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Doing Business in India


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Best of breed solutions for doing business in India

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Doing Business in India

  1. 1. Business Strategy Research & Advisory Market Entry Business Development Marketing ProgramsTrusted advisors & consultants to businesses and governments around the world Sourcing & Supplier SearchThere are many choices open to companies seeking to enter Indianmarkets. Each choice comes with its own cost, risk, opportunity size andcomplexity of operation. The market potential in India is undoubtedlybig. The key lies in developing a well-thought out Entry Strategy thattakes into account the vast complex issues that govern India both froma market and legal & regulatory perspective. India is not short ofexamples where multinational corporations with vast resources haverun into obstacles in rolling-out their entry and have fallen short ofexploiting the vast potential of the Indian sub continent.A right way of looking at India would be to compare it with EuropeanUnion. Like the European Union various states in India have their ownlanguages, cultures, and unique market dynamics. The policies areframed at state and federal levels which need to be carefully consideredfor evaluating possibilities and making right entry decisions. No surpriseit is called a sub-continent!At Innoversant we understand the complexity and challenge for companies seeking to do business in India. Wework as a trusted partner to companies planning to enter India or those needing help in expanding andsustaining their growth in Indian markets.SECTORS WE SERVE WHO WE ARE Information & Communication Technologies Innoversant is a boutique strategy and business consulting firm head- Defense, Aerospace and Homeland Security quartered in Bangalore, India. We combine deep industry knowledge Hi Technology & Advanced Engineering with specialized expertise in providing consulting services to Energy, Water, Oil & Gas businesses, governments and economic development agencies. Electronics & Instrumentation For over 30 years, our Principals have assisted international Bio-tech, Life-sciences, Pharmaceuticals organizations in – Infrastructure, Urban Development  developing an understanding of the Indian market and potential Industrial Products & services for their business Consumer Products & Retail  formulating strategies for successful market-entry and market development  executing the optimal market entry, and  business development programs and accelerated revenuePROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS generation We work with growth-oriented SMEs, and large MNCs from diverse industry sectors. We employ a transparent and consultative approach of engaging with our clients and partners. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES  Put the client’s interests ahead of our own  Succeed by working as partners with our clients  Strive to deliver more than is expected  Work with absolute integrity and trust  Maintain highest standards of Professionalism, Ethics and Quality
  2. 2. Market Research & Advisory Every successful business strategy requires a thorough understanding of markets, opportunities, competition and target customers. Innoversant offers a wide array of customized and comprehensive market research services catering to clients across sectors. Innoversant research and advisory services enable our clients to develop a clear understanding of market realities and business opportunities, and thereby take strategic business decisions. Our research methodology integrates qualitative and quantitative measures to ensure that we provide actionable recommendations and strategies.WHAT WE DO Our research offerings range across customer satisfaction,Business Strategy market segmentation, product and service evaluation, packaging, feasibility studies, business case developmentInnoversant helps in formulating effective and winning and other key study strategies for its clients to help them anticipatechanges in customer priorities and the competitive Our dedicated team of proactive researchers, analysts andenvironment, improve their bottom line and minimize risks, field personnel are equipped with strong analytical, clientand accelerate their organizational performance to seize the servicing and need fulfillment skills to ensure that ourmost attractive opportunities. clients’ objectives are achieved within the specified timeframes.We also describe the main actions necessary to implementthe strategies and the reasons why the changes arenecessary to our clients. Business Development in IndiaInnoversant offers its clients a combination of expertise in Innoversant can help you achieve your strategic businessmanagement consulting as well as in market research and development and sales objectives in India. Leveraging ourregional economic development – a key advantage for any understanding of the Indian market and building on theorganization to access professional support in global strength of our relationships with key executives andoutreach. This combination of research and consulting decision makers, we are able to facilitate strategic sales toservices provides our clients with a unique support for their major accounts and greatly enhance the chances of successstrategic and operative decisions in existing and new for your Our direct involvement greatly facilitates quick access to the relevant executive and decision-maker level thereforeIndia Market Entry minimizing the transition time between the first approach and the final outcome. In the event of long and elaborateA companys success in India will depend on the correct sales cycles, our local presence in India maintains closeestimation of the market potential. Overestimation of contact with prospective clients, assuring process continuity.possibilities and underestimation of complexities that acompany might face may lead to its failure. Due We can also deploy full-time, dedicated marketing reps whoconsideration needs to be given to the inherent difficulties conduct your business and pass your business card to alland functional hazards that a company might encounter prospects. These representatives work entirely for you butwhile working in the Indian system. are supported and managed by us.A well-designed plan needs to be formulated which in itselfshould be a product of thorough research. Above all, thecompanies should bear in mind the objective of growth in “We did not face any problems in our Indiathe long run and not profit in the short run in order to make operations due to timely and efficient servicestheir stay in India a permanent one. rendered by Innoversant. We found their dealings ethical and professional. I have noInnoversant has the in-depth knowledge and understanding hesitation in recommending Innoversant forof local business conditions, climate and culture of India that India entry, business development, marketingis required to ensure rapid, successful market penetration. representation consultancy services.”Combined with our extensive list of strategic partners andlocal contacts, Innoversant is uniquely positioned to assist Peter Neelycompanies seeking entry or expansion into Indian markets. Managing Director, Whitford Pte Ltd.
  3. 3. Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Corporate Events, Seminars and WorkshopsMany Indian subsidiaries of overseas companies face delays Innoversant can manage your entire event from conceptionand do not realize their business goals, with some even to implementation no matter how large or small it may be.forced to shut down due to execution problems related to Our methodology starts with a thorough understanding ofunforeseen, ‘in-country’ challenges. our clients’ objectives and requirements. From this consultation, a suggested budget is drafted and a proposalBuild-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is a unique business model for set forward. On acceptance we will work closely with you toIndia entry, devised to safeguard your company’s potential plan your event, forming strategic alliances and partnershipsrisks and maximize returns. with relevant role players, arrange logistics and media engagements.During the ‘Build’ phase, we manage complete setting up ofyour India entity, including incorporation, statutorycompliances and registrations, business facilities, hiring of Business Mission Development & Executive Meetingskey employees, etc. We can also incubate your operationswithin our own premises, which functions as your ‘India Innoversant provides a single-window solution to all aspectsoffice’. of incoming business delegations covering not just the setting up of business meetings with qualified prospects, butIn the ‘Operate’ phase, we completely manage the India also all arrangements related to logistics, travel,entity, track progress and fine tune operations to meet accommodation, etc which are of great importance todefined goals. We manage all accounting, administrative, ensure a highly productive and successful programs in Indiaregulatory and audit processes and activities. One-to-one meetings between targeted companies & clientWhen the business becomes a self-sustaining unit, we executives are arranged resulting in advanced discussions‘Transfer’ back the business to you while providing much with strong possibility of business generation. This alsoneeded hand-holding and support during the transition increases industry awareness about the client in India andphase. builds and strengthens business relations.Innoversant has successfully helped clients by using the BOToption to offer the following business benefits over thetraditional options: SOME CLIENTS Rapid scaling of operations Lower infrastructure set-up Reduced time to operations through utilization of our knowledgebase and management resources.Sourcing from IndiaSuccessful sourcing stories revolve around finding good andreliable vendors. Well-designed sourcing initiatives cangenerate substantial savings—up to 15 to 20 percent of acompany’s purchasing costs.Innoversant works closely with its clients to deliver andsustain those cost improvements, improve cross-functionalcollaboration, develop new capabilities and morestreamlined processes, and build stronger, more productivesupplier relationships.We offer our expertise in leveraging the India cost advantage For more information, please contact:through the following services: Innoversant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Locate suitable vendors for products and services as per #62, 1st Cross, 2nd Main, Dollars layout client requirements. J.P. Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore 560078 Conduct due-diligence on parameters set by the client. Karnataka, INDIA Supervise the sourcing operation either directly or Phone: +91 80 6451 6669 through a dedicated person hired for the client, Mobile: +91 98450 87287 stationed in our office. E-mail: Web: Assist in negotiating the best deal for our client.* The logos depicted here are the authorized trademarks oftheir respective owners and are shown here only for the www.innoversant.compurpose of representation.