BITS Pilani Goa campus General quiz Oct'12


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BITS Pilani Goa campus General quiz Oct'12

  1. 1. THE QUIZOf the Quiz Club, for the people, by the freshers. Raj K Siddharth J Sukanto G
  2. 2. Pounce(+10,-5) 20 questions
  3. 3. 1 Sitter, identify. 1.Knowledge of Literature - Nil. 2.Knowledge of Philosophy - Nil. 3.Knowledge of Astronomy - Nil. 4.Knowledge of Politics - Feeble. 5.Knowledge of Botany - Variable. Well up in belladonna, opium and poison generally. Knows nothing of practice gardening. 6.Knowledge of Geology - Practical, but limited. Ability to differentiate between different soils. 7.Knowledge of Chemistry - Profound. 8.Knowledge of Anatomy - Accurate, but unsystematic. 9.Knowledge of Sensational Contemporary Literature - Immense. 10. Plays the violin well. 11.Expert boxer. 12. Has good knowledge of law
  4. 4. 1 Sherlock Holmes
  5. 5. 2Don’t tell me it’s slidenafil citrate. How do you commonly know it as? Hint: apart fromit’s primary usage, it’s also used for treating pulmonary hypertension and alitiudesickness.
  6. 6. 2 Viagra.
  7. 7. 3A song called "Jonny Q" became extremely popular in Night Clubs, bars and restaurants around Australia and especially so in the Sydney Region in early 2000. How do we better know the song in India?
  8. 8. 3 Jaane Kyun (Dil Chahta Hai)
  9. 9. 4 Payback time! Identify ‘X’
  10. 10. 4 Rick Astley
  11. 11. 5This sportsperson has a nickname he rather likes, with Biblical connotations. Nike designed him the special logo that you see on the shirt, to go with the name. Who?
  12. 12. 5 LeBron James (King James)
  13. 13. 6 Connect-
  14. 14. 6 Pink Floyd. Named after the blues artists, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
  15. 15. 7 No kidding. Which country’s currency?
  16. 16. 7 Niue, a Polynesian Island
  17. 17. 8Q (because we’ve had enough of X’s) is a concept oftenassociated with the Indian state of Goa. Derived fromthe Portuguese word socegado ("Quiet"), it is normallymistaken for the relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life thatis said to have existed historically in Goa, aformer Portuguese territory. What Q actually means,according to most experts is a contented form of lifeexistent in the state. Goa is described by a SundayTimes writer as "South Asia’s Latin Quarter: indulgent,tolerant, capricious, steeped in a tropical lassitude andwedded to the sea."[1] The concept may also carry negativeconnotations such as "indolence"[1] and in recent years ithas been suggested that the relaxed Goan culture of Q hasgiven way in the face of modern stresses.
  18. 18. 8Susegad
  19. 19. 9 Connect. (non exhaustive)
  20. 20. 9Members of all the teams / bands were killed inplane crashes.
  21. 21. 10Funda.
  22. 22. 10Kids of The Beatles’ members
  23. 23. 11On February 26, 1993, at 12:17 p.m., a Ryder truck filled with1,500 pounds (680 kg) of explosives, planted by RamziYousef, detonated in the underground garage of the structure.The blast opened a 100 foot (30 m) hole through five sublevelswith the greatest damage occurring on levels B1 and B2 andsignificant structural damage on level B3. Six people were killedand 50,000 other workers and visitors were left gasping for airwithin the 110 story towers. Many people inside the structurewere forced to walk down darkened stairwells that contained noemergency lighting, some taking two hours or more to reachsafety. What am I talking about?
  24. 24. 11Attack on WTC
  25. 25. 12
  26. 26. 12 Jedi
  27. 27. 13What do you called this phenomenon as?
  28. 28. 13 St. Elmo’s fire
  29. 29. 14The Monty Hall problem is a probability puzzle loosely based on the American television game show Lets Make a Deal. A famous example is quoted below.“Suppose youre on a game show, and youre given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows whats behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat. He then says to you, "Do you want to pick door No. 2?" Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?”Name the Indian counterpart of the show hosted by Aman Verma during the last decade.
  30. 30. 14 Khulja Sim Sim
  31. 31. 15 Which medieval structure once existed here?
  32. 32. 15The Bamyan Buddhas. Destroyed by Taliban in 2003.
  33. 33. 16Funda pleajh.
  34. 34. 16 Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad in the movie ‘Jobs’.
  35. 35. 17Seen in Melbourne, what is the name of this lane?
  36. 36. 17 ACDC lane (AC/DC lane)
  37. 37. 19What did these guys create?
  38. 38. 19 Instagram - photo-app acquired by Facebook.
  39. 39. 20 The following is the extract of a poem written by James X about the place : I remember the day when I first came here And smelt the sweet ____________ air The trees and ground covered with snow Gave us indeed a brilliant show To me the place seemed like a dream And far ran a lonesome stream The wind hissed as if welcoming us The pine swayed creating a lot of fuss And the tiny cuckoo sang it away A song very melodious and gay I adored the place from the first sight And was happy that my coming here was right And eight good years here passed very soon And we leave you perhaps on a sunny noon Oh __________ we are leaving you now To your natural beauty do I bow FITB
  40. 40. 20X = AbbottThe place is Abottabad, where Osama Bin Laden wasfound.
  41. 41. Finals
  42. 42. 1  Id this legendary comic genius.
  43. 43. 1 Woody Allen
  44. 44. 2These weapons were used in WW II. They are M1 carbines. Who manufacturedthem?
  45. 45. 2IBM
  46. 46. 3All of us have seen this image(which has been blanked out). What is it exactly?Where?
  47. 47. 3
  48. 48. 4 The shape of the S symbol differs slightly from the shape commonly seen in English-language books. While the English S symbol leans to the right, the German symbol (used throughout Central Europe) is upright, and the Russian variant leans to the left. Identify S
  49. 49. 4The integral symbol
  50. 50. 5 On 5 November 2011, at the annual fireworks display at Edenbridge, Kent, a 12 metre tall bonfire effigy shown in the image was unveiled. To what event was it a direct reference to?
  51. 51. 5 This is an effigy of Mario Balotelli. Balotelli and his friends set Balotellis house on fire when a firework was let off in it, and later that week Balotelli was unveiled as Greater Manchesters ambassador for firework safety. The next day, he celebrated his goal by unveiling a shirt with the words: "Why always me?" on it.
  52. 52. 6
  53. 53. 6Barack Obama
  54. 54. 7We seldom know this personality as an artist of such stunning paintings, but evidently he was one in his youth. Who is the artist of these paintings?
  55. 55. 7 Adolf Hitler
  56. 56. 8On whose grave do you expect to see this?
  57. 57. 8Ludwig Boltzmann
  58. 58. 9 The W campaign in its present form was started by Juan Mann on December 1, 2004 when he began doing a certain thing in the Pitt Street Mall in central Sydney. In the months prior to this, Mann had been feeling depressed and lonely as a result of numerous personal difficulties. However, a random reception of the thing from a stranger made an enormous difference, with Mann stating that "...I went out to a party one night and a completely random person came up to me and gave me it. I felt like a king! It was greatest thing that ever happened."[2] Mann carried the now iconic “_______" sign from the outset. However on his first attempt in his hometown, where he returned to find that he was the only person he knew, as his friends and family had moved away, he had to wait fifteen minutes before an elderly lady came up to him and gave him it. W pls
  59. 59. 9The “FREE HUGS” campaign
  60. 60. 10 When Odysseus left for the Trojan War, he left the old man on the right in this illustration in charge of his son, Telemachus (the young guy on the left). What was the old chap’s name?
  61. 61. 10 Mentor
  62. 62. 11 Connect
  63. 63. 11 Parody Awards Golden Raspberry, The Ignobel, The Darwin Awards, The Pigasus Awards, The Golden Fleece awards.
  64. 64. 12This Da-Vinci illustration is said to be the firsttime X was conceived. What is X?
  65. 65. 12 Contact lenses
  66. 66. 13 Who? Where is this? Half points for both.
  67. 67. 13 Neil Armstrong. Purdue University
  68. 68. 14 In politics, a X is a situation in which a seat in a deliberative assembly is vacated during that assemblys term. Such a situation arises through the death, resignation or disqualification of the sitting member. Xs have the effect of eliminating or reducing representation for the members constituency. Accordingly, many jurisdictions provide by law for the speedy filling of these vacant seats. Xs can also occur in non- governmental assemblies, such as boards of directors and committees of voluntary organisations. What 2-word term is X?
  69. 69. 14 Casual Vacancy. JK Rowling’s latest book.
  70. 70. 15FIBTB
  71. 71. 15 Matt Lewis(played Nevil Longbottom in HP series and the second, well, Justin Bieber.
  72. 72. 16An inverse of Stockholm syndrome called “Y" hasbeen proposed, in which abductors developsympathy for their hostages. It was named after anabduction at the Japanese Embassy in ___, in1996, when members of a militant movement tookhostage hundreds of people attending a party inthe official residence of Japans ambassador. Withina few hours, the abductors had set free of most ofthe hostages, including the most valuable ones,due to sympathy. Id Y
  73. 73. 16 The Lima Syndrome
  74. 74. 17 This songs reign at number one in the United Kingdom occurred as the region was hit by ______, which led The Sun to humorously suggest the two events were related, with the media referring to it as the "Rihanna Curse.“ The same ‘curse’ hit Romania as well as New Zealand. And as the song went down the charts, the ______ ended. Identify the song and FITB
  75. 75. 17 Umbrella ; Extreme flooding and storms.
  76. 76. 18 After a successful career as a drummer and drum teacher of drum technique, X, an electrical engineer by profession, started selling drums, cymbals and drum-related accessories in London. Musicians like Ritchie Blackmore(Deep Purple), Jim Sullivan and Pete Townshend(The Who) suggested he should sell guitar equipment too. As a response, he came up with a product which revolutionized live music and music in general. Identify X or the company he subsequently started.
  77. 77. 18
  78. 78. 18 Marshall amps, Jim Marshall
  79. 79. 19 X was among the Elite Panel umpires of ICC. He umpired in 128 tests and 181 ODI’s from 1989-2009. Earlier, he was a FIFA referee in the World Cup qualifier between El Salvador and the Netherlands Antilles in 1988. Soon after this, X had to retire from football refereeing because the FIFA age limit for referees was lowered to 45. However, this allowed him to pursue his career as a cricket umpire.
  80. 80. 19 Steve Bucknor. Has the distinction of being an ICC umpire as well as a FIFA referee.
  81. 81. 20 Connect the actor/director in 1 to the Nobel Laureates in 2 and 3. 1 2 3
  82. 82. 20 Pic 1-Sheldon Leonard Pic 2-Robert Hofstadter/Leon Cooper Their names served as the names of the main characters of "The Big Bang Theory" i.e Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter.
  83. 83. 21 The flag of X is often confused with the flag of Y which is the opposite of it. In 1906, to put an end to the argument of Turkey that the flag of X took its roots from Christianity, it was decided to promote officially the idea that the X flag had been formed by reversing the federal colours of Y, although no clear evidence of this origin had ever been found. Id X and Y.
  84. 84. 21 X: Red Cross Y: Switzerland
  85. 85. 22 It is generally accepted that this pattern appears on the body of the Death-Head Hawk moth. However, contrary to popular belief, the pattern is a portrait photography by Philippe Halsman in collaboration with Salvador Dali, called "In Voluptas Mors". It is a surrealistic portrait of Dali beside a large skull, in fact a tableau vivant composed of seven nudes. Halsman took three hours to arrange the models according to a sketch by Dali. Put funda.
  86. 86. 22
  87. 87. 23 A statue of John X, sits in the institution named in his honour. Despite the name of the place, the statue does not depict his true likeness, as the sculptor had no accurate image to work from. The statue claims that it depicts John X Founder, 1638, but in reality X was a contributor, not the founder; the institution was founded in 1636; and the statue is actually a likeness of someone else. The sculptor used a student as a model. The statue is located centrally in X Yard. Tour guides often tell visitors it is good luck to rub John Xs left foot. There is, however, among the residents of the institution a longstanding tradition of urinating on the statue at night.
  88. 88. 23 John Harvard
  89. 89. 24 This sci-fi sound effect was developed by sound designer Ben Burtt as a combination of the hum of idling interlock motors in aged movie projectors and interference caused by a television set on an unshielded microphone. Burtt discovered the latter accidentally as he was looking for a buzzing, sparking sound to add to the projector motor hum. What are we talking about?
  90. 90. 24 Lightsabre
  91. 91. Id Pix Round Written. +15, -5
  92. 92. 1What’s so special about this place? Special respect for telling it’s name.
  93. 93. 1 Point Nemo. The point in the Ocean farthest away from landmass. Basically the worst place to get drowned.
  94. 94. 2Ever wondered what ACME stands for?
  95. 95. 2A Company That Makes Everything
  96. 96. 3Funda?
  97. 97. 3 Snoop Dogg has now changed over to reggae, and has rechristened himself as Snoop Lion.
  98. 98. 4 Id this latest gaming console. What’s so special about it? 5 + 10.
  99. 99. 4 Ouya, the first gaming console that runs on Android.
  100. 100. 5 Where would you see this camera?(a 2 MP one)
  101. 101. 5 Curiosity rover
  102. 102. 6Where does one see this?
  103. 103. 6
  104. 104. Round 3Back Talk. One question directed to each team. +15. After passing, + 5.
  105. 105. 1 It translates as “The Base”. It operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical ______ movement calling for global Jihad and a strict interpretation of a certain law.
  106. 106. 1 What is Al-Qaeda?/ What does Al-Qaeda translate as?
  107. 107. 2 Felix Baumgartner. He set the world record by reaching an estimated speed of 1,342 kilometres per hour (834 mph), or Mach 1.24, on 14 October 2012.
  108. 108. 2 Who was the first human to break the sound barrier without a vehicle?
  109. 109. 3 It is the content that is not part of the Surface web, which is indexed by standard search engines. Most of the Webs information is buried far down on dynamically generated sites, and standard search engines do not find it.
  110. 110. 3 What is the Deep Web/deepnet/invisible net?
  111. 111. 4 This is what he says- “"However, since I manifest their worst nightmare (systematical and organized executions of multiculturalist traitors), they will probably just give me the full propaganda rape package and propagate the following accusations: pedophile, engaged in incest activities, homosexual, psycho, ADHD, thief, non-educated, inbred, maniac, insane, monster etc. I will be labeled as the biggest (Nazi-)monster ever witnessed since WW2."
  112. 112. 4 Give any excerpt from Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto.
  113. 113. 5 It’s Kia Siverbrook. Internationally, he has 9,716 of them registered at the international X document database. They have applications in a variety of products such as computers, smartphones, LCD screens, digital cameras, robots, digital pens and industrial and office printers.
  114. 114. 5 Who has the highest number of registered patents in the world?
  115. 115. 6 His full name is Aliaune Damala Badara ____ Thiam
  116. 116. 6 What is Akon’s full name?