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About Canvassco


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About Canvassco

We are B2B market research and business development service providers in Thailand. We help companies to understand market potential, assess value propositions and accelerate sales activities

The document is a brief explanation about our company and our consulting services.

For more information please visit out webpage or feel free to contact us at

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About Canvassco

  1. 1. Market Research & Business Development Services
  2. 2. Canvassco :: Page 1 The business world is changing. We live in a wireless internet generation with 24h access to information. Business moves fast. Time is money. People are cost conscious Today, companies have a lot of information. They still need consultants, but they don’t want to pay high fees for information they don’t need We represent change in the world of consulting. We provide the information for you to get your job done. But we don’t charge for unnecessary services or elaborate presentations About Canvassco We help companies to understand market potential, assess value propositions and accelerate sales activities We go out of the building on fact finding missions. We validate your hypotheses, we discuss with your potential customers and, we find your most suitable partner for the Thai market Rethinking Consulting
  3. 3. Why we are different? We make market research affordable Our reports are positioned between generic market research reports available through the Internet, and customized market research reports from specialist providers We focus on a “less is more” philosophy Our standardized report format covers all the key issues you need to know about. This allows us to provide fast, precise answers at a reasonable cost We are transparent We state upfront our deliverables, our price, and our methodology. We show sample reports so you know what you will get Canvassco :: Page 2
  4. 4. Design Magazine :: Page 5
  5. 5. Canvassco :: Page 5 Our Services Tabulate qualified business leads using short-telephone interviews. This helps you to focus on high potential customers and accelerates your go-to-market strategy Short-lists potential distribution, logistics and other service providers based on your criteria. The Top 3 potential candidates will be profiled based on their capability and your strategic fit Tests hypotheses on customer’s problems, pain points, expected benefits, usage and purchasing behavior. This assessment helps you to strate- gically adapt to the local market Contains information on market size and growth, drivers and barriers, industry trends, key customer segmentation and 4Ps of key comeptitors Market Snapshot Report Value Proposition Assessment Partner Search Sales Acceleration
  6. 6. “This is not a comprehensive list of all our offered services. If you need market research or business growth strategies not shown here please don’t hesitate to contact us” Canvassco :: Page 6
  7. 7. Canvassco :: Page 7 Market Snapshot Report How it works Project Approach & Methodology Deliverables Infographic Report Report - PPT Weekly Update Interview Lists Meeting Minutes Typical Project Fees THB 200-250k Timeline-Week WK 5 WK 4 WK 2 WK 1 10% 20% 100% Progress % 70% Discussion with client on product briefing, potential users/ buyers and key criteria for suitable customers Desk research Identify discussion topics and tabulate interview list Interview scheduling Conduct primary interview to estimate market size and growth based on 8 - 10 Turn information into story and compile report Client presentation and Q&A session report
  8. 8. Sample Report Canvassco :: Page 8
  9. 9. Canvassco :: Page 9 Value Proposition Assessment How it works Project Approach & Methodology Deliverables Infographic Report Report - PPT Weekly Update Interview lists Meeting Minutes Typical Project Fees THB 300-350k List of hypotheses & rele- vant factors Timeline-Week WK 8 WK 7 WK 2 WK 1 Discussion with client on product’s attributes, desired value proposal and expected or actual market response/barriers Desk research Identify value proposition hypotheses & factors Identify discussion topics & tabulate interview list 10 10 10 Analyze findings & revisit hy- potheses Conduct interviews Interview scheduling Turn information into story and compile report Client presentation and Q&A session 10% 20% 100% Progress % 80%
  10. 10. Sample Report Canvassco :: Page 10
  11. 11. Canvassco :: Page 11 Partner Search How it works Project Approach & Methodology Deliverables Meeting facilitation Profiling & assessment report Typical Project Fees THB 300-350k Meeting Minutes Weekly update Assessment Matrix Example: Distrbutor Search Timeline-Week WK 8 WK 7 WK 1 WK... Discussion to understand client’s needs, requirements and preferences for a distributor Define distributor assessment matrix and weighting criteria Contact List Filter 1: Business Segment Filter 2: Distribution network & receptivity to partnership Filter 3: Partner search assessment Profiling 3 - 5 potential distributor candidates Introduction, facilitate meeting & negotiation OPTIONAL: Distribution agreement, reporting & distributor audits 10% 70% 100% ... Progress %
  12. 12. Sample Report Canvassco :: Page 12
  13. 13. Canvassco :: Page 13 Sales Acceleration How it works Project Approach & Methodology Deliverables Meeting schedule Meeting Minutes Typical Fees i.e. 20 leads THB 180 - 200k Weekly update List of screening criteria Client discussion to understand product, value proposition, target market seg- ments, sales process and other limitations Define screening criteria and discussion topics to determine “potential” customers Database tabulation of potential customers Conduct telephone interview to qualify potential customer & scheduling for meeting Target for 2-5 scheduled meetings per week Co-ordinate with sales team for meeting schedule, & briefing on qualified lead background Timeline-Week WK 5 WK 4 WK 1 10% 90% 100% Progress %
  14. 14. Sample Report Canvassco :: Page 14
  15. 15. Canvassco :: Page 15 7+ years experience in B2B market research, consulting and business development | Worked closely with innovators, entrepreneurs, business developers and change agents for new business idea She managed over 50 research and consulting projects and lead teams to execute local and multi-country engagements covering countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and her home market, Thailand Pornprapun Sriyotha Business Manager 5+ years of experience in industry analysis and business impact assessment | Seasoned in conducting interview with C-suit executives | Proven experience in project management, product development, and packaging design Usa has been working as a project manager for FMCG clients. She helps clients understand the local requirements to transition their product concepts into viable products, by identifying resources for market testing Usa Kingsupmanee Project Manager Paripa Dechanubeksa Business Analyst 3+ years experience in new opportunity assessment, go/ no-go market entry strategy, knowledge management and organization development | Experienced in desk research and elicitation of industry trends and mystery shopping Praripa has been working as a change management consultant to companies looking to expand in international markets. She works with an operational team in different functions such as HR, Sales and Marketing, and Manufacturing Our Operational Team We Are A Small
  16. 16. Our Business Advisors Senior Executive with 15 years management experience in High Tech equipment/services in Asia, with focus on Sales, Business Development, Distribution, P&L and Asia regional leadership Marcel’s experience covers the following areas; semiconductor manufacturing equipment; building-up and leading new Business Units and Manufacturing sites in Asia, assessing and negotiating with new distributors in South East Asia Marcel Wismer Axel Blom is the founder of Blue Business Solutions Ltd. in Thailand, a company offering global Business Process Outsourcing solutions. Axel is Norwegian and has his background from aviation He has worked in the region for more than 25 years. Prior to setting up Blue Business Solutions, he was Director and General Manager for Scandinavian Airlines in Thailand and the surrounding countries. Axel is a VP and past President of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Axel Blom Krongthong Vatcharangamkul Senior Executive with 15 years experience in finance and risk management in Thailand, with focus on various industries such as B2B trading business, insurance, automotive and banking Krongthong has a strong background in financial and risk management, and is business partner to Managing Directors for strategic decisions. She provides early warning signals on deviations in business performance versus plan including impact on profitability Team with Big Ideas Canvassco :: Page 16
  17. 17. Things You Should Know I already have a market research brief. Can you do a customized research? Yes. Please contact our team and let us know your requirements. Will you sign an NDA? Yes. For the Market Snapshot Report, would it be sufficient to conduct only 8-10 interviews? The primary objective of the market snapshot market report is to understand what are the key characteristics and general practices of the target market. Interviews with 8 to 10 carefully selected key industry stakeholders give us sufficient information to give our clients the big picture. Who are the target respondents for the Market Snapshot Report? This depends on who are the key actors in your industry. We typically select a mix of key customers, distributors, industry associations, and government or policy makers What if I feel that 8 - 10 in-depth interviews would not be sufficient for my industry? Please contact our team for a customized market research report. Canvassco :: Page 17 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
  18. 18. Will you be working on competitive intelligence? No. We don’t do a dedicated competitive intelligence report. We do provide information on your competitor’s practices, 4Ps and their key activities based on information we gather from desk research and in-depth interviews with distributors, customers or industry associations. Please check out our sample report for details on competitor’s information. Will you be working on competitive intelligence? For the Partner Search report, what will happen if you cannot find a partner for us to sign up with? We keep searching and the fees shall remain unchanged. Throughout the process, you will be updated on our candidate search. In case there are too many non-qualified candidates, we will revise our assessment criteria. What is the payment term? 70% upon commission for all projects, and 30% upon submission of our final report. Why do you propose to conduct 30 in-depth interviews for the Value Proposition Assessment? Unlike traditional market research methodology, we aren’t talking to a sample of 30 people as a proxy for the market at large. Instead, we’re talking to 30 companies who have a strong interest in your product or service, and may well What is the credit term? 14 days. Can I also join your customer interviews? Yes. Please let us know your availability. What should I do if I want to engage Canvassco for a project? Please contact our team and let us know your requirements. We shall send you a detailed proposal stating our service. You will have to sign and return an engagement contract to officially kick-start a project. Canvassco :: Page 18
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Contact us: Canvassco (Thailand) Mahatun Plaza, 14th Floor 888/143, Ploenchit Road Bangkok 10330, Thailand BTS: Ploenchit Station Phone : +662 627 3081 Fax : +662 627 3042 Email : Web: