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mapme presentation

Published in: Design, Technology, Travel
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  1. 1. This is mapme CIID 27.02.09
  2. 2. CIID 27.02.09
  3. 3. CIID 27.02.09
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  11. 11. This is mapme mapme is a framework for a corporate service which provides their employees with personalized information about daily travel habits, patterns and transforming an everyday routine into a conscious choice. service for corporations and organizations a cultivate travel awareness b personalized maps and routes c encourage community building d sort according to priorities e cost time health footprint CIID 27.02.09
  12. 12. The people CIID 27.02.09
  13. 13. The people Sandra Johanson female 31, furniture designer actual trip: n av o h e m k rd m or al No Ho W M mapme suggestion: rt po o e m rre k m or al No Ho W M user’s feedback: “this experience felt really good!” strong link to DSB-service no bike in CPH full con dence in DSB personal bike break routine tracking transportation CIID 27.02.09
  14. 14. The people Elisabeth Kiss female 26, fashion designer actual trip: e k m or Ho W mapme suggestion: e k m or Ho W scenic user’s feedback: “i’d love to bike in green areas, and i got to see the park in a new light” high personalization fast transport times not 100% con dent with DSB break routine competitive no tracking CIID 27.02.09
  15. 15. The people Theiis Skanstorm male 30, insurance salesman actual trip: e k m or Ho W mapme suggestion: e nd vn ha lu e k m ov rd or Ho No Sk W user’s feedback: “taking the bike pepped me up” “i really like the feedback report” “i want to see DSB fronting this” “i never feel the transition in the car” CIID 27.02.09
  16. 16. CIID 27.02.09
  17. 17. CIID 27.02.09
  18. 18. Mapme functionality commuting to work back and forth is a major contribution to increased stress levels, boredom, monetary strain and not to mention impact on the environment. generate routes for people based on their needs a personal choice of involvement b personalised feedback c impact of personal actions d powerful HR tool e CIID 27.02.09
  19. 19. Why DSB? “I would really enjoy seeing DSB fronting a service like this” (Theiis, 30) sheer size of DSB a it’s about the company, the people b it’s about how people move c The Climate Change Conference d a service framework developed e and fueled by DSB for other companies to adopt CIID 27.02.09