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April 2014


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April 2014 Mobaikar

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April 2014

  1. 1. East Indian Javnacha chaska, dosa nem chinese ka zhaila pechka Its time we promote East Indian Food East Indian Sann 2014 East Indian Dayth Date :Sunday, 18 May 2014 Time :10:30am onwards Venue :East Indian Museum, Manori East Indian concert, Awards, Food festival nd Date :Thursday, 22 May 2014 Time : 7pm onwards Venue :St.Stanislaus Grounds, Bandra HOLY CROSS DAY Date : Saturday, 31st May 2014 Venue : At all Holy Crosses in the Gaothans March 2014 Vol : GV-03/14 The East Indian Email : A Monthly Bulletin for the Villages, Gaothans and Koliwadas of Mumbai, Thane, Vasai and Raigad District VOICEUplifting the Village Community East Indian Gaothans - 100 Villages Print run - 3500 copies Readership - 18,000 Chrys 2014 BHAIRAVJEWELLERS Our Speciality Catholic Jewellery in East Indian, Goan and Mangalorean 91.6 Hallmark 22Ct Jewellery Monday Closed CHIRA BAZARWALABj We Have No Branch Shop No. 10, Anees Apts, Near Kalina Village Bus Stop, Kurla - Kalina Road, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400 029 Phone: 6675 1829 Specially designed Communion Jewellery available
  2. 2. ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR THE EAST INDIAN COMMUNITY MGP NOTICE BOARD MGP Sarpanch Elections June - July 2014 Mobai Gaothan Panchayat is glad to announce its Sarpanch Elections scheduled every two and a half years.The Elections which are scheduled for June and July 2014 will be held at each Gaothan wherein we receive applications from villagers to contest the Elections. Each Gaothan will elect a Sarpanch (Village President).All Gaothan Residents who wish to contest the elections should meet all the eligibility criteria as mentioned below.The elected Sarpanches will elect the MGPHead Sarpanch by ballot vote in July 2014. EligibilityCriteria:- ª TheCandidateshould beanoriginalinhabitantofBombay. ª TheCandidateShould notbeanofficebearerofanypoliticalparty. ª Thecandidateshould preferablybeactiveinsocialandcivicactivities. ª Thecandidateureshould beproposed by twolocalvillagersofhisGaothan. ª Thecandidateshould notbeconvictedofanyoffence. ª Thecandidateshould actaspertherulesandregulationsoftheMGP. ª Thecandidateshould obtainconsentifhechooses tocontesttheelectiontoanygovernmentbody. ª Thecandidateshould notindulgeinanyactsofcommissionoromission,wherebytheMGPimageistarnishedordisrespected. ª Inallhisactions,thecandidateshouldalwaysstrivetoactdiligentlyandhonestly. ª Thecandidateshould submitalldetailsandformsasrequiredbytheMGP. GeneralAnnouncements ª MGPCoreTeamwillmakethefinaldecisionontheapplicationofcandidates. ª AllGaothanresidentswithavalididentityandaddressproofwillbeeligibletovote. ª GaothanResidentsabove15yearsofagewillbeeligibletovote. ª MGPhastherighttorecallanycandidatewho isfoundtowork againstitsprinciples. ª Thevotingballotswillhavethephotographsaswellasthesymbols. ª The elected Sarpanches and other influential individuals will vote for the Head Sarpanch and the Deputy and the Deputy Head SarpanchonlyaftertheapprovaloftheMGPCoreTeam. ª ThevotingexerciseattheGaothanwillbeconductedbynon residentstoensuretheelectionsaretransparentandfair. ª ThecandidateswillservetheirGaothanfor2andahalfyearsandtheirperformancewillbereviewedeverysixmonths. ª ThelocalGaothanPanchayatwillalsofunctionasanALM ofthevillagearea. ª ThesarpanchandhisDeputywilltakeanoathtoservethevillageselflessly. All those who wish to contest for the Sarpanch (Village President) of their respective Gaothan are requested to fill the MGP profile and the Declaration. For information you may contact 9820087771 Datefor SubmissionofCandidateforms-30thApril2014. MGPTrustees will have a special Core Team Meet to discuss various new options for the MGP Sarpanch elections vis-a-vis the current plan.All readers are requested to send their suggestions for thesarpanchselectionprocessandcriteriatomgpmobai@gmail.com30thApril2014. - 2 - Gaothan Voice April 2014 MGP IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The MGP Sarpanch elections are due in June – July this year. The MGP Emergency Team has decided the code of conduct period to begin immediately and hence all existing MGP Sarpanches and Deputy Sarpanches will not communicate with their respective designations. If they still go ahead and communicate they will be disqualified from contesting and the authorities communicated will be updated accordingly. The communication on Mobai Gaothan Panchayat letter head in the capacity of MGP Sarpanches/Deputy Sarpanches can be sent only after obtaining prior permission of the MGP Head Sarpanch, Alphi Dsouza. A series of changes in the Sarpanch elections are to be announced and the important changes will be communicated in the Gaothan Voice.
  3. 3. EAST INDIAN APPEAL Together Lets Lend a Helping Hand - 3 - Gaothan Voice April 2014 o b a i G a o t h a n processes will not be changed. MGP has an Application form the family will be Panchayat(MGP) has released decided not to be dependent on these supported from the Fund account. Min its annual project list its authorities who seem to be least cared Support will depend on the fund balances decision to launch the East Indian about the East Indian Community. The in the account. MGP plans to support in Community Fund. We have received challenge to us now remain to help our Education for the full amount, partially feedback on the struggles by a section of community in our own small way. We for medical needs and in case of our community who are poor or belong to appeal to our community members to emergencies it will depend from case to the middle class. The authorities who support us by staying away from case. boast of helping the poor do not help in contributing towards the weekly, MGP is sure that each East Indian will the right spirit as they have improper monthly, yearly and seasonal collections. contribute to ensure that the needy in our processes which prevent our community You could route these contributions community are given the support they members to approach these authorities. towards the East Indian Community need. Special drives and initiatives will Besides our community members are Fund. be released from time to time to generate alwaysknown tosuffersilently. funds for the East Indian Community MGP will appoint the EIC Fund Fund. At a recent meet MGP raised this issue to Coordinators in each village and will also the authorities but were told that the have a central coordinator. On submitting The Highlights of the East Indian Community Fund are as follows:- *Donors can also sponsor basis the number of students for education support *All Donors names will be mentioned in the Gaothan Voice *The names of beneficiaries will not be published but will be provided to donors as per their request *This support will be provided only to the East Indian Community *The financials of this account will be released once a year Support in Education, Medical and other Emergencies East Indian Community Fund financials Contribution – MGP Bank Balance Rs.1000/- Rs.1000/- We thank our donors for their valuable contribution Kinny’s Farm House & Resort, Manori - Village, Manori-Gorai Road, Malad (West), Mumbai - 400 095 INNY’sINNY’s RESORT & FARMHOUSE Zicco Morris Kinny +91 9819806940 Issac Morris Kinny +91 9619232649 +91 9004129694 Morris Kinny
  4. 4. 8390022313 / 9960683078 MGP NEWS ISLAND THE EAST INDIAN NEWS CHANNEL - 4 - Gaothan Voice MARCH 2014 stayed away from the celebration asAAP MANIFESTO INCLUDES EAST Priya Dutt had not looked into their INDIANRIGHTS demands inspite of regular follow up for thelast9years. he East Indian Community were pleased to have its indigenous MGP DEDICATES AWARDS TOTrights included in theAamAadmi KAKA BAPTISTA AND CARDINALManifesto. This was the first time ever thecommunityrightswerementionedby SIMON a political party. While the other parties may have mentioned about the Kolis, the obai Gaothan Panchayat stuck East Indian community was always to its objective to promote ignored inspite of many community MKaka Baptista and Cardinal leaders playing an active role in these Simon but announcing that this year’s parties. Annual East Indian Awards will be dedicated to these inspirational Mobai Gaothan Panchayat(MGP) which individuals. This year was Kaka spearheaded this initiative thanked Baptista’s 150th Birth Anniversary and Fr.Michael G for meeting Arvind MGP actively took part in the Kejriwal and sharing the issues of the programmes organized at Uttan and East Indian community. MGP also met Mazgaon. Cardinal Simon Pimenta, our Phiroze Palkhiwala and assured him of East Indian Community Cardinal passed their support in the North Central away last year and MGP planned to constituency. A special communication appreciate the inspirational Cardinal of thanks was also sent to Mayank who worked towards the betterment of Gandhi from North West and also the thecommunity. AAP team who drafted the AAP Manifesto. The mention of the East The Awards Ceremony will be held on Indian Community in a political 22nd May at St.Stanislaus Grounds, manifesto is surely a big step towards Bandra with a Food Festival and Singing takingourcommunitytoabiggerstep. Performances. Prominent East Indians and also those who have strived to serve PRIYADUTTVISITSGAOTHANSAT our community will be presented with these awards of appreciation. This willEASTERFORTHEFIRSTTIME be the 4th consecutive year for this Awards ceremony.he East Indian villagers of the Gaothans were in for a total Tsurprise as Priya Dutt visited the Old Kurla Village for the first time on Easter Day. Priya Dutt was accompanied by the East Indian Band and her team of community supporters. Priya paid her respects at the Holy crosses along the way. Priya Dutt also joined the villagers in dancing to the tunes of the East Indian Band. A special dinner was also held by her supporters at Kalina Kolovery village. Meanwhile some community leaders were unhappy as Priya Dutt visited the villages on a festival day after almost 9 years. This was an indication that during this election the community vote bank stood important. MGP core members Manori Island, off Marve, Malad (W), Mumbai Private 3 bedroom bungalow Non A/C (recently renovated)/ near beach/ 24-hour Municipal water/hot & cold shower/ ample car parking/ Large open sit out/ children play area with sand pit, swing Ideal for Family outings, Corporate and Church Association picnics etc. For Bookings contact: 9820052744/67108787 Email - A special opportunity for our community members looking out for jobs. ROCKDALE MANORI
  5. 5. - 5 - Gaothan Voice april 2014 MGP PULPIT SPEAKING OUT ON THE RELIGIOUS Mobai Gaothan Panchayat Congratulates Dsouza Brothers, Thane for opening the first-ever International School owned by a East Indian ST.LAWRENCE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KALYAN MGP Core Team Alphi Dsouza Bernard Miranda Cedric Tixeira Clint Caston Douglas Lobo Gladys Dsouza Gleason Barretto Rossi Dsouza Royston Godinho Sybil Rodrigues Walter Murzello Pulpit One Liners * MGP still awaits Cardinals revert on the demands of the community *MGP announces Awards dedicated to Cardinal Simon Pimenta *East Indians work towards promoting community in local parishes *MGP gears up for Annual festival with three activities * BEIA organises Annual Social at Bandra Gymkhana * Dharavi beth villagers to start agitation to protest MMRDA Tourism plan
  6. 6. - 6 - Gaothan Voice april 2014 East Pictures of East Indian Rally 2014
  7. 7. - 7 - Gaothan Voice april 2014 East Pictures of East Indian Rally 2014
  8. 8. - 8 - Gaothan Voice april 2014 EAST INDIAN AWARDS 2014 Honouring our Community members for the Year April 2013 to March 2014 Cardinal Simon Pimenta Service and Community Awards East Indian ReligiousoftheYear This Award will be presented to a Priest or Nun who has gone beyond the call of God to voice the issues of the East Indian Community and hassupportedorencouragedourcommunity. East Indian EducationistoftheYear This Award will be presented to an East Indian who has been a strong promoterofEducation. East IndianAssociationoftheYear ThisAward will be presented to the East IndianAssociation which has promotedaseriesofactivitiesintheirvillageorinthecity. East Indian InitiativeoftheYear Every year we come across newer initiatives to promote our community and this Award will encourage the initiatives that have boughtourcommunitytogreaterheights. East Indian ProjectoftheYear East Indian Projects are the need of the hour to get our community to greater heights. This Award will be presented to the most impressive projectfortheEastIndianCommunity. East Indian Sarpanch oftheYear Individuals who serve the community are the biggest gift for us as they give time for our community inspite of the challenges at work and home. ThisAward will be presented to the Sarpanch who has has done exceptionalservicetoourEastIndianCommunity. East Indian Heritage Cross of the Year As our Holy Crosses across the Gaothan are being renovated the very essence of its heritage and sentiments are sometimes lost. To encourage the preservation of Holy Crosses especially those which are centuries old and have been maintained with its originalstructure. East Indian Social Worker of the Year ThisAward will be presented to an East Indian who has done remarkable service to the community in social work. East IndianActivistoftheYear Our East Indian Community issues begin to grow and there is an urgent need to voice our concerns. This Award will be presented to individualswho havevoicedourconcernswiththeauthorities. East Indian PanchayatoftheYear Mobai Gaothan Panchayat created a new face to the community by initiating the Panchayat in some villages. This award will be presented to the most active Village Panchayat in the East Indian community. Kaka Baptista Appreciation and Excellence Awards East Indian EntrepreneuroftheYear Encouraging the business mindset is urgently needed. This award will be presented to the East Indian who has excelledinbusiness. East Indian SingeroftheYear Our East Indian Singers have given the best contribution towards our music. Some of the songs are fabulous and so its important to appreciate Singers who have given East Indian music a new meaning. This Award will be presented to the Singer of the year who has performedexceptionallywell. East IndianAlbum oftheYear Every year we get the opportunity to come across East IndianAlbums which give us a flavour of East Indian music. We will appreciate the mostimpressiveEastIndianAlbumoftheyear. East Indian PhotooftheYear Photographs promoting our East Indian culture and tradition are appreciated by us all. In this aware we will appreciate the best photograph. We will also display some of these photographs at our EastIndianMusuem. East Indian Band oftheYear Our East Indian weddings are incomplete without a brass band. We will honour the band which has been most impressive for promoting our community.This award will bepresentedtotheoldestEastIndianband. East Indian Sportsperson of theYear Many from our community have a passion for sports and this Award will be presented to the individual who has beenagreatsupporterandperformerofsports. East Indian Book oftheYear We come across various books on our Community or members of our community. We will present this award to themostappreciatedBookof theyear. AppreciationAwards The Appreciation awards will be presented to various individuals or groups who have made our community known across Indiaor theWorld.
  9. 9. - 9 - Gaothan Voice april 2014 EAST INDIAN PUNCH THE MOUTHPIECE OF THE MOBAI GAOTHAN PANCHAYAT EAST INDIAN JAVNACHA CHASKA, DOSA NEM CHINESE KA ZHAILA PECHKA Its time we promote East Indian Food s we move around our lovely city Bombay or maybe go to Vasai, Raigad or Thane we see plenty of food outlets but the one missing is our East Indian food. South indian food is spread across and internationalfood Abe it Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Italian are all available in Bombay. So why is the food prepared by the indigenous people not available or promoted on a big scale? MGP has been constantly appealing to promote our food but somehow we have not taken it seriously. We spend our monies on foods prepared by other regions but shy awayfrompromotingourveryown. The time has come my dear East Indian people to promote our food with its rich taste and variety. If we don’t work towards promoting out food it will die a slow death and we will be feasting on dishes without the East Indian flavor. Its time all of us Big or Small, Wealthy-Middle Class-Poor, Men and Women, Seniors and Minors all come together to promote our food. We at MGPare pretty sure that if we do our little bit we will see the face of East Indian Food in somestreetcornersandastimepasses ineverycornerofournativetown. To give East Indian Food the perfect lift we need to promote it in three sectors: Restaurants and Hotels, Packaged food and Fast food stalls. We have come across our community members who are keen on starting an East Indian Restaurant but want inputs and support to begin the venture.An East Indian Restaurant should have the East Indian home ambience, with our lovely music, at times live performances, stewards in our traditional dress and a lugra lining at every space. Some of our high profile community members should float this initiative by floating in an investment scheme for all interested investors. The first East Indian Restaurant will always be a talking point not onlyinournativetownbutacrosstheworld. Packaging foods through self help groups has great potential. Here a group of women will produce East Indian foods like bottle masala, pickle, dry fish and papad and end it to their central centre for packaging and quality checks. Here we can encourage the self help groups for investment our promote micro finance schemes for our community members. The packages food space has great potential and if promoted can take our East Indian food to greatheightsandmakeitapreferredchoice. MGP has met various authorities like the Chief Minister, Mayor, MP’s, MLA’s and Corporators for allotment of East Indian food stalls in the lines of Zunka Bhakar and Shiv Vada pav stalls.As usual the politicians just ignored us and its time we take things seriously. If they have taken away our lands under the disguise of various legislations then we have every right to demand back what was rightfully ours. Similarly we donated our church lands and so space for a East Indian food stall should be considered across all parishes. We have met the Cardinal and Bishops with our community demands and we look forward to their support. The East Indian Food stalls can sell fast foods withtheEastIndianconnecttopromoteourfooditems. Lets not these plans not remain mere dreams but lets make them a reality. This will happen only if each one of us put in their hearts, their little money, their expertise, their time and whatever little they can to make East Indian Food well known. Things will always be tough and challenging but its time we take the risk before its too late. MGP ensuresallthosewho promoteEastIndianFood whateversupportwecanaswehaveaheartforourcommunity. My dear people, the time has come to make our fugyas, rotyas, lapsi, chinchoni, fugath, chitaps, moile, kolim, aatvan,khudiwellknown acrosstheworld.ItstimewegiveothercommunitiestheEastIndianTaste.
  10. 10. GAOTHAN ADS VILLA - 10 - Gaothan Voice april 2014 !COCKROACH-MENACE! For Total Extermination Call on 9820666582 PEST - TREAT (Pest Control Service) Member PCAI Termite, Rodent, Bugs, etc. Odourles, Spray, Herbal & Get Treatment ELIAS GONSALVES GAOTHAN VOICE FAMILY EDITORIAL TEAM Alphi Dsouza – Vakola Cedric Tixeira – Juhu Walter Murzello - Orlem Sybil Rodrigues - Kalina Kolovery PUBLISHED BY : Mobai Gaothan Panchayat Welfare Association, Registration No. Mah 1230 of 2013 GBBSD Printed at: Bibiana Printers, 99 Dixit Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057 LAYOUT AND ILLUSTRATIONS Chrysologus Dmello – Andheri 9987541378 CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS Benny Jacinto house, Kolivery village, next to Chris chinese, Kalina, Santacruz east, Mum - 29 E-MAIL WEBSITE WWW.MOBAIKAR.COM Runmileswithsmile To be a Gaothan Voice Village Sponsor you need to pay just Rs. 500/- towards the same and your name will be mentioned against the village you sponsor. We thank our village sponsors for this issue for bearing their village distribution costs of Gaothan Voice. GAOTHAN VOICE VILLAGE SPONSORS SPONSORS FOR THIS ISSUE: RONNIE PERREIRA - IRLA JUDE JACINTO - VAKOLA SCARLET HOLIDAYS • Feast of Infant Jesus Nasik 8 Feb 2014 Rs 850/- Pick-up drop facility. Breakfast & lunch . • Overnight Stay in a 4 Star Hotel 8 to 9 Feb, with all meals Rs 2800/- book now for seats. Kashmir: Patnitop,Srinagar,Gulmarg Sonmarg, Pahalgam, 6 to 16 May 2014 Rs 20,000/- travel by 3 tier a/c. Shimla, Chail, Manali, Chandigar 21 to 28 May Rs 17,500/. Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Chail,Shimla, Manali, Chandigarh. 21 to 1 June 2014 Rs 20,500/- Hyderabad: 6 to 11 June. Stay in a 4 Star Hotel Rs 9,999/- Madhya Pradesh: Panchmarhi, Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh Wild Life Safari, Bhedaghat 20 to 30 April Rs 19,000/- Book Now. Contact: 9930684491, 9894225891. email: 3000 copies/100 villages Around 500 email ids Single issue 3 months (advt rates per issue) 6 months (advt rates per issue) 12 months (advt rates per issue) Outside Cover Full Page Half Page Strip Ads Inside box Classifieds 12,000 34200 (11400) 64800 (10800) 115200 (9600) 6,000 17100 (5700) 32400 (5400) 57600 (4800) 3,500 9975 (3325) 18900 (3150) 33600 (2800) 2,000 5700 (1900) 10800 (1800) 19200 (1600) 600 1710 (570) 3240 (540) 5760 (480) 200 570 (190) 1080 (180) 1920 (160) Gaothan Voice Advertisement Rates
  11. 11. th Mobai Gaothan Panchayat (MGP) is pleased to announce its 5 Annual East Indian Community Festival. East Indian Sann 2014 will showcase th st EastIndianCultureandTradition.ThefestivalwillbeginonMay18 andwillcloseon31 May. nd Date :Thursday, 22 May 2014 Time : 7pm onwards Venue :St.Stanislaus Grounds, Bandra Special Highlights of the Evening: *Prominent members will be presented with Awards of appreciation and excellence *Live Perfomance by Cedric and Jane Tixeira, Hector Tixeira, Cedric and Cecilia Gonsalves, Pat Quadros, Shirley Creado, Justice Gonsalves, Nelson Gomes, Ollentina Patel and Victor Misquitta. *East Indian Food stalls will provide with a variety of food specials not available at any Hotel across the world. *Entry is FREE for all *The first-ever East Indian Directory will be released. *East Indian Baazaar will give you an opportunity to purchase East Indian specialties like Ghumat, Lugras, Books and lots more. *Stalls selling food stuff, east indian goodies and lots more available on hire for Rs.500 only th Date :Sunday, 18 May 2014 Time :10:30am onwards Venue :East Indian Museum, Manori st *The East Indian Museum will have new offerings at this 1 Anniversary get-together *Lunch sponsored by Morris Kinny, Manori *For Lunch Coupons you may contact our local coordinators *East Indian singers will perform in presence of an East Indian Band. For more details on Lunch coupons, stall bookings and sponsorships you may contact :- Cardinal Simon Pimenta AwardsKaka Baptista Awards Vakola - Alphi 9820087771, Kalina - Sybil 9930229742, Kurla – Bonnie 7208698257, Juhu – Clint 9820878421, Gorai – Rossi 9892844354, Royston 9619620902. EAST INDIAN CONCERT, AWARDS & FOOD FESTIVAL To support our community projects like East Indian Museum, Gaothan Voice, East Indian Community Fund and other initiatives please send us a cheque favouring "Mobai Gaothan Panchayat" to our mailing address: Benny Jacinto house, Kolivery village, next to Chris chinese, Kalina, Santacruz east, Mum - 29. Email:, Website: WWW.MOBAIKAR.COM Date : Saturday, 31st May 2014 Venue : At all Holy Crosses in the Gaothans
  12. 12. Conference and Party rooms available upto 100 pax* Terrace Garden and Lawns for upto 350 pax Banquet. To book a copy call Alphi Dsouza on 9820087771.