1000 employees laminati mercantili tubi altri prodotti travi lamiere spianate
  7. 7. company profileOUR STAFFChairman Vice ChairmanMarco Fadda - Mario Zani - info@sidercenter.itDirectorAndrea Maganzani - andrea.maganzani@sidercenter.itPurchases of merchant bars Purchases of pipes and tubingMarta Munoz - Marco Giusti - marco.giusti@sidercenter.itPurchases of beams and heavy plates Purchases of gratings and AdministrationValeria Govoni - Francesca Girotti - francesca.girotti@sidercenter.itPurchases of flattened sheetsSilvana Messori -
  8. 8. company profileSIDER CENTER MEMBERSARTURO MANCINI SRL - Pesaro (PU) - www.arturomancini.itCARMINATI TUBI & ACCIAIO SRL - Bergamo (BG) - www.carminatitubieacciai.itCESIP SRL - Crispiano (TA) - www.cesipsrl.comDI RAIMONDO SRL - Belpasso (CT)EDILSIDER SPA - Alcamo (TP) - www.edilsiderspa.itFADDA SPA - Sestu (CA) - www.fadda.netFRANZINI ANNIBALE SPA - Mancasale (RE) - www.franzini.itF.LLI MOLTENI SPA - Monza (MI) - www.moltenifratelli.itMETALLURGICA PIEMONTESE ORSI SPA - Torino (TO) - www.mpoferro.itOLIVIERI FERRO SPA - Castel San Giovanni (PC) - www.olivierispa.comPIETROBIN SRL - San Vendemiano (TV) - www.pietrobin.itPOMAFER SPA - Arcola (SP) - www.pomafer.itSAFERROT SPA - Roma - www.saferrot.itSARDELLI LORENZO SPA – Monteriggioni (SI) - www.sardellilorenzo.itSCARAMUZZA FERRO SPA - Napoli (NA) -
  9. 9. company profileSIDER CENTER MEMBERSSCURATI SPA - Cusano Milanino (MI) - www.scurati.itSIDERIMPORT3 SRL – Livorno (LI) -, www.sidercomitlivorno.itSIDERURGICA BARDELLI SRL - Torreano di Martignacco (UD) - www.bardelli.comSIDERURGICA DEL RENO SPA - Cento (FE) - www.siderurgicadelreno.itSIDOTI SRL - Comiso (RG) - www.sidotisrl.comSLEMENSIDER SNC - Cesena (FC) - www.slemensider.comSOCFEDER SPA - Modena (MO) - www.socfeder.itVALFER SRL - Cornedo Vicentino (VI) -
  10. 10. Sider Center Soc. Coop.Via Emilia Ovest, Condominio il Globo, 41123 ModenaTel. 0593364311, Fax