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James bond essay


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James bond compare/ contrast essay.

Published in: Education
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James bond essay

  1. 1. Name : Lu Siau Vay Student ID: 0318567 Course : FNBE (Foundation in Natural and Built Environment) Subject : English 2 (ELG 30605) Lecturer : Cassandra Wijesuria Title : Comparison Essay (James Bond Film)
  2. 2. I decidedtochoose James Bondfilmasmy comparisonmovie assignment.The twofilmsIchose fromJamesBond FilmSeriesare ‘Die AnotherDay’and‘CasinoRoyale’whichisshownat2002 November20and 2006 November16 [1][2]. I’ve chosenJamesBondFilmasmy topicbecause Ido not like anothergenre of movie whichishorrormovie butIdo reallylike towatchactionmovies. These twomoviesare playedbydifferent mainactorsanddirectorsbut the writers remained the same.Theyare writtenbyIanFleming,Neal PurvisandRobert Wade [1][2].The character of James Bondin Die AnotherDay(2002) is playedbyPierce BrosnananddirectedbyLee Tamahori [1].Casino Royale’sJamesBond’scharacterisplayedbyDaniel Craiganddirectedby Martin Campbell [2].Before goingthroughthe comparison,letme introduce the plotfirst.Die Another DayistalkingaboutJames Bondis sentto investigatethe connectionbetweenaNorthKoreanterroristanda diamondmogul who isfundingthe developmentof aninternationalspace weapon. CasinoRoyale (2006) isabout arming witha license tokill,JamesBondsetsoutonhisfirstmissionas007 and must defeataweaponsdealer ina highstakesgame of pokerat CasinoRoyale,butthingsare not whattheyseem. Let uscheck out the firstpointof the differences.The biggestdifference thatIfoundinthis movie isaboutthe technology theyused. Inthe movie ‘Die AnotherDay’,Ifound thatthere were a lotof high-techproducts.Theyhave acar that hadbeenmodifiedintovariousmilitaryequipmentanditcould go invisible withjustabutton.They alsohadawatch that could triggerexplosionpoint.Butin‘Casino Royale’,youcansee that theywere more aboutactioncompare to ‘Die AnotherDay’.Theydidnot use much tech,preferringtofocusonthe plotof the story. Next,let’stalkaboutthe female Bondinthese twomovies.InDie Another Day, the characterof the Bond Girl,Jinx wasplayedbyHalle Berry [1]. Beinganagentof NSA (National SecurityAgency) [3],Jinx was alwayssmart,sexy,and cool.Atfirst,she wasas smartas JamesBond, butshe has still caughtup by the enemiesinthe ending.Then,atthe mostappropriate moment,JamesBondtookthe responsibility to save hisdear Jinx. InCasinoRoyale, Vesperthe BondGirl wasactuallya spybut JamesBondgot to knowthistruth inthe ending.JamesBonddidnotwant tokill herbecause he lovesherbutVesperwas killedbyherself.Thisendingiskindof sad. Okay,here comesto the lastpoint.I am givingsome opinionsaboutthe comparisonbetween bothof the JamesBondwhichare Pierce BrosnanandDaniel Craig. Inregards of the realnessof their fights,Daniel CraigdidbetterthanPierce Brosnanbecause Daniel Craigfoughtway braverandPierce Brosnan’sactionsare more refined.Daniel Craigusuallystophittinguntilhe couldsee the enemies bleedingorevenheadbroken.Pierce Brosnanusedtoshow hisverycharmingsmilesinthe movie as JamesBondis a veryflirtyguybutDaniel Craigdidnot usedto smile inthe movie.So,Ifeel likeDaniel Craig ishas betterskillsinfightingbutPierce Brosnanhasbetterskillsinactingandshowinghisface expression. Overall,theybothhave theirstrengthsandboththe moviesare goodandbad.The pointisall the JamesBondfilmsare verynice because theyhave excellentproductionteams. Forme,Iactuallylike Pierce Brosnanmore thanDaniel Craigbecause Ican feel thatJamesBond’ssoul livinginside himwhenI was watchinghismovie. Ihave learntthatpeople shouldprotectthemselvesincase of dangersituation. In the end,the plotsare actuallyaboutloves.Ithinklovesare importanttoeveryone.Withaheartthat full of loves,canbe a stepto succeed.And, donot lose hopeseventhe roadisgoingto be ended. (696 words)
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