How To Improve Your English Communication


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How To Improve Your English Communication

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How To Improve Your English Communication

  1. 1. How to improve your English communication<br />English is a widely spoken language, it has very important role in our life. Comparatively it is very easy to learn and every one can master over it. If you are unfamiliar with English language, you feel very difficult to speak with people who converse in English. You may feel inferior when you hear someone talk in fluent English. Nowadays many graduates still find it very difficult to speak in English due to some reasons. This may due to their lack of confidence or poor knowledge in grammar. Because of this they will miss many good job opportunities. Everyone takes it as a challenge to learn communicative English and even they are ready to join for a course. This kind of institute makes lots of money through this course and the candidates will not get the benefit as they wish. This institute can help you to understand the language, but the skills can be developed only by practice. So you should take the initiative to learn the language. Learning a foreign language may be a tough task for everybody, but don’t get disappointed and be patient to make it practice. While you learn English, don’t be in hurry, and the learning process includes many steps to be followed:  <br />  <br />Improve your listening skill:<br /> <br />Listening is one of the important skills that you need to develop. For this try to mingle with your friend, who is fluent in English. While you listen their speech you will get new words and you can follow their style also. Moreover you can watch any TV programs, news or you can listen to radio and try to make it a habit. In the beginning, you may need some concentration to understand each and every word. As the day passes, you can realize yourself how much you improved. News readers’ pronunciation will help you to improve your pronunciation so make a habit to listen news. There are so many CDs and cassettes available in the market. You can buy those CDs and listen to it; no doubt you can find the changes in you. If possible, spend at least one hour to listen and learn with the help of audios. Keep in mind you should select a room where no one can disturb you and dedicate yourself.<br /> <br />Speaking skill<br /> <br />If you want to improve your speaking skill, start speaking in English. There is no other way to improve speaking skill. You can speak to your friend, who speaks good English and from them you can learn how to communicate in English. At first you may feel shy, be confident and speak with them. In the beginning you may make some mistakes, but don’t bothered about it, from mistakes only you can learn the right one. Whatever it is right or wrong start speaking in English. The more you speak with them, the more it helps you to improve your language. Without paying any single penny, you can improve your communication skill through speaking with others. If you want to learn swimming, you have to jump into the pond, no other way. Likewise if you want to improve the speaking skill, start speaking in English with others. <br /> <br />Reading skill<br /> <br />Cultivate the habit of reading in your day to day life. The more you read the m ore it helps to improve your vocabulary. In order to improve your communicative skill in English, you should read news paper, comics, children’s book or any kind of articles. If you read news paper you can improve your vocabulary and knowledge also. You can also read comics and children’s book; these kinds of books will be very simple and easily understandable and this will be useful for language learners. It doesn't matter if you read comic books, or newspaper, read whatever will make you to enjoy learning. Whenever you read try to read loudly so you can realize and understand what you are saying and it also helps when you communicate. When you read you may make mistakes, so read loudly so that others can correct you. Moreover keep a dictionary with you to refer the meaning of new words and remember the meaning of words so that next time you come across the same word you need not refer the dictionary. This type of reading helps you to make use of new vocabularies in your conversation. To improve your communication skill, read something in English a day for one hour.<br />Writing skill<br />Good grammatical knowledge is very much essential for writing skill. Grammatical errors can sometimes be tolerated in verbal communication but not in written communication. Comparing to speaking skill, writing is very tough part of any kind of language leraning.For this you need a thorough knowledge in grammar and you can depend on grammar books .There are lots of grammar books available in the book stores ,buy them and start learning grammar or you can visit English websites to improve your communication. Try your level best to achieve your goal.<br /> <br />Make a habit of reading a day for an hour<br /> <br />Language learning process consists of four steps speaking, reading, listening and writing. To improve your communication skill, you must spend at least one hour every day. Understand the value of time and utilize your time as far as possible. Whatever books are available for you read it and try to use those in your conversation. If you follow these steps no doubt you can master over English language.<br />