Library management system


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Library management system

  1. 1. Library Management SystemThis web application is used to handle typical operations in a library system.This application is developed for librarians. Issuing book, returning book, adding member, and searching forbooks are some of the major operations of this application.Technologies and Products used ASP.NET 2.0 C# language Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition SQL Server 2005 Express EditionFile StructureThe following is the directory structure of this application.exam |- App_Data | |-Database.mdf |- App_Code | |-Database.cs |- App_Themes | |-style.css |- all | |-LibraryService.asmx |- photos (this directory contains .jpg files of members) |- default.aspx |- login.aspx |- addtitle.aspx |- addmember.aspx |- Masterpage.master |- memberinfo.aspx |- members.aspx |- changepassword.aspx |- deletemember.aspx |- issue.aspx |- returnbook.aspx |- memberslist.aspx |- searchbooks.aspx |- web.config |- web.sitemap |- updatemembers.aspx |- logout.aspxOperations and related filesThe following table lists operations and associated objects and files. Operation FilesLogin login.aspxLogout logout.aspxDelete Member deletemember.aspxMaster page of all Masterpage.masterHome Page Default.aspxChange password changepassword.aspxAdd Title addtitle.aspxAdd Member addmember.aspxIseue of book issue.aspx
  2. 2. Return of book returnbook.aspxSearch books searchbooks.aspxUpdate Members updatemembers.aspxMember Information memberinfo.aspxList of books books.aspxStructure of TablesUSERS Tableuname - varchar(10)pwd - varchar(10)fullname - varchar(30)SUBJECTS Tablesubcode - varchar(10)subname - varchar(30)di - datetimeMEMBERS Tablemid - intmname - varchar(30)depositamt - intdjoin - datetimeemail - varchar(40)occupation - varchar(50)TITLES Tabletid - inttitle - varchar(30)subcode - varchar(10)authors - varchar(50)price - intdp - datetimepublishers - varchar(30)status - char(1)ISSUES Tabletid - intmid - intdi - datetimeissuedby - varchar(10)RETURNS Tabletid - intmid - intdi - datetimedr - datetimeissuedby - varchar(10)returnedto - varchar(10)fineamt - intSteps to download, deploy and run this projectThe following are the steps to related to be taken to run the existing part of the application :
  3. 3. 1. Download and unzip it into any directory in your system. (For example if you extract to d: then it will create a directory lm in d:.2. Open Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition.3. Open the project from the directory into which you extracted project.For example, d:lm4. Add SQL Database file to your project and create necessary tables as shown above.5. Create issuebook and returnbook procedures as shown below.6. ALTER PROCEDURE IssueBook7. (8. @tid int,9. @mid int,10. @di datetime,11. @issuedby varchar(10)12. )13. AS14. declare @nbooks int15. /* check titles availablity */16.17. if not exists( select * from titles where tid = @tid and status = a)18. begin19. raiserror(Title is not present or not available,15,1)20. return21. end22.23. /* check members availablity */24. if not exists (select * from members where mid = @mid )25. begin26. raiserror(Invalid member id!,15,1)27. return28. end29.30.31. ALTER PROCEDURE ReturnBook32. (33. @tid int,34. @dr datetime,35. @user varchar(10)36. )37. AS38. declare @fine int39. declare @mid int40. declare @issuedby varchar(10)41. declare @di datetime42.43.44. /* check tid is valid */45. if not exists (select * from issues where tid = @tid)46. begin47. raiserror(Title is not in the issued titles!,15,1)48. return49. end50.51. /* calculate fine */52. select @fine=case53. when datediff(dd,di,getdate()) > 15 then datediff(dd,di,getdate())-1554. else 055. end56. from issues where tid = @tid;57.58. select @mid = mid, @di = di, @issuedby=issuedby59. from issues where tid = @tid;60.61. /* insert a row into returns */62.63. begin tran64. insert into returns65. values(@tid,@mid,@di,@dr,@issuedby,@user,@fine);66.67. delete from issues where tid = @tid;68.69. update titles set status =a70. where tid = @tid
  4. 4. 71. 72. commit tran 73. 74. Goto Solution Explorer and make default.aspx the startup page. 75. Run project from VWD 2005 Express Edition. 76. You should see login.aspx page. Librarian ModuleThis is an intranet application that is used to by Librarian to do the following: Login Search for books on title and author Issue books to members Handle return of book Generate issues report Displaying books issues history Displaying members issues historyThe following are the topics of ASP.NET used in this project. Asp.Net 4.0 C# Language SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Visual Studio.NET 2010 Layered Architecture with Presentation Layer (ASP.NET Pages) and Data Access Layer (C# Classes) All database manipulations are done with stored procedures. Stored procedures are accessed using classes in DAL - Data Access Layer. ObjectDataSource is used in presentation layer to talk to DAL. Master page and themes are used Treeview and sitemap features ADO.NET is used to access database Forms authenticationThe following are the major operations in this application.Steps to download, deploy and run this projectThe following are the steps to be taken to run the existing part of the application. 1. Download librarianmodule.rar and unzip it into any directory in your system. For example, if you extract to c: then it will create a directory c:librarianmodule. The project comes with its own database, which is Database.mdf in App_Data folder. It contains required tables and stored procedures. 2. Open Visual Studio.NET 2008/2010 3. Open the project from the directory into which you extracted project. For example, c:librarianmodule 4. Run project from Visual Studio.NET. 5. You should see login.aspx page. 6. The database that is present in App_Data folder contains some sample data. It has user a with password a. 7. Test the rest of the options. More on: net and project File uploaded by Go FTP FREE Client