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Presentation Oct 2013

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Presentation Oct 2013

  2. 2. We developed a new Digital Sponsorship Inventory which engages fans, extends brand exposure beyond the event, and delivers measurable results. Wednesday 30 October 13
  3. 3. FanPic & Tagging... We use our special techniques to capture a FanPic, a 360º multibillion pixel image of fans at an event. We launch this FanPic within 24 hours of the event and invite fans to find, tag themselves and share the image with friends. Each image they share is branded with the sponsors story... Wednesday 30 October 13
  4. 4. After FanPic is launched, fans can visit the FanPic page and login through facebook Wednesday 30 October 13
  5. 5. Once logged in, users can browse around the massive image. Each FanPic is over 20 billion pixels in size. To put that in perspective, if you were to print out a FanPic it would be 60 x 30 metres in size! Wednesday 30 October 13
  6. 6. Users can zoom right into the crowd…. Wednesday 30 October 13
  7. 7. and find themselves at the event Wednesday 30 October 13
  8. 8. Once spotted..... Wednesday 30 October 13
  9. 9. Fans can tag themselves and their friends, and share it with their family and friends on Facebook Wednesday 30 October 13
  10. 10. PHOTO FB STORY Once the fan image is captured, they are prompted to share the picture as a branded Facebook story and photo Wednesday 30 October 13
  11. 11. I’m Here! Each user generated branded story and photo is displayed on the fans’ newsfeed, timeline and other Facebook properties. Wednesday 30 October 13
  12. 12. 360 FanPic Find me at Old Trafford! This branded image is visible by all of the users’ friends, increasing a brands’ reach and exposure beyond the event. Wednesday 30 October 13
  13. 13. 1 tag = 100’s of impressions 130 is the average number of facebook friends FanPic application measures each time a story or photo is shown to user friends. An impression is a story shown to a user. An impression may appear in a users newsfeed, timeline, ticker and application aggregations. Wednesday 30 October 13
  14. 14. Case Studies Wednesday 30 October 13
  15. 15. VENUE / Old Trafford FANS CLIENT / Chevrolet PERIOD / 9,256 / 75,500 10 days 12,3% fans tagged themselves of match attendance Users generated over 1,740,000 Facebook Stories & Photos Generated 127,560 28,000 Branded FanPic Visits Wednesday 30 October 13 3:06 Average Time Spent Twitter Stories Shared
  16. 16. VENUE / PGE Arena CLIENT / PSP VS FANS PERIOD / 6,285 / 30,000 10 days 21% fans tagged themselves of match attendance Users generated over 909,111 Facebook Stories & Photos Generated 52,000 3786 Branded FanPic Visits Wednesday 30 October 13 3:52 Average Time Spent Emails Collected
  17. 17. Public Address Announcement Big Screen infomercials at event Match Program Advert LED Promos at event Inclusion in event PR ACTIVATION The results shown previously can be achieved through our activation guidelines, which outline best practice for clients to achieve the results we have become accustomed to. These guidelines are in place to inform fans about each FanPic through multiple communication channels. Wednesday 30 October 13
  18. 18. Objectives Recognition & Optimisation Activation Support Production Project Management Reporting & Analysis END to END PROJECT DELIVERY We provide not only cutting edge technology but also proven activation guidelines, application customisation and full project management of each campaign. Wednesday 30 October 13
  19. 19. Social Profile Analytics and Reporting Deep Facebook integration allows us to create target group profiles of your fanbase limited not only to their demographics but also their interests. Wednesday 30 October 13
  20. 20. What can we deliver? Exposure and Awarness Quality Data Capture CRM Fan Experience Enhancement New Revenue Streams Fan Social Profiling Surveying Opportunities Merchandising Opportunities Wednesday 30 October 13
  21. 21. Beyond Tagging... Wednesday 30 October 13
  22. 22. Treasure Hunt We hide items in the crowd and around the venue and invite fans to find them. Once found, fans answer trivia questions to collect points. At the end of a journey, we ask them to leave their personal data, email or mobile to be notified about the competition results. Quality data is captured to be used in our clients’ future marketing campaigns. Wednesday 30 October 13
  23. 23. With the FanPic ‘Treasure Hunt’ feature, items are hidden in the crowd and around the stadium. Wednesday 30 October 13
  24. 24. Fans are invited to find these items. Wednesday 30 October 13
  25. 25. Once found, fans are prompted to answer a series of questions. Wednesday 30 October 13
  26. 26. These questions can be game related trivia, or primary research for the brand. Wednesday 30 October 13
  27. 27. Once a set amount of items are found, we ask fans to leave their personal data, Quality data is captured for brands to use in future marketing campaigns. Wednesday 30 October 13
  28. 28. Virtual Stadium “Wish you were here?” We also allow fans who weren’t in attendance at the event to also take part in the FanPic. They can add their photo to the ‘Virtual Stadium’, and feel like they were there! This is a perfect way to engage a global audience. Once logged into Facebook, the fan’s profile picture is added to the stadium… Wednesday 30 October 13
  29. 29. 360 FanPic CASE STUDY Wednesday 30 October 13
  30. 30. Primary Objectives Build facebook and twitter community Engage with global audience Brand exposure Secondary Objectives Extensive Fan Profiling Fan Experience Enhancement Features Used Virtual Stadium Customised User Journey Wednesday 30 October 13
  31. 31. Virtual Stadium allows a global fan base to still be a part of the experience “Virtually”. Wednesday 30 October 13
  32. 32. Fans can select the ‘Wish you were here’ feature and add their Facebook profile photo to the virtual stadium Wednesday 30 October 13
  33. 33. The global audience is activated, engaged and all results are measured Wednesday 30 October 13
  34. 34. Gamification The gamification aspect of FanPic encourages the retention of fan engagement over a series of FanPics. We have created powerful game features, which allow fans to collect points and climb the FanPic Leader Board. These points and badges are collected through tagging, adding virtual tags and taking part in games built into the FanPic to enter fan circles. Wednesday 30 October 13
  35. 35. Liverpool FC During the 2012/2013 season, Liverpool FC launched the LFC FanPic SuperFan game allowing fans to compete for the SuperFan title and to win an experiential dream prize. Wednesday 30 October 13
  36. 36. Liverpool FC wanted to introduce gamification to retain fan engagement over a series of FanPics for the full season Wednesday 30 October 13
  37. 37. This included Virtual Stadium to engage their global fan base as well as ‘Vote for Player’ giving fans the opportunity to have their say on who the fan’s man of the match was. Wednesday 30 October 13
  38. 38. Using the Treasure Hunt feature allowed fans to collect more points Wednesday 30 October 13
  39. 39. Points are added up and converted to badges, allowing fans to compete against each other for a dream prize at the end of the season Wednesday 30 October 13
  40. 40. Fans can see their progress in the Leader Board and compete against each other for the top spot Wednesday 30 October 13
  41. 41. Competition Participants 168,250 Number of fans who tagged themselves on at least 9 games Badges Collected 12,560 672,000 The results were huge, with over 160,000 competition participants. The main objective of retaining engagement over the series of FanPics was effectively met with over 12.5 thousand fans tagging themselves in at least 9 FanPics. Wednesday 30 October 13
  42. 42. VENUE / Anfield FANS CLIENT / Liverpool FC PERIOD / 84,120 fans tagged themselves / Av. 45,000 17 Matches 10,9% retention of fan engagement Users generated over 14,613,700 Facebook Stories & Photos Generated 940,500 3:25 Branded FanPic Visits Average Time Spent Wednesday 30 October 13 In total, 84,120 individual tags were captured giving an average tag rate of over 10%. The gamification aspect to the FanPic campaign generated a total of over 14 million branded Facebook Stories and Photos and attracted 940,500 FanPic page visits.
  43. 43. Story so far... Wednesday 30 October 13
  44. 44. 18 months 2,245,000 302,850 5,600,000 57,541,000 fans captured FanPic page visits Wednesday 30 October 13 “I was there” moments shared branded posts & photos created
  45. 45. Brands we’ve promoted 360 FanPic Wednesday 30 October 13
  46. 46. Events we’ve captured • Champions League qualifiers • Belgium Premier League • Premiership Rugby Final • Norwegian Premier League • Euro 2012 Qualifiers • Liga Total Cup Final • Euro 2012 Fanzones • Breeders Cup • 6 Nations • MLB World Series • English Premier League • NBA Wednesday 30 October 13
  47. 47. Wednesday 30 October 13
  48. 48. Fans Reactions Wednesday 30 October 13
  49. 49. Wednesday 30 October 13
  50. 50. ge u o to H em we are tak in l th l Te Crowd Ph g PROCESS we stitch, customise with branding & use our application to make facebook tagging possible... it takes us approximately event 8-10 minutes to photograph 1000’s of fans it’s ready in 24 HOURS after the event we upload huge image to our fast servers Direct Marketing Campaigns We can design competitions, which will capture email addreses of visitors, to be used for post event marketing campaigns Measure Effectiveness Number of Facebook impressions and clicks on posts branded page views and time on site Wednesday 30 October 13
  51. 51. social media tagging application See Examples on Wednesday 30 October 13 +353 1 4100 600 @huggity