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The Zebra Digital Story


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Why zebra, and how do we do it? Well, it’s not about integrating everything under one roof, it's about having an integrated philosophy of creativity across everything that's offered.
We believe in collaboration, we believe in teamwork we believe in collective energy and cohesive strength we believe in being able to experiment, we believe in having an open mind we believe in honesty we believe in hardworking we believe in giving things a second chance we are open to new ideas and experiences we are open to change we are open to cross pollination we are open to things that do not exist yet we hate bureaucracy we do not like complicating things in fact most of our hard work goes into minimizing complications and obstacles that come in the way of great work beyond that advertising and creativity is simple.
As we say we do everything from z to a, in 1 and 0, so simple yet effective.

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The Zebra Digital Story

  1. 1. Our Story
  2. 2. Let's have a look at how we have applied it 
  3. 3. ROI achieved: 500% Domain: Education Speciality: ACCA coaching Classes Customer Ticket Size: 3 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs
  4. 4. Domain: Entertainment Speciality: Film Festival A to Z Eveything done by Us
  5. 5. Technology Partner Domain: Creative Agency Speciality: Creative Boutique Agency Customer Ticket Size: 10K to 500K 
  6. 6. ROI: 200% Domain: Education Speciality: Overseas Education Consultant Customer Ticket Size: 30K to 50K 
  7. 7. Online Identity Creation Domain: Manufacturing Speciality: Water Treatment Customer Ticket Size: 10 Lakhs to 10 Crore
  8. 8. Domain: B2B Marketplace Speciality: Application Based Digital Marketing
  9. 9. We have some more clients
  10. 10. Who we are?
  11. 11. Who we aren't?
  12. 12. Email id: M: 8693008475