Introduction To ITIL For Project Managers May Chantilly Luncheon


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Introduction To ITIL For Project Managers May Chantilly Luncheon

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Introduction To ITIL For Project Managers May Chantilly Luncheon

  1. 1. CSC NORTH AMERICAN PUBLIC SECTOR Introduction to ITIL for Project Managers May Chantilly Luncheon Linda Budiman, PMP ITILv2 & ITILv3 Process Architect ITIL Service Manager, CobiT certified 1 5/13/2008 8:08:45 AM ITILv3FND-Module01-Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  2. 2. Today’s Topics • What is ITIL? • What is purpose and goal of ITIL? • What does ITIL means to project managers? • What ITILv3 Service Lifecycle? • What are the benefits of ITIL and PMP certificate? 2 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  3. 3. What is ITIL? ● ITIL is a de facto global standard that has been in use for over 20 years and now has reached a global scale ● Embraced by governments and businesses as a framework to optimize IT service support and service delivery ● ITIL aligns to the ISO/IEC 20000 standard – Harmonizing with best practices CMMI, PMI, Six Sigma, COBIT ● ITIL provides a standardized way to of working with activities, processes, functions, standards and guidelines ● ITILv2 recently upgraded to ITILv3 June ‘07 3 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  4. 4. ITIL Purpose and Goal IT Alignment to Business Strategy and Requirements • Manage services based upon strategic goals and customer requirements, governance, and compliance • ITILv2 emphasized Service Support & Service Delivery • ITILv3 is more customer service lifecycle oriented ITILv3 4 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  5. 5. What ITIL Means to Project Managers ITIL Project and Program Success! • Stakeholder Satisfaction – Management ROI – Customers – Service Management Staff • Reduce Total Cost Ownership – Operations – Maintenance • Critical Communications Awareness – Governance – Clear Roles, Responsibility, Accountability, Ownership – Cultural Change 5 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  6. 6. ITILv3 and PMBOK PMBOK ITILv3 •Initiating & Planning •Service Strategy •Executing •Service Design •Service Transition •Service Operation •Controlling •Continuous Improvement •Closing N/A 6 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  7. 7. ITILv3 Service Lifecycle New ITILv3 Core Structure Service Strategy Where Services Begin ITIL Service Lifecycle emphasizes control of functions and processes Critical Success Factor: Integrated Project Management 7 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  8. 8. ITILv3 Service Management Framework ITILv3 Service Management • A set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services • Capabilities take the form of functions and processes for managing services over a lifecycle 8 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  9. 9. Service Strategy and PMBOK Relationship Service Strategy • Sets Service Management objectives, policies, and guidelines • Creates a valuable Service Management organization • Differentiates services and organization as a Strategic Asset 9 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  10. 10. ITIL Service Strategy – The Hub Processes • Service Strategy (Generation) • Service Portfolio Management • Demand Management • Financial Management 10 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  11. 11. ITIL Service Design Service Design • Design of innovative services, processes, measurements, metrics, technology including their architecture • Based upon Service Strategy objectives and policies • Focus on people, processes, products and partners 11 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  12. 12. ITIL Service Design Processes • Service Catalogue Management • Service Level Management • Supplier Management • Availability Management • Capacity Management • Information Security Management • IT Service Continuity Management 12 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  13. 13. ITIL Service Transition Service Transition – Plan and manage service changes – Deploy service releases into Operations successfully – Verifies and validates Service Strategy business requirements and Service Design functional requirements 13 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  14. 14. ITIL Service Transition Processes • Transition Planning and Support • Change Management • Service Asset & Configuration Management • Release and Deployment Management • Service Validation and Testing • Evaluation • Knowledge Management Evaluation 14 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  15. 15. Service Operation Service Operation • Achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of managed services • Strategic objectives are realized through Service Operations, making it a critical capability 15 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  16. 16. Service Operation Processes • Event Management • Incident Management • Request Fulfillment • Problem Management • Access Management Functions • Service Desk • Technical Management • IT Operations Management • Application Management 16 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  17. 17. Continual Service Improvement Goal • Review, analyze, and make recommendations on improvement opportunities in each Lifecycle phase: • Service Strategy • Service Design • Service Transition • Service Operation • Plan, Do, Check, Act 17 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  18. 18. ITIL Continual Service Improvement Processes • Seven Step Improvement Process • Service Management Process Measurement • Service Reporting • Service Improvement Plan 18 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  19. 19. How can I learn more? Get involved Local Interest Group (LIG) • National Chapter Local Interest Group – One of the largest Local Interest Groups – Local forum for implementation discussion – Everyone welcome! – • ITIL News – • ITIL – 19 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  20. 20. Your Benefits • PMP and ITIL Certification – Apply Project Management skills, tools and techniques to ITILv3 Service Lifecycle – Critical need to understand ITIL terminology – Project Managers will then better anticipate risk – Lead the next ITIL implementation – High demand – skill differentiator Most of all have fun and enjoy your ITIL journey!!! 20 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  21. 21. Thank You! Linda Budiman CSC, 15000 Conference Center Drive Chantilly, VA 20151 T: 703-818-5748 21 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  22. 22. Service Lifecycle ITILv3 Service Lifecycle Service Strategy Continual Service Improvement • Service Strategy (Generation) Process • Seven Step Improvement Process • Service Portfolio Management • Service Management Process • Demand Management Measurement • Financial Management • Service Reporting • Service Improvement Plan ITILv3 Service Design Service Operations • Service Catalogue Management • Service Level Management • Event Management • Supplier Management • Incident Management • Availability Management • Request Fulfillment • Capacity Management • Problem Management • Information Security Management • Access Management • IT Service Continuity Management • Service Desk Service Transition • Technical Management • Transition Planning and Support • IT Operations Management • Change Management • Application Management • Release and Deployment Management • Service Asset and Configuration Management • Service Validation and Testing • Evaluation • Knowledge Management Evaluation 22 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt
  23. 23. ITILv3 Training ITIL® v3 Qualification Scheme ITILFND09-1 23 ITILv3FND-Service Lifecycle -Introduction.CSCv1.ppt