BASF Headline 9th feb 2010


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Shouldn't we be helping farmers anyway? :)

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BASF Headline 9th feb 2010

  1. 1. Our Understanding From the brief
  2. 2. • Brief – Objective To position HEADLINE as a completely new category in Soybean, Corn and Cotton Objective
  3. 3. • Brief – Product • A fungicide which gives dual benefit of Disease Control & Better Plant Health by better utilization of Nitrogen & Stress Tolerance Headline ‘N’ fixation Disease Control Stress Tolerance Increase in Yield Better Quality
  4. 4. • Brief – Product • Greater Stem Strength • Healthier Plants • Higher Production • Better Quality • Better Standability Features
  5. 5. • Brief – Price 4-5 times costlier than regular fungicides & PGRs Price
  6. 6. • Brief – Product Chemical Formation Fungicide PGR Headline is different from other fungicides & PGRs It offers benefits of a Fungicide as well as PGR (perhaps more).
  7. 7. • Brief – Product Crop Protection Maize Anthracnose Eyespot Gray leaf spot Northern corn leaf blight Northern corn leaf spot Physoderma brown spot Rust Rust, southern Southern corn leaf blight Yellow leaf blight Soybean Alternaria leaf spot Anthracnose Asian soybean rust Brown spot Cercosporo blight Frogeye leaf spot Pod and stem blight Rhizoctonia aerial blight Southern blight* Cotton Alternaria leaf spot, boll rot Anthracnose, boll rot Asochyta blight, boll rot Cercospora blight and leaf spot Diplodia boll rot Hard lock, boll rot Phoma blight, boll rot Rust Stemphyllium leaf spot Ability to protect more than 90 crops from 50 visible & unseen diseases Target Crops
  8. 8. 6-8 leafs • Brief – Target Crops Lifecycle of crops Lifecycle 1st Spray 2nd Spray 100-110 days 150-160 days 110 days 30-35 days + 15 days 50-55 days + 15 days 50 days + 15 days
  9. 9. • Positioning / Punch line • Communication - Poster, Banners, Leaflets, POPs • Novel way of communication • Rural Communication Program • Product Presentation Deliverables • Brief – Task
  10. 10. Category Understanding
  11. 11. Categories Agrochemicals Agrochemicals Insecticides Fungicides Herbicides Plant Growth regulator (PGR)
  12. 12. But…
  13. 13. How many of these are aware of such categories? But…
  14. 14. Approx. 20 % (let’s assume) What about the rest? What do they call such products? How do they recognize these products? But…
  15. 15. “Davai”
  16. 16. “Bhaiya paudhe sadd rahe hain, kaunsi davai istamal karoon?” “Hari wali davai lagana…” “Hari aur laal davai ghulake mari, aur dekho kitni acchi fasal aayi!!”
  17. 17. Does it help to create a category which doesn’t exist in consumers’ minds? Hence, we try and create a category name which borrows from the consumers’ lingo, and something that generates instant recall.
  18. 18. Doctor Patient Retailer Farmer analogous
  19. 19. Since Davai is what consumers say, in what forms does it appear in our consumers’ lives?
  20. 20. • Categories – Pharmaceuticals • Tablets – most cost-effective supplements in general because they are less-expensive • Capsules – two-piece gelatin capsules that are widely used in supplements and some medications • Powders – least convenient to use • Liquids – belief that liquid supplements absorb faster and are therefore better than other forms Types of Medicines
  21. 21. • Categories – Pharmaceuticals Capturing the essence in a Capsule The metaphor that helps create a category for Headline, especially in the consumers’ lingo.
  22. 22. • Categories – Pharma & Agro Comparison • 2-piece gelatin capsules • Combination of 2 or more active ingredients • Easy to sallow and ability to break down quickly in stomach • Complete dose of necessary supplements • 2 different ways of protection • Combination of 2 or more ingredients • Easy to spray and ability to protect from the inside of plant • Complete dose for plants with new chemical composition
  23. 23. So how do you imagine a farmer asking for Headline in the near future?
  24. 24. “Bhaiya, woh soybean wali Capsule dena!” “Capsule wali davai chahiye!”
  25. 25. So how do we position Headline?
  26. 26. • Positioning The Challenge Diseases are not quite visible in the given target crops A farmer is not keen on using a fungicide even in the presence of disease spots This is due to the absence of any visible quality impact due to diseases.
  27. 27. • Positioning However, a farmer is always quite keen on increasing yield The Draw
  28. 28. • Positioning Hence the ideal position is that of a Yield Enhancer The Highlight
  29. 29. • Positioning But the basic formulation is that of a fungicide… The Foundation
  30. 30. • Positioning Yield Enhancing Capsule with dual benefits The Words
  31. 31. New Era of Agriculture Yield Enhancing Capsule
  32. 32. Do shaktiyon ka sahi mishran
  33. 33. Do shaktiyon ka sahi mishran Dusara, chhupe rogon ko mitaye! Pehala, fasal badhaye!
  34. 34. Capsule Khilao, toh Fasal Khile! Do shaktiyon ka sahi mishran
  35. 35. Packaging Options 10 ltrs 5 ltrs 2 ltrs If 1 acre = 2 ltrs Dosage – 2 capsules of 2 ltrs per acre
  36. 36. Launch Plan
  37. 37. • Launch • Mass Media – Pre-launch Teaser Ads – Launch Ads • BTL – Innovative Means of Communication – Retail Branding – Personal Contact Program Launch Ideas
  38. 38. Teaser Campaign Press
  39. 39. • Press – Teaser Ad Aaj ki Headline Fasal ki Capsule Bhatinda, BASF 07-02-10 Duniya me pehali baar kisi ne aisa suna hoga ki paudhon ko ya fasala ko Capsule khilayi gayi. Ji ha yeh kahani nahi haqiqat hai. Bharat me pehali baar is tarah ki capsule Bhatinda ke ek gaon me Kisanone apani khet ko khilayi. BASF ke sutron ne kaha hai ki ye Fasal Vruddhikarak Capsule hai jo aapke khet ka pura potion bhi karati hai protection bhi aur aapki fasal bhi badhati hai Option # 1
  40. 40. Launch Ad Press
  41. 41. Taking Capsule on Ground Rural Activation
  42. 42. Idea 1
  43. 43. • Launch • A trailer with a huge capsule will run across the selected towns • AVs will be shown on the trailer to educate the farmers • IPCs will personally communicate with farmers and educate them with the help of leaflets and flipchart During the launch
  44. 44. Idea 2
  45. 45. Krishi Swasthya Kendra The Mobile Clinic
  46. 46. • Activation Plan – Krishi Swasthya Kendra • Krishi Swasthya Kendra – It’s a clinic for plants (crops) – Solution to Farmers’ problems – Guidance from Agricultural Experts – Education to farmers The Concept Krishi Swasthya Kendra
  47. 47. AV
  48. 48. • Launch – AV Story board Cotton uncle goes to doctor “Doctor sahab bahut dino se tabiyat thik nahi hai” Doctor gives him different kind and colors of tablets and syrup and says – laal goli 2 baar, syrup 3 baar aur jyada bukhar aaya toh ye badi wali goli lena On the way to home Corn & Cotton Discussing about the same and the both are irritated with the dosage given by doctor During their conversation soybeans comes with newspaper and shows them the HEADLINE OV – Ab headline le ke aaya hai fasal vruddhikarak capsule jo chupe rogonko mitaye aur fasal bhi badhaye
  49. 49. • Wall paintings – Villages on highways • Hoarding – Mandi, Small towns • Retail Branding – Posters, Banners, Danglers/Buntings • Spray Pumps – Branding on spray pumps – Spray Pumps can be form in capsule shape • Gas Balloons Branding
  50. 50. • Gifts in capsule shape – Key chains – Pens – Photo Frames – Tool Kit (for tractors) – Balloons – Water bags • Agricultural Calendar Interactive Gifts
  51. 51. • Activation Plan – Krishi Swasthya Kendra • Education Education Info Kiosk Flipchart Interactive Games -Wheel of fortune -Jigsaw Puzzle Electro Game
  52. 52. Thank You!