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The eMee Value Proposition


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eMee is a unique social gaming platform for employee engagement, performance management and corporate communication in enterprises.

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The eMee Value Proposition

  1. 1. Gamification and Social Web for Enterprises The eMee Value Proposition
  2. 2. What I want to cover today… • what is eMee • why social networking and gamification needs to be encouraged in organizations • eMee value proposition • screenshots/demo • discussion on next steps
  3. 3. • that effectively combines social collaboration, performance management and R&R within Enterprises • reduces hiring and training costs by controlling attrition through continuous, transparent manager-employee interactions • and gives up to 20% more value on R&R budget while improving its relevance and impact on employees • at a fraction of the cost of other “similar” offerings, in a secure, integrated, customizable and gamified way eMee is a Comprehensive Employee Engagement Platform
  4. 4. eMee Core API External App Data API eMee Databases Enterprise Information Systems eMee Web Service The Integrated eMee Stack HTML5 for Mobile Devices Silverlight for Desktops
  5. 5. the Social Web is not just a fad it is a fundamental shift in how humans communicate, interact, collaborate, search, organize, buy and sell
  6. 6. this is the +Like Me generation… …but for most companies, gaming & social networking is taboo Thankfully, that is changing!
  7. 7. happy employees… • take pride in working with you, and recommend you to their friends • know their roles and responsibilities, and feel part of the future of the company • feel respected and valued • want to do more
  8. 8. your recruits… • ideally look at you as a dream company • want to know more about you • and you want to make sure they stay interested and don’t look any where else!
  9. 9. how can we empower HR to address the needs of today’s generation, and create a high performance workforce? …and save serious money in the bargain!
  10. 10. Provide a way for employees to showcase themselves Get the most out of your R&RSocial Search your knowledge assets Create bonding and belonging Share and collaborate effectively social gaming can be an extremely powerful tool inside an Enterprise
  11. 11. • Use virtual gifts to reward and recognize employees in a fun and informal, yet powerful way! • Online profile – show off certifications, knowledge assets, resume, followers, your blog • Personal “den” – a private space for employees to meet and greet other colleagues virtually, build friendships, share hobbies and interest areas • Online quizzes, competitions to inculcate a spirit of learning, promote values, drive performance and recognize the top performers • “Wall of Fame” to provide employees global visibility for their work and achievements • Many other social networking applications including “Garage Sale”, “Share A Ride”, “Shopping Wish Lists”, “Carbon Footprint” and so on..
  12. 12. what’s the value proposition for YOU in monetary terms?
  13. 13. eMee Improves Employee Satisfaction and Reduces Attrition • Lack of timely feedback and peer recognition are the most common reasons for employee dissatisfaction and attrition • eMee improves employee satisfaction by – enabling continuous and transparent 360 degree feedback through virtual gifts (and reprimands) – easy-to-set individual and team goals tied to R&R – platform for showcasing achievements and good performance across the organization – all this in unique, gamified, informal way that encourages interactions and free dialogue • for a 5000 person company, just a 1% reduction in attrition means a cost savings of 370K USD per year!
  14. 14. eMee Improves Productivity • for a 5000 person company, eMee can save at least 15,000 hours on data collection and reporting during end of the year appraisals – 300K USD in potential additional billing
  15. 15. the eMee experience…
  16. 16. virtual “gifts” representing a “pat on the back” encourages high performance and fosters team spirit Dozens of Locales
  17. 17. set goals, get the team energized, connect with other people with like-minded goals
  18. 18. the “den” creates a sense of belonging and provides an outlet for hobby groups and shared interests
  19. 19. allows employees to build their online reputation and showcase their strengths
  20. 20. appraisals can be effective and efficient
  21. 21. detailed graphical reports give a complete picture of an employee’s growth and performance over time
  22. 22. animated reports give employees a clear picture of where they stand and where they can aspire to go!
  23. 23. the internal newspaper with live feeds is an excellent platform for providing global recognition to employees
  24. 24. gamifying the corporate portal ensures stickiness, engagement and a sense of pride in the company
  25. 25. eMee can also be used as a platform for knowledge management and induction of new employees
  26. 26. games like carbon footprint enable better engagement on social causes
  27. 27. • create huge branding in campuses • drive student projects, industry training • use as innovation portal the possibilities are endless…
  28. 28. and just to reiterate…. • eMee can be deployed in hosted or captive configuration • eMee (out of the box) can go live in < 2 weeks • eMee is completely customizable to your needs • eMee offers security and access control at the most granular levels • eMee fits right in with your existing investments in IT
  29. 29. 70%global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application by 2014
  30. 30. …and with eMee, it’s easy to get started!
  31. 31. next steps… • identify first set of goals • identify a pilot group of users • identify an eMee Champion • target first roll out in 4 weeks
  32. 32. Siddhesh Bhobe, Chief Architect & Product Manager