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Revenue advertising.


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its one of a business revenue model

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Revenue advertising.

  2. 2. Online advertising is a very popular revenue model for e- commerce businesses. In this method, companies or organizations buy advertising space on your site, provide a designed ad or written message, and then pay you for promoting their messages. Media sites, such as magazines, newspapers, and television channels typically use online advertising. What is online advertising revenue model
  3. 3. How web sites earn money through advertising
  4. 4. AD NETWORKS Advertising.Com  Display advertising branch of AOL advertising  Offer types CPA, CPC, CPM  500,000 monthly impressions need for publisher  Publisher website shouldn’t content with hate, firearms, bombs, weapons, illegal activities, pornography, links to indecent matter, illegal file sharing. Google AdSense  Offer types CPC  Network size -2 million publishers  No traffic requirement for publishers  Publisher website shouldn’t content with Pornography, Violence, Racial Intolerance, Excessive Profanity, Hacking/Cracking, Illicit Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Sales Of Beer Or Hard Alcohol Etc.
  5. 5. Yahoo ads Yahoo’s worldwide net digital ad revenues $3.28 billion in 2015. They have new ads site called yahoo gemini for publishers ADVERTISING FORMATS Search advertising Native,video,premium,audience advertising Yahoo does not allow for get-rich-quick schemes & offers Pay to bid sites Questionable legality products & services Religious ads Tobacco products etc
  6. 6. • Offer types CPC. • Publisher Language Requirement Must be primarily English. • Publisher website shouldn’t content Adult, Tobacco, Alcohol, Ammunition, Hazardous Substances, Illegal Drugs, Gore, Violence, Gambling, Racism, Hate, Racial Intolerance, Prescription Drugs, Counterfeit Products, Stolen Items. Adblade • Offer types CPC, CPM. • Advertising Types: Sponsored Content, Display. • Traffic Minimum: 500,000 monthly pageviews.
  7. 7. Adbuff  Minimum Traffic: 2000 uniques per day , Publisher language requirements: English only  Publishers will not display the company’s advertisements on sites containing download, adult, streaming, violence, guns, gambling, bitcoin faucet, and any illegal content. Free sites such as Blogspot and Weebly are not accepted either.  Offer types: CPM, CPC, CPA  Advertising Types: Display, Text. Pop-ups not allowed Adcash  Network Size: “Over 100,000 websites and mobile applications” according to Wikipedia, 150,000 according to Adcash website.  Advertising Types: Display  Offer Types: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPV
  8. 8. Other Adnetworks  Adwords  Youtube advertising  Facebook ads  Linkedin ads  Twitter ads  Bing ads  Adsterra network  Ad maven  Openx  Defy media  Sharethrough  Amazon nine  Doubleclick ad exchange (adx)
  9. 9. Pricing/Revenue models  CPM (Cost Per Mille), also called "Cost Per Thousand (CPT), is where advertisers pay for exposure of their message to a specific audience. "Per mille" means per thousand impressions, or loads of an advertisement. Ex - liveintent , clickadu , buysellads  CPV (Cost Per Visitor) or (Cost per View in the case of Pop Ups and Unders) is where advertisers pay for the delivery of a Targeted Visitor to the advertisers website. ex –  CPC (Cost Per Click) is also known as Pay per click (PPC). Advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their listing and isredirected to their website. They do not actually pay for the listing, but only when the listing is clicked on. Ex – , google adsense, infolinks , chitika , kontera
  10. 10. Pricing/Revenue models  CPA (Cost Per Action) or (Cost Per Acquisition) advertising is performance based and is common in the affiliate marketing sector of the business. In payment scheme, the publisher takes all the risk of running the ad, and the advertiser pays only for the amount of users who complete a transaction, as a purchase or sign-up. EX - Rakuten linkshare , sourcengo , adcombo , cj affiliate  CPL (Cost Per Lead) › CPO (Cost Per Order) › CPE (Cost Per Engagement)  EX - wow trk, coregmedia
  11. 11. ADVERTISERS Thousands of advertisers do campaigns in adnetworks to enhance their sells revenue. advertisers In tourism industry  Airlines –Srilanakan Airline, Ethihad airways etc  Hotels – Cinnoman Hotels, Jetwing, Hilton,Shrangila  Traval agencies- Priceline, Travalocity…  Destination web – Aruba. Etc……..
  12. 12. ADVERTISERS other industries  online money web sites,  Food and beverage sellers,  Cosmetics items sellers,  Mobile phone companies,  Banks, hospitals,  Automobile companies  Etc…
  13. 13. Types of Ads • Floating ad: An ad which moves across the user's screen or floats above the content. • Expanding ad: An ad which changes size and which may alter the contents of the webpage. • Polite ad: A method by which a large ad will be downloaded in smaller pieces to minimize the disruption of the content being viewed • Wallpaper ad:An ad which changes the background of the page being viewed. • Trick banner: A banner ad that looks like a dialog box with buttons. It simulates an error message or an alert. • Pop-up: Anew window which opens in front of the current one, displaying an advertisement, or entire webpage.
  14. 14. • Pop-under: Similar to a Pop-Up except that the window is loaded or sent behind the current window so that the user does not see it until they close one or more windows. • Video ad: similar to a banner ad, except that instead of a static or animated image, actual moving video clips are displayed. • Map ad: appearing in or over, a location on an electronic map such as on Google • Mobile ad: an SMS text or multi-media message sent to a cell phone. Types of Ads
  15. 15. Publishers • If ad network is google adsense or ad words, most of publisher sites are blogs. Word press • For another ad network sites most of sites that fulfill requrements of the ad networks. • Ex : expected traffic for site • Language that include • Content should’nt the prohibited things • Other polices…
  16. 16. Example 1: publish latam airline advertisement on their website Example 2: publish facebook ad on their web Example 3: put heritance Ayurveda mahagedara as sponsored link on their web site Example 4: web insert iflix web ads Example ad advertisement about promote aruba destination Publishers
  17. 17. Benefits of advertisement revenue model  Advertiser can analyse the progress of campaign through account.  You can easily test the market.  The ad campaign is less expensive.  The ad works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Can change online ad much more easily than change ads in other media.  Customers can see ad, shop, and buy, (if you sell your goods online) all without leaving home.  Can target our audience effectively.  The ability to set daily spend limits .  The ability to track, test and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns compared to other medium  The ability to run multiple campaigns  easy to implement and easy to withdraw,
  18. 18. Disadvantages of advertisement revenue model  Ad blocking softwears, addones are major restrict to this model.  Don’t know if they actually get what they pay for.  Don’t know if they can trust the visitor and/or traffic profile online media owners and publishers claim their sites have.  Have the feeling there is a lot of click fraud. Bux sites, most of ptc sites.  Don’t know if their ads appear in the sites and/or sites’ sections where they should appear.  Surfers who are on the net for a specific purpose may ignore your ads.  Surfers may notice your ads but choose not to click.  Low-net penetration of your target markets. This will push up cost per contact.  There is an absence of sufficient research on the effectiveness of web ads.  The web is a highly competitive environment and it’s easy to get lost.  Poorly managed campaigns can be expensive and ineffective.  By not evaluating what you’re doing you’re likely to waste money.