Capturing Fan Engagement - Soccerex 2013


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Capturing Fan Engagement - Soccerex 2013

  2. 2. 88%92%sponsorship programmesare activated throughdigital media.A survey by IMRmarketers use social media asan sponsorship activation tool.
  3. 3. We developed a newDigital Sponsorship Inventorywhich engages fans,extends brand exposure beyond the event,and delivers measurable results.
  4. 4. FanPicApplicationExplained
  5. 5. I’m Here!
  6. 6. I’m Here!
  7. 7. 360FanPicFind me at Old Trafford!
  8. 8. 360FanPicFind me at Old Trafford!
  9. 9. 1 tag = 100’s of impressions130 is the average number of facebook friendsAn impression is a story shown to a user.An impression may appear in a users newsfeed,timeline, ticker and application aggregations.
  10. 10. 360FanPicCASE STUDY
  11. 11. Primary ObjectivesBuild facebook and twitter communityEngage with global audienceBrand exposureSecondary ObjectivesExtensive Fan ProfilingEnhance the Fan ExperienceFeatures UsedVirtual StadiumCustomised User Journey
  12. 12. FANS / 75,500 VENUE / Old TraffordPERIOD / 10 days CLIENT / Chevrolet1,740,000127,560Branded FanPic Visits3:06Average Time SpentFacebook Stories & Photos Generated9,250 12,3%TAGS+VIRTUAL TAGS28,000Twitter Stories
  13. 13. increase innumberof Facebookfollowersfor futuremarketingcampaignsFull fanbaseprofilingCapturedData30% SocialProfiling
  14. 14. 12 months1,600,000fans captured4,800,000FanPic page visits19,250,000branded posts212,800fan tagged
  15. 15. • Champions League qualifiers• Premiership Rugby Final• Euro 2012 Qualifiers• Euro 2012 Fanzones• 6 Nations• English Premier League• Belgium Premier League• Norwegian Premier League• Liga Total Cup Final• Breeders Cup• MLB World Series• NBA
  16. 16. What Else?What are other ways to build fan involvement and loyalty.
  17. 17. New England PatriotsPre-Game SocialWorld biggest virtual tailgateDuring the football season, Patriots use their Facebook page to host a"virtual tailgate" two hours prior to game time, giving Patriots fans achance to interact and talk about the team, tweet in questions, andpost their tailgate party pictures.Tailgate sponsored by JetBlue, recently by Dunkin’ Donuts
  18. 18. It is hosted by “Patriots Football Weekly”editors Paul Perillo and Andy Hart.
  19. 19. GamificationGamification is not equal to games. It is the applicationof gaming concepts to non-game experiences in order todrive desired behaviour from an audience.If you want to get fans to do something that they mightnot to otherwise, make it a social game...
  20. 20. Adoption EngagementLoyalty SharingSalesCan be used to drive
  21. 21. Los Angeles KingsThe NHLs L.A. Kings became first prosports team to add full game elementsto their website and social networks.Fans were rewarded for their loyalty and interaction withKings brand online. They could:• earn online badges and trophies• work their way up a digital fan leaderboard.• unlock exclusive rewards such as signed merchandise, personalizedmessages from the players, behind-the-scenes videos, private arenatours and more.
  22. 22. MLB Gameday appAdding player badges to the Gamedayapplication: an animated version of alive baseball game with live stats andgame highlights.During live games, fans logged in to the Gameday app and earnedbadges for events that happened in the game.Fans displayed them in a special trophy room.Over 5 million badges were awarded.Fans became so passionate about the badges that MLB receivedcomplaints if a fan didn’t earn a badge they were expecting.
  23. 23. Liverpool FCDuring season 2012-2013 Liverpool FClaunched LFC FanPic SuperFan gameallowing fans to compete for SuperFantitle and win experiential dream prize.
  24. 24. 28,500 6,640 126,000GameParticipantsNumber of fans who taggedthemselves on at least 3 gamesBadgesCollected
  25. 25. Have an objectiveStart with real business goalsHow to achieve successEngineer the path to your goalsIdentify the behaviours you want to elicit and then choose tactics.Rewards, RewardsIncentives must mean somethingTake a holistic view and make it fun!Look at the big picture, try to tie it with rest of your content.
  26. 26. Value of digitalactivation
  27. 27. DigitalActivationFansWantCamaraderieRecognitionAccessSponsorsWantAttentionConsiderationActionTeach Partners how to activate digitally.We win by getting both fans and sponsors what they want.
  28. 28. Content and display needs to stayrelevant for biggest impact• no co-branding• irrelevant• no-call to action (in-context)
  29. 29. Creating digital & fan engaging activationDid you set-up your goals?Building Loyalty, Fan Experience Enhancement, Monetisation (new inventory, sales)Is it relevant and fun?Campaign goals and message need to match your fans expectationIs your messaging consistantWeb, Offline, SocialAre you leveraging social?Design fun ways for fans to share content based on emotions.Try to create cross channel campaigns.How are your rewarding fans?Tangible and Virtual Incentives
  30. 30. See Examples onwww.huggity.comsocial media tagging +353 1 4100 600 @huggity @sikorskimike