Sidel SRU Flue Gas Condenser


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Sidel SRU Flue Gas Condenser

  1. 1. Natural gas is the Worlds Clean Energy Fuel. It is used residentially, commercially industrially and atpower plants to produce electricity. Used efficiently this energy source will help the world to combat theClimate Cliff that is looming before us.LP Gas is another clean energy source that can be consumed just as efficiently as natural gas.With the technology of Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery can be consumed to well over 90% energyefficiency During this heat recovery process the energy is recovered from the waste exhaust of theseappliances This recovered heat energy is then available to be used for the purpose it was combusted.What will then be vented into the atmosphere after this heat recovery process will be COOL exhaust.Some days the temperature of this exhaust will be even cooler than the outside air temperature.Mass cooling?In combusted natural gas is WATER and during theCondensing Heat Recovery process, the water iscreated/recovered. This Clean-Distilled water is very usable.How much water is in combusted natural gas? There is 2 metric Tons (2,000 liters) of water in everymetric ton of natural gas that is combusted.Power generation consumes a large volume of natural gas. For each Mega Watt of power generationusing a gas turbine, there is 1 Ton of water that is recoverable. A Ton of water is a cubic meter whichequals 1,000 liters. There is natural gas power generation happening all across the country from 1 MWto 100 MW and larger. At each of these locations water can be created. This will save a lot of energycosts otherwise having to be spent on pumping this waterfrom the desalinization plants.There are a lot of opportunities to generate water,as natural gas is consumed in commercial buildings,hospitals, hotels and universities. Natural gas is used in industrial paper mills, ceramic plants, abbatoirs,dairies, food and beverage processors, petro chemical and pharmaceutical industries.Desalinization plants are expensive to construct and expensive to operate. Then this water has to betransported. Creating this water in the area where it will be consumed will save a lot of energy and cost.Some of this expensive desalinized water is also being consumed for irrigation purposes. Have you everseen combusted natural gas irrigate the lawns and flower beds?The lesson to be learned today is :Instead of venting all this HOT exhaust into the atmosphere, the heatenergy from this natural gas must be recovered and utilized with the technology of Condensing Flue GasHeat Recovery.This heat recovery process will reduce a lot of CO2 and other oxideemissions fromentering into the climate.The BONUS of this Energy Saving process is the WATER that is being created out of this combustednatural gas or LP Gas. This clean water canbe consumed in a number of ways.Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced utility bills = ProfitIncreased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced global warmingIncreased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced CO2 emissionsIncreased natural gas energy efficiency = Water conservation.
  2. 2. What natural gas is not wasted today, will be there to be used another day.The world cannot evolve any longer without energy. It is therefore so important that the energy andwater we do consume be used as efficiently as possible