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Ask a new question

  1. 1. Ask a New Question
  2. 2. • My Q&A - Overview of your: – Questions you asked – Questions others invited you for – Questions of others you accepted – People you worked with • Click on it to expand The ‘Ask your question’ Service •The main goal is to provide a new way for eTwinners to ask questions to each other •Our system will provide suitable eTwinners to answer your question •Have an easy way to make new contacts and sustain them
  3. 3. Asking a new question Click on ‘Ask New Question’ This will bring you to the next page where you will be able to type in your question and specify the subject and language
  4. 4. Here you can type the title of your question. Make sure it makes clear what your question is about so that others can easily decide whether or not they are able to answer your question Write out your question in more detail here Choose the subject of the question Choose the language the question is written inNow click on ‘Ask’ Now our system will go to work with information and find suitable people for your question.
  5. 5. Inviting people In this step we present you with a list of people that should be able to answer your question. The options here are optional as you can always choose the option ‘choose for me’. With this option our system will invite people for you and sent out new invitations if necessary. However it wil take into account the includes and excludes. When you choose the ‘Invite selected people’ Option, only those that are marked as ‘Include’ will be invited and no new invitations are sent
  6. 6. • Include – When marked, this person will always be invited • Exclude – When marked, this person will not be invited • People – Showing a picture of the person (as defined in the profile) – Click on the name to see more info about the person) – Answers – Score showing how many satisfying answers this person has given others so far • Suitability – This score goes from 0 – 1. The score can be used to compare people to each other. Note however, that a low score does not mean the person is not fit to answer the question. For example, someonewith a low score might have the knowledge you seek, but just answered some questions of others, resulting in a lower matching score.
  7. 7. • Once either one of these options is taken, the people selected (either manually or by the system) will be sent an invitation by email. • You will go to the page containing the question and the space for communicating with those that accept the invitation
  8. 8. • Question • Discussion – All posts are listed here • Communicate – Type your comments here and Click on: – Discussion members • Click on it to expand and see who has been invited and accepted – Manage Question • See next slide
  9. 9. • Yes, Close the Question – Any person that posted an answer on your question will receive +1 on their answers score – The question is closed and no new comments can be posted • No, Close the Question – No person receives a score – The question is closed and no new comments can be posted • Resubmit the Question – Your question will be sent back to the ‘Finding People’ step and new invitations can be sent out.
  10. 10. • When you just asked the question make sure you click on to go back to the main page. • You will receive an e-mail when someone has accepted your invitation