Selling the Wheel


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Book review of 'Selling The Wheels' by
Jeff Cox and Howard Stevens

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Selling the Wheel

  1. 1. Selling Book Review By The Siddharth Khanna (085) Vijesh Bhaktha (095)Wheel
  2. 2. About The BookName of Book: Selling the Wheel – Choosing the best way to sell for you, your company, your customersAuthor: Jeff Cox and Howard StevensPublisher: Touchstone, New YorkText Copyright : Jeff Cox (2000)Illustrations Copyright: David Cain (2000)First Edition: 2001
  3. 3. About The AuthorsJeff Cox - A bestselling author - Has displayed his remarkable gift for translating complex theories into entertaining stories as the co- author of "Zapp " and "The Goal.“ - Has written eight works of fiction as either business novels or parables. - The most recent book – Velocity, which is about combining Lean. Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints.
  4. 4. About The Authors - A respected business expertHoward Stevens - Chairman and CEO of H.R. Chally Group, a Talent Management, Leadership Development and Sales Improvement Corporation. - Has written many articles and is a frequent speaker and radio/TV guest. - Has authored – Achieve Sales Excellence, The Quadrant Solution - Faculty at Columbia University Graduate School of Business.
  5. 5. Ancient Egypt 2650 BC
  6. 6. Max Invents Wheel Max
  7. 7. Selling The Phase IWheel
  8. 8. Minnie
  9. 9. Ozzie –The Oracle Bedrock Questions 1. Who are our customers ? 2. Who are our competitors ? 3. Why do customers want what we are selling ? 4. What would make them prefer to buy from us ? 5. Why might they prefer to buy from our competitors ? 6. What added values does our salesperson have to offer to make a sale ?
  10. 10. Minnies Notes – Answers to all Bedrock QuestionsBedrock Qn#1: Who are our customers ? Those who need to move big, heavy stuff faster easier and cheaperBedrock Qn#2: Who are our competitors ? Everyone who sells established method of moving heavy loads(Elephants, Camels, Sledge makers)Bedrock Qn#2: Why do customers want what we are selling ? Big performance gain by new technology. Offer opportunity to do things that could not be done before.Bedrock Qn#4: What would make them prefer to buy from us ? We are the Wheel’s only providerBedrock Qn#5: Why might they prefer to buy from our competitors ? Proven affordable methods Customers don’t understand our technologyBedrock Qn#6: What added values does our salesperson have to offer to make a sale ?
  11. 11. • Closers often work for themselves.• They complete sales in one or two meeting.• They demonstrate power and practicality of the technology• Build the vision of Wheel’s Potential.• Provides emotional energy to close the deal.
  12. 12. • Cassius successfully found the first customers for the Wheel.• The popularity of wheel increased due to his demonstrations and selling approach.• This won Max’s Wheel Company the contract for The Great Pyramid of Giza Project.• Closers change the product they sell every few years.• It is because they have by then hit all the “New” customers for the Wheel.• Cassius the Closer thus resigns from Max’s Wheel Company.
  13. 13. Selling The Phase IIWheel
  14. 14. • Toby – The Wizard joins Max’s Wheel Company.• Wizards are required when the new customers need expert assistance from the seller both before and after the sales.• A special blend of technical savvy so that the a wizard can provide an expert solution customized to the buyers need.
  15. 15. • Team player to manage a number of different customer relationships.• Provide demonstrations and training to educate the customers.• Assist installation and testing of the products. Innovating products to suit customer needs. Eg- she innovated wheel to make a wagon. Also out of box thinking to make millstones for the farmers
  16. 16. Selling The Phase IIIWheel
  17. 17. • Ben – The Builder joins Max’s Company• Building a strong working relationship over an extended and trusting relationship with the key people on customer side.• Concentrates on customers who have already bought the wheels and would buy it again and again in the future.• Manage complexity, keep close watch on the details and must be customers advocate inside the sellers organization.
  18. 18. Selling The Phase IVWheel
  19. 19. Matured Market – Product Improvements are incremental than revolutionary
  20. 20. Expansion becomes the priority to be the market leader Because of high competition someExperienced Buyer – companies face bankruptcy and hencewith no requirement for mergers and acquisitions normallymajor customization. happens. Hence Captain of Sales joins the company. Imum’s Wheelbarrow and Max’s Wheels merge to form Max-ImumSales people have to Wheel Corporationdifferentiate seller from To achieve this a largecompetition and add sale force or a Crew isvalue to the commodity Create a positive required. But a strongbeing sold by offering experience for each empowering leader issuperior service customer and do so on a essential as sales people consistent basis. are not self starters.
  21. 21. Graham Bell’s First Telephone
  22. 22. The Bottom Line• "Selling the Wheel" may be set in Ancient Egypt, but the timeless lessons in it apply to the latest innovative technology products.• Entrepreneurs without heavy sales experience and training will find it invaluable.• Even for those with sales experience, its a useful overview and may help give a new perspective on things if your company is in a sales slump.• A very enjoyable and educational read!
  23. 23. THANK YOU