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Search Marketing Company(SEO, PPC, SMO & Web Analytics)-Semkraft


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SemKraft is a Bangalore, India based full service digital marketing company. We offer Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click) and Web Analytics services. Outsourced SEO, PPC & SEM services is our forte.

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Search Marketing Company(SEO, PPC, SMO & Web Analytics)-Semkraft

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  3. 3. In this presentation… Our Offerings Solution Breakdown Why us?
  4. 4. Offerings 1. 2. 3.
  5. 5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the science of customizing elements of your web site to achieve the best possible search engine ranking. To get your site noticed, even by the crawlers, certain elements must stand out Ideally you want your site to be displayed somewhere on the first three pages of results Traffic translates to revenue, which is the ultimate goal of search engine optimization
  6. 6. Pay Per Click What is Pay Per Click? You bid on specific keywords or keyword phrases relevant to your business The bid impacts the position of your text ads on the search results pages of Search Engines The ad appears when someone does a search on the chosen keywords or keyword phrases. Using PPC, you receive targeted leads delivered to the site, for a fee.
  7. 7. Pay Per Click – Contextual Targeting What is Contextual Targeting? You bid on specific keywords or keyword phrases To place text ads on web pages These web pages have content relevant and related to the specific keyword. You expand your reach with contextual advertising.
  8. 8. Web Analytics How many and what did they do? How did they find us? Why Analytics? Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of website data for understanding and optimizing usage KPIs concern those measurements that make a difference to your business in relation to the web. Identify and track KPIs with analytics Use analytics for effective testing; see what changes generate the best responses. Compare and contrast the data you gather with historical information; Where on earth are they from? Do you think they liked us? identify trends and variations in the results.
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing Rich Media Marketing Buzz Monitoring & Marketing Product Demos Social Networks Virals (Seeding & Spread Forums Management) Blogs Videos Content Creation Web 2.0 Solutions Articles Portal Creation & Management Emails Web 2.0 Apps (Facebook & Open Newsletters Social Apps, Mashups, Widgets)
  10. 10. Semkraft Solution Breakdown Search Engine Site & Keyword On-Site Optimization Off-Site Optimization Optimization Analysis Common Mandate Brand Strategy Competitive Analysis Performance Metrics Pay Per Click Setup & Maintenance Analysis & Reporting Optimization & Goal ROI focus Management Achievement Continuous Feedback Re-alignment strategy Continuous Improvement Setup & Maintenance Analysis & Reporting Trending & Web Analytics Recommendations Core Competence Web Outreach (Social Monitoring & New Opportunity Social Media Networks, Blogs, Influencing Opinions assessment Optimization Knowledge Forums etc) Quality Execution Design & Content UI analysis & Marketing Collateral Landing Page Services recommendations Optimization
  11. 11. Why us? • We are not large! So our overheads are lower and so are our costs • We are not old! So we know the newest tricks • We don’t have too many clients! So we give you the attention you require • We don’t offer all services! So we are the masters of what we do But… • We are extraordinarily competent • We have contributed significantly to our clients’ business • Our clients keep coming back to us Get in touch.. +919900122880