Cyber laws


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Cyber laws

  1. 1. Seminar Presentation on Cyber Laws
  2. 2.  CyberTheory. Need of Cyber Laws. Cyber laws in India.  Cyber Crime & Cyber Crime Cases  Penalties for cyber crimes.
  3. 3. •In 1980, there were only 50,000 Computers all over the world. • Today, over 50,000 Computers are being sold each day globally. • I think it is fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we have ever created.They are tools of communication, they are tools of creativity & they can be shaped by their user. - Bill Gates. Chairman, Microsoft.
  4. 4. • We live in the E-World ? E-Commerce, E-billing, E-ticketing, E-mail, E- learning, E-books. •Internet is the 6th most important invention in the life of a human being. • Everything in this world has Advantages & Disadvantages.
  5. 5. Real-world & Virtual- world Current approaches evolved to deal with real-world crime Cybercrime occurs in a virtual-world and therefore presents different issues
  6. 6.  Evolution of Cyber Laws ?  Advantages of Cyber Law. Awareness of cyber laws & crimes.  Does Cyber Law concern me.
  7. 7. •To make our digital life safe. •Tackling cyber crimes. • Intellectual property rights & copyrights protection act. • Essential feature for today,s world of internet. •Achieving global peace & harmony.
  9. 9.  email would now be a valid and legal form of communication in our country that can be duly produced and approved in a court of law.  Companies shall now be able to carry out electronic commerce using the legal infrastructure provided by the Act.  Digital signatures have been given legal validity and sanction in the Act. Action can be imposed against anyone you creates a unauthorized access into the system of companies or industries.
  10. 10. Cyber Crime
  11. 11. • Cyber Crime is unlawful act wherein the computer is either targeted or used as a tool to gain unauthorized access into a network. •Unauthorized access & hacking. •Virus & worm attack •Email Spamming.
  12. 12. Virus & Worms
  13. 13. •OfficialWebsite of Maharashtra Government hacked, MUMBAI ,20 september 2007 •Three people held guilty in online credit card scam. • Orkut : A Danger. •Offensive Sms can lead to 2 yrs jail. •CBIWebsite hacked by Pakistani Hackers. • City principal seeks police help to stop Cyber Crime,Social networking issue.
  14. 14. Penalties for cyber crime • Imprisonment • Fine for unlawful acts. • Cancelation of certifications