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Fair glow ideas 17th march '09


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Just some ideas jotted on paper

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Fair glow ideas 17th march '09

  1. 1. Fair Glow Ideas 1. Fairglow Canteen Queen • Intended for College as well as corporate audiences. • The idea is to identify a female who encompasses all the virtues and qualities which entitles her to be a Fairglow Canteen Queen. • The qualities could be friendly, bubbly, intelligent and the heart of the group types. • The campaign can be mapped to all the canteens of colleges and corporate houses of the country. 2. Fairglow Millionaire • A concept which will target audiences say by setting up stalls in different areas and people who buy the products get a chance to enter into a competition which brings both beauty and the brain together. • The winners from different areas go on to compete on a national level and in turn the winner of the competition takes home a Million rupees. 3. Glowing Girls • Mothers are to write about their daughters and answer specific questions. The “best daughters” are crowned as Glowing Girls and they receive some gratification. 4. Fairglow Face of the Year • A chance for the consumers to be the face of the fairglow campaign. People will get a chance of a lifetime to become the face of fairglow as well as get a chance to compete in the Femina Miss India competition. • She will also be a direct entrant in the segment sponsored by fairglow e.g. Fairglow “perfect skin” or something. • All one has to do is buy a pack of fairglow products and fill the form which one gets with the purchased products, answering a few questions and sending ones photographs. The winner gets a chance to become the fairglow face of the year. 5. Fairglow Fashion Tour • Provides a platform for young beautiful girls to realize their dreams of walking the ramp with the Indian supermodels showcasing the designs of a top designer. Fairglow will give a chance to a few lucky as well as deserving girls to win this opportunity of a lifetime.