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I've often imagined a CV that can be seen as it is on the web and printed as it is seen on the web. So I created a new format to present a CV and called it CVitti. Not surprisingly, I found something similar (not exactly but in quite a few ways) on the web. A new service called Check...

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Siddharth Soni One Page CV

  1. 1. 9920032117 SiddharthSoni Tinkher & Reader 101, Panchsmruti, Panchsrishti Complex, Powai, Mumbai - 400072 WorkEx PostGradMICA PostGradEDI GradB.COM 5 yrs 3 mths PGPCM 2002-04 Batch PG Entrepreneurship & Bus 1996-1999 Batch CGPA: 3.37/4 Mgmt 1999-2000 Batch 67.5 % CGPA: 3.37/4 Abilities CareerGoals JobExpctn Sound understanding of strategy, processes, online Extend my career in the areas of 8 hrs/day sleep business, communication, marketing and brands business analysis and tech-enabled 45 mins/day exercise Inventive thinking and analysis and transforming it into processes, scenario building, 15mins/day massage practical, usable ideas marketing communication, product Creative with words but a stickler for precision and design, communication design/ unambiguity in communication and presentation alike interaction design IMC.AgencySr.Mgr.Planning&Res. Take.HomeSal How to read a Perspectrum Consultancy (Percept Ltd.) 9 lac/annum CVitti® ? High Point: All 7 mths I’ve spent here If the format of the CVitti® Contribution: Worked on brands like Nissan (LCV), Gulf poses a problem: Finance House, Catch, JSW (GC Sheets), Benefit Film Follow the conventional system Academy, Zicom, Videocon, Cooper Foundries… of reading from left to right. Bricks considered very important (from the author’s PortalProd.Mgr PortalBus.Proc.Anlyst/Mktg.Mgr point-of-view) have been highlighted using a background (Bhaskar Group) – Ecommerce color. High Point: Core Member of the High Point: The whole one year I spent there For work-experience related ‘Vote for Taj’ Campaign Contribution: Developed online products, introduced details, rule followed is ‘recent- Contribution: Recommended processes, streamlined existing processes, and introduced placed-higher’. new properties, and tried bringing analytical tools/reports in processes Coachng.InstCntr.Mngr/Mktg.Mgr Lapsed Current TIME (Ahmedabad Center) – MBA Entrance Preparations High Point: All the 19 mths I spent there Hobbies Hobbies Contribution: Helped many students fulfill their Cycling, Drumming, Running expectations through teaching and counseling, introduced Singing, Writing Motorcycling processes, and marketed the institute in and around A’bad Poems, Playing Photography Tennis, Playing Designing Earrings Cricket, Learning Blogging Blogs Spanish, Teaching, Reading Finding nu Concepts Drawing & Painting FORK ( – Elaborating on the role of on d Web FOCUS & DIVERGENCE in building businesses & brands Watching Tennis in India Following T20 SECOND INDEX ( – Sharing thoughts through graphs and venn diagrams ProfSS drums ( – Sharing thoughts on education, better governance & policy-making poetic pastime ( – Moods in 3 lines and few words Inspiration for CVitti® About the Author Sitting at French window and observing the The author/developer of CVitti® was born in Bhilwara, Rajasthan on 2nd April 1978. surroundings – a little blue swimming pool, light He loves the barrenness of his native place. He has spent almost 25 years of his movements of the water reflecting patterns in the life in Ahmedabad. He likes and dislikes Mumbai. He can speak, read and write in bright sunlight, flock of pigeons taking bath and Hindi, Gujarati and English. He reads people speaking all languages. satiating their thirst and little green plants – all against the backdrop of a rockbricked-wall, inspired the creation of CVitti® on a Saturday afternoon, 10th Online reference for CVitti® : May ’08. CVitti® saves paper and makes optimum CVitti® is a patented product. Use of CVitti® without permission by any individual use of space. or organization is highly encouraged. Save paper. Appreciate space.