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Solutions infini provides infinite mobile messaging solutions which makes it one of the leading enterprise messaging solutions company.

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SMS Services | SMS Gateway | Bulk SMS Resellers | Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Solutions In�ini | ContentsSOLUTIONS INFINIIndia’s LeadingMobile Messaging & Cloud Telephony CONTENTS - The Company - Industries Association - Products - Industries - Partners - Contact Us www.solutionsin�
  2. 2. Solutions In�ini | Company ABOUT COMPANY Back in 2006, a group of college colleagues had They say that the possibilities are limitless. the zeal to begin an entrepreneurial adventure In�ini – is a shorter form of In�inite. At which targeted at providing “state of the art” Solutions In�ini – we offer virtually any type of enterprise messaging solutions. Today, almost solution that you are looking for from a after half a decade, this adventure has creative and implementation perspective. blossomed in to a well established messaging Solutions stand for our ability to deliver entity where people are heartily dedicated in exactly what you’re looking for. providing impeccable mobile solutions which suits the requirements of our esteemed clients “ Solutions In�ini – more possibilities ” to the best. Solutions in�ini has its headquarters “ What the mind can envisage - we can craft” in Bangalore and other of�ices in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. VISION & MISSION To bring the world closer by excelling in wireless messaging technologies and At Solutions In�ini, we are always motivated to focused on improving the performance of think out of the box so that our clients can be customers applications. While this vision served with innovative ideas & solutions. de�ines the ultimate destination .. Being an economically price positioned enterprise ; Solutions In�ini aim has always prevailed in customer satisfaction which has Provide an environment of Trust and lead to the success of our company. Excellence to company customers with utmost care and support. Customers are at the center of everything we do and that is re�lected in Solutions In�ini mission. CORE PURPOSE The secret behind the success of Solutions In�ini lies in its core purpose of existence. Enriching lives of our clients by exposing them to a dynamic wireless connectivity platform where incredible mobile solutions can elevate the technical standards of their business, is our ultimate goal.
  3. 3. Solutions In�ini | Industries Association INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION Via active membership of various industry associations, Solutions In�ini helps de�ine the mobile VAS space by sharing information on industry trends, debating and formulating solutions to industry issues and providing input on nascent technologies and standards. We committed to shaping the mobile world of tomorrow and delivering products and services that enhance the mobile experience of the end subscriber. The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is a not-for-pro�it industry body with a mandate to IAMAI - The Internet and Mobile Association of India expand and enhance the online and mobile value added services sectors. The association addresses the issues, concerns and challenges of the Internet and Mobile economy and takes a leading role in its development. The IAMAI in the only specialized industry body in India representing the interests of online and mobile value added services industry. For more information, please visit : TiE - The Indus Enterprenurs The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepre- neurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. There are currently 13,000 members, including over 2,500 charter members in 57 chapters across 14 countries. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking and education. For more information, please visit : BNI - Business Networking International BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. BNI is a 25 year old business and professional organization that allows only one person from each trade or profession to join a chapter. BNI has over 126,000 members worldwide, in 43 different countries, from over 300 different types of profession... generate over 6.2 million referrals which generated business worth Rs11,700 crores (US$2.6 Billion).
  4. 4. Solutions In�ini | Products PRODUCTSWhen you think about the ways you would wish to approach the 2-Way Messagingmodern mobile markets, the sheer amount of possibilities can be Enterprise MessagingSolutions in�ini provides in�inite mobile messaging solutions which makes it one of theoverwhelming. Miss Call Solutionsleading enterprise messaging solutions company. Our interactive services has lifted themobile messaging platform to an all new level by promoting excellence and �luidity in our Mobile Marketingrich applications and connectivity. Mobile CouponWe are specialists in development and operation of value added mobile solutions for ourclientele base. USSD Email 2 SMS Mobile Locator InfiGage ( 2-Way Messaging )1 InfiRiA ( Enterprise Messaging ) InfiRing ( Miss Call Solutions ) InfiZap ( Mobile Marketing ) The client is served with a code through which customer can inquire to the client using unique keywords. The customer is instantly responded with the inquired information. 2 You can send messages from the browser to mobile 3 A virtual number is provided by Solutions In�ini 4 This product is mastered to send This is also known as the ‘pull’ messaging service. phones with ease. It can be easily accessed from to which the client’s customers call. The call is immense volumes of text messages to anywhere through internet. The user can easily automatically disconnected in a ring, hence the mobile users through a browser, customer is not charged. The customer is instantly. In�iZap takes the marketing SMS Short Code are 5 digit numbers, to which mobile manage contact groups, save templates, schedule instantly responded to his request and the users can send text messages, regardless of their text messages, check delivery status, and import text task like a pro with easily manageable number is also saved at real-time in the telecom service provider and get the desired response �iles and excel sheets . In�iRiA is one ultimate contact groups, templates, scheduled database for further communication. almost instantaneously. It can be used for polls, solution for Enterprises and organizations of any SMSes, checking of delivery status, and registrations, subscription and enquiries. size and type to whom quality matters. It is the simplest way to generate a database import of excel sheets and text �iles. which is clean and dependable. It can be used to SMS Long Code also known as virtual number is a In�iRiA enables the client to effectively communicate verify the customer’s mobile number on an This platform of marketing has proven normal mobile number used exclusively for receiving with their customers and employees. And the texts online shopping store or for customers register to be extremely effective in this era of are delivered at blazing speed. We also offer for further updates. It can also be used to get communication, and probably the most messages from mobile devices. Messages can be sent customer feedback of a product or service economical marketing tool today. from any mobile networks, and is received over the net tailor-made solutions as per the client’s provided. using our web interface. requirement.
  5. 5. PRODUCTS Solutions In�ini | Products2-Way Messaging USSDEnterprise MessagingMiss Call SolutionsMobile Marketing 6 The simplest way. This service is developed for the messaging needs of the client requiring instant implementation. An email account is con�igured as per the client’s requirements with groups and other settings.Mobile CouponUSSD Now all the client has to do to broadcast an immediate message is to shoot an e-mail with the message to this con�igured Mail A/c and In�iMail handles the rest of the job withEmail 2 SMS perfection. All the contacts in the con�igured mail a/c get the mailed message.Mobile Locator This product can be used to send out job descriptions to colleagues, �ield based engineers and support staff who are away from of�ice.InfiCoupe ( Mobile Coupon ) InfiMail ( Miss Call Solutions ) InFind ( Mobile Locator )5Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is aprotocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communi- 7 The simplest way. This service is developed for the messaging needs of the client requiring instant implementation. An email account is 8 The enterprises who wish to broadcast their outlet locations via SMS on request by the Customer. The idea is to reduce the efforts to locate an outlet bycate with the service providers computers. USSD can con�igured as per the client’s requirements with groups and other economical means. Customers can save time by not calling up their friends,be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, settings. colleagues or Just services, location-based contentservices, menu-based information services, and as part Now all the client has to do to broadcast an immediate message is to The application veri�ies and Searches the Outlet address with reference to theof con�iguring the phone on the network. shoot an e-mail with the message to this con�igured Mail A/c and area, city or pincode and sends SMS with the Address. A person sends In�iMail handles the rest of the job with perfection. All the contacts in area/city name/pincode to get the Nearest Outlet in that area.USSD messages are up to 182 alphanumeric characters the con�igured mail a/c get the mailed length. Unlike Short Message Service (SMS) Example : Keyword < MUMBAI > to 99xxxxxxxxmessages, USSD messages create a real-time This product can be used to send out job descriptions to colleagues,connection during a USSD session. �ield based engineers and support staff who are away from of�ice. The Application Searches the client’s database and gives the address of the Outlet with the same location as an instant Auto-reply SMS.
  6. 6. Solutions In�ini | Developers Technology is the cornerstone of any mobile business, and almost every modern market is inherently technological. We understand and thrive on technology. All of our internal infrastructure, software applications, messaging and billing platforms are designed and built in-house. Weve gone to great lengths to ensure any developer who wants to interface an application, site or system with our messaging gateway can do so reliably and simply. Our APIs are fast, simple and reliable, and built in such a way that they are easily manipulated to �it with any system. HTTP API This is ideal for web-based services, providing straightforward integration with popular programming languages. The API supports HTTP GET or XML POST, with optional HTTPS/SSL support for extra security. SMPP High performance SMPP API provides carrier-grade access to Solutions infini’s messaging platform for SMS MO, SMS MT and HLR Lookup services. Based on the most widely accepted SMPP v3.4 specification, Solutions Infini’s SMPP API is ideal for customers requiring high messaging throughput. XML API XML makes it simple to integrate legacy systems to our gateway. It provides excellent interoper- ability amongst heterogeneous systems and is, of course, language independent. FTP connection is well suited for one-off, high volume message dispatches. Its particularly FTP API useful for batch processing from legacy systems. All you do is upload to our FTP server, andDEVELOPERS your messages are sent instantly. Clickatell creates a history log �ile in your FTP folder with the status details of all messages sent.
  7. 7. Solutions In�ini | Contents Today most business, whether large or small, struggle with the growing pressure of ever changing markets and growing competition. Customers are increasingly demanding a proactive all round customer experience and quality of service. More importantly,they want to stay moblile and always connected, regardless of the industry. This reality is both exciting and sometimes frightening, but it doesen’t have to be. With the right partner and the right tools, you can tackle these challenges effeciently and effectively and truly master the new markets in the digital era. With Solutions In�ini mobile Messaging solutions, you will transform the way you do business and open up a whole new channel of communication with your customers. With the right partner and the right tools, you can tackle these challenges ef�iceintly and effectively and truly master the new markets in the digital era. With Infobip’s moblie solutions, you will transform the way do business and open up a whole new channel of communication with your customers. See how have already helped, and continue to help our enterprise partners in almost every possible industry sector: - E-Commerce - Media & Entertainment - IT & ITES - Pharma & Healthcare - Retail - Hospitality - FMCGINDUSTRIES
  8. 8. Solutions In�ini | Partners Since we all humans are social beings, partnerships between individuals, businesses and varied combina- tions thereof, have always been and remain common- place. The success of Solutions In�ini is reliant upon the development of strong ongoing partnerships. The corporate business world is beginning to realize that it plays a crucial role in excelling in wireless messaging technologies. And every business, no matter how small, can take steps to become actively involved in effecting positive change. Solutions In�ini has built strong partner relationships with major brands in order to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time for the client. We utilize these partnerships to keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level across all paradigms, which allow us to make the proper decisions with our clients for their business advantage. Solutions In�ini has a network of dedicated partners, each bringing their special expertise and contribution.. - Aircel - Tata - Loop Mobile - In�i Hosting - KareerEdge - DigitOne PARTNERS
  9. 9. Solutions In�ini | Contact“ This is the easiest and most direct way to contact us ” SOLUTIONS INFINI TECHNOLOGIES INDIA Pvt. Ltd. #369, 1st A Cross Koramangala, 7th Block Bangalore - 560095 +91 80 4027 5555 www.solutionsin�